Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 409

He with the Bai Yu competition speed, Bai Yu intentionally lets him each time, this time he will flicker the body technique and Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step fuses in together, in addition the Vampire speed addition, his present speed already and compared with the previous time, the difference were too many. Therefore he wants to try with Bai Yu. He believes that he this time can certainly see the Bai Yu true speed, that Bai Yu speed is also his goal. This time Bai Yu is very surprised, he sees Xia Tian each time time, Xia Tian can take to his different surprised, especially this time, Xia Tian speed unexpectedly suddenly to increase. His cultivation speed these many years, have not seen have looked like the Xia Tian growth such quick person. He has thought one talent in cultivation speed aspect are first under Heaven, nobody has the talent of cultivation speed compared with him, when he sees the Xia Tian growth, he completely was shocked. He sees Xia Tian each time time, Xia Tian will take to his different surprised. Looks at the growth of Xia Tian, of his within the body friendly was also lit, he has thought his speed wanted to promote to be very difficult once more, his cultivation to speed has also neglected. Really was more and more interesting.” Bai Yu saw a Xia Tian form, reminding him of past Xia Tianlong, man who that can overtake his speed. Bai Yu this time speed is fast, he has launched his full speed, is running forward. Xia Tian also new Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step full, they like this fast are shuttling back and forth, Xia Tian looks vanishes Bai Yu gradually in field of vision, he has not given up, but continues is maintaining own full speed. When Xia Tian arrived in the family old dwelling, the appearance that Bai Yu is still being carefree and content stands there. You to how long?” Xia Tian asked. Ten minutes.” Bai Yu light saying.

It seems like my this progress is not small.” Xia Tian excited saying, if his speed can be faster than the present one time, he can overtake Bai Yu. Also falls far short, on me altogether has 100 jin (0.5 kg) carrying a heavy load.” Bai Yu very simple saying. shit, is your this monster, what all right to bring to carry a heavy load to do? Moreover is 100 jin (0.5 kg).” Xia Tian surprised looks at Bai Yu, he thinks one have sufficed from the Bai Yu distance near, but he knows now that Bai Yu unexpectedly also has such card in a hand. I carry a heavy load on wear from small, increases along with the growth of age, usually will be eats meal to sleep I not to take off.” Bai Yu answered. Yeah, thinks one soon overtook you, now looks like, I missed were really many.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he felt that he came under very big attack. Actually you were very fierce, you are I have seen the talent highest person, moreover your speed has been the Earth Grade Expert speed.” The Bai Yu comfort said that actually this was not has comforted, because he saw the growth of Xia Tian. If he is only an average person, he said that this, that is insulting Xia Tian, but he is the China speed quickest person, Bai Yu, this did not insult, but is the approval. You?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. „The China internal energy soon overtakes my person to want your father Xia Tianlong person, even if Sir Wei Guang is unable to compete the speed with me.” Bai Yu has not concealed, secret between he and Xia Tian is few. extraordinary, it seems like I must try harder, sooner or later I must surpass you in the speed.” Xia Tian very earnest looks at Bai Yu, he and Bai Yu are friends, but same Bai Yu is also the Xia Tian goal, his father is unable to surpass in Bai Yu, but he is different, he not only need surmount Bai Yu, but must exceed the father. I anticipate arrival of that day very much.” Bai Yu very earnest looks at Xia Tian. Meanwhile, in Hidden Sect. stone gate opened together.

Tong is sitting outside stone gate drinks tea, when he saw stone gate opens stares slightly. He remembers that disciple Wen Ya closing up cave that in this he newly receives is right. Flash when stone gate opens, gate inside presented a familiar form, is Wen Ya, this time Wen Ya must become compared with before attractive. Right, really right, your unexpectedly real hatred decides, hatred inside definitely writes, is deeper along with the skill, the appearance also will become more attractive.” Tong saw when Wen Ya appearance confirmed that Wen Ya cultivation succeeded. Tong satisfied nod, really this hatred definitely suits Wen Ya. Many thanks master.” After Wen Ya comes out, respectful saying. Good, is very good.” Tong excited looks at Wen Ya. At this moment, outside had a disciple to walk. Master, three elders also led the disciple to compare notes.” Tong a disciple said. Heard three elders to come, Tong the complexion immediately changed cold, three elders usually did not cope with him, moreover led his disciple to come to here to compare notes frequently, said compares notes, his disciple will hit half dead own disciple each time, he did not have any means. He cannot say that does not accept, others had the person to come up. Disciple but who his under these do not make every effort to succeed, does not have one is others matches. Master you are very probably annoyed.” Wen Ya light saying.

You do not know, before that three elders and me, has the mountain ridge, therefore he leads his disciple to come to our here to compare notes frequently, said compares notes, is actually hits the person, I have no alternative but to accept, will otherwise be frightened here nobody.” Saying that Tong deeps frown. Hears three elders, his is not very happy. Each time his these disciples hit is very miserable, saw that own disciple made into such, his mood was worse. Master, three elders this time lead the people in Mount Hua to come together, it is said these people in Mount Hua ask him to have the matter to discuss.” That disciple said. Mount Hua, I knew, originally is this, the hateful fellow, is he is mad my? Cannot think that Mount Hua unexpectedly and he cooperated, bullies here nobody really?” Tong angry saying. Tong knows that Mount Hua sect to come goal is anything, marries, is Mount Hua a girl student of elder marries, once they marry successfully, the influences of three elders were bigger, their Shan Yunzong altogether three elders, in mutually darkly fight. The elder who once can unite other sect Men, that influence naturally increased. This is the Hidden Sect unspoken rule. This three elders lead the person of Mount Hua sect to come to his here to compare notes, two goals \; first, to find his person makes a contrast, two make Tong have a look at his present influence, comes to be mad Tong intentionally. Master, I help you struggle the face.” Wen Ya can see worriedness in Tong the heart, therefore opens the mouth to say directly. You? But you just shortly after cultivation, that group of people are in Profound Grade late stage Expert.” Tong puzzled looks to Wen Ya. Relax, Master.” Wen Ya item of wooden saying.