Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 410
Wen Ya changed, the air/Qi of her travel fatigue vanished completely, she becomes very callous, her appearance became attractive, however her body could not see any sentiment. Since cultivation the hatred started definitely, her whole person did not have other sentiment. Only then hates, her hatred is stronger, her strength is also stronger. The hatred is not definitely simple like the surface. Tong thinks that the hatred definitely is just very special Kungfu, therefore he has not regarded a treasure, when Wen Ya starts to study hatred that moment definitely, she knew hatred genuine formidable place definitely. This is one can make her compared with Tong stronger merit law. She believes that one day, she will step on all in the under foot, relies on this hatred to decide. Even her master Earth Grade Expert also only matches by her is stepped on the under foot. However at present she did not have that ability, therefore she must display her value, was gained attaching great importance to of master by oneself, after waiting, one day, she must ask to belong to all her. You really?” Tong doubts looks to Wen Ya. Wen Ya has not spoken, but arrives in front of his Senior Brother, sees only the corners of the mouth of Wen Ya slightly one slantingly, afterward her right hand grasped directly on the neck of her Senior Brother. Sufficed.” Tong shouts hurriedly, he has not thought rapidness that such Wen Ya unexpectedly can progress, this how long, her unexpectedly can so relaxed trigs Profound Grade Initial Stage Expert. Master, I will certainly save your face.” Wen Ya very earnest saying, she knows that she must prove her strength first, otherwise the fellow of this wily old fox is impossible to give itself the advantage.

Well good!” Tong continually said three good, he has not thought that this hatred decides unexpectedly to have such big ability, making one not understand the Martial Arts person, in such a short time has the uniform Profound Grade Expert ability. He studied this hatred to decide, but he discovers himself unable cultivation, therefore he definitely gives Wen Ya this hatred. However he has not thought that Wen Ya unexpectedly cultivation such short time obtained such strength, if makes her in the cultivation time longer, that must. How did you such already go out?” Tong exploratory asking. Master, hatred cultivation definitely has very big limit, my hate only then these many, therefore my strength directly suddenly to increase to this degree, perhaps my future hatred stronger time, I can also break through, perhaps my this whole life also can only stay in this Realm.” Words that Wen Ya spoke almost real, because she knows that front this master absolutely is an old fox, if she shows any flaw, perhaps will directly be killed by her master. Present she may not have that ability and her master contends. Hears the Wen Ya words, Tong nodded, he has believed the Wen Ya words, because before him, looks at the hatred to decide, these that Wen Ya said a moment ago are the hatred decide inside thing. Good, goes out with the master together, well can that three elders.” Had Wen Ya this card in a hand, Tong the mood became is much better. Three elders this time led the three most favorite disciples, moreover he has also brought the elders and his two disciples of Mount Hua sect, a man and a woman, they are the matters that negotiated to marry. Once marries, then they were also the people of same camp, later mutually will support in the event of any matter, this was also one method in Hidden Sect. In order to show their strength, three elders look for Tong specially the apprentice compares notes, Tong the apprentice differs with his apprentice strength is not small, he has come from all sides 15 times, Tong the apprentice was hit half dead by his apprentice each time. Had the contrast naturally to have the strong and weak, this was to show own strength to the elder of Mount Hua sect.

After all, also wants to cooperate together, everybody hopes that own ally is formidable enough. Uneven elder, since you want to take a look at the strength of disciple our these do not make every effort to succeed, the disciple who I can only look for our virgin elders carried on to compete with, avoid you said that I found some people to deal with you casually, the virgin elder was two elders, compared with my rank also before, his disciple strength was also very fierce.” Intentionally three elders said the disciple of virgin elder is fiercer. Such one will compete, his disciple won has been able to appear his disciple is fiercer. Three elders, you do not misunderstand, I have the sincerity to come, but most at least you must make me have a look at their strengths, like this I felt relieved that marries my apprentice, moreover my apprentice must check, which having a look at her to pick.” The apprentice who Qi Elder of Mount Hua sect said is his behind that female. The appearance of female is very attractive, but the complexion is coldly. That is, the sentiment of disciples must make them choose.” Three elders echo were saying. At this time Tong the disciple has offered the tea for them. „Did three elders, which evil influence are give to blow you?” Tong opens mouth does not have the word of praise, he was not worthwhile with three elders speaks the word of praise, because he knows that three elders were look for trouble. Two elder this are impolite, I just lead three good-for-nothing disciples to come to ask for advice today.” Three elder polite saying, to Tong, he appeared the comparison have the demeanor. Uneven elder, you also came.” Tong turns the head to look to the uneven elder of Mount Hua sect, they are the Hidden Sect people, although some are not too ripe, but each other also knows. Two elders were polite.” The uneven elder has not called him for the virgin elder, but calls two elders, this is a respect, regarding the respect of here landlord. Comes the person, the water dragon tea that trades me , the time period pats before to uneven elder.” The manner of virgin elder was very clear, three elders come time entertains is just the ordinary Longjing tea, but looked arriving in full elder time which water dragon tea asked person under to urge to go faster.

Between the water dragon tea and Longjing tea have the differences of several scales. His clarified could not have a liking for three elders. Yeah, two elders, we do not drink tea, this time I lead the disciple to come to compare notes.” Saying that three elders come straight to the point. I also had not said that water dragon tea drinks to you.” After glance that Tong disdains his eyes, said: Your several soaked to give the uneven elder and his disciple the tea is good.” Too obvious, Tong the manner was also too obvious. His does not give three elder faces. The complexions of three elders a little are unattractive: „Do two elders, dare compared with a few words, you, if said does not dare, I walk now.” Ratio, naturally compared with.” Tong said loudly that afterward he waved to behind: Wen Ya, comes out to see fellow teacher's younger brothers.”