Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 411
As Tong the sound falls, behind walks beauty, beauty complexion ice-cold, brings the female who to be colder than that uneven elder of Mount Hua sect, this female is not others, is Wen Ya. Their cold are different, the female who the uneven elder brings cold is because she was not happy that one type resists other people's cold. But cold of Wen Ya in cold from bone, after she is disillusioned with the mortal world, the hatred baptism her whole person, her cold is her whole person. However since Wen Ya cultivation hatred definitely, her whole person truly became attractive. Well, who is she?” Three elders have doubts looks to Wen Ya, his unexpectedly has not seen Wen Ya. She is the disciple who I receive newly, Wen Ya, has not paid a visit your teacher's younger brothers Qi and your three teacher's younger brothers.” Tong sits there leisurely and carefree saying. Teacher's younger brother Qi is good, three teacher's younger brothers are good.” Wen Ya bowed to them slightly. Em, good, small girl long is very attractive.” Qi Elder said that his behind that male disciple is two stubbornly is staring at Wen Ya, the uneven elder has also discovered the condition of his disciple, but has not said anything. Many thanks teacher's younger brother Qi praised.” Wen Ya said that but she is still the coldly appearance, does not have the smiling face. Was good, the third child, you compare the non- ratio?” Tong this opened mouth. Ratio, the ratio, I today have certainly brought three disciples, you can an incoming vehicle round war, so long as under their three defeats, that I lose.” Three elders refer to that three disciples who oneself have after death brought saying. He is very confident to oneself these three disciples, because their three with Tong the disciple has competed with too multiple, has not lost. „The third child, how do we this time come out with the gambling stake?” Tong opens the mouth to say suddenly. Hears the gambling stake two characters, three elders stare slightly, Tong unexpectedly said wants the gambling stake, this may a little be strange, because Tong has not won them, now said that presses the gambling stake simply with giving in vain to be the same, this obviously is the behavior of fool. But child always fool? Three elders have not spoken, he felt that this inside has the strangeness, but where has the strangeness specifically, he could not have said.

How is the third child, you afraid of losing?” Tong smiles was saying. Compared with on the ratio, who fears anyone.” The anger of three elders have also come up, how he possibly recognizes instigated, uneven elder here, if he recognized has instigated, that this negotiations thoroughly ended. Therefore he must accept a challenge, even if Tong has any clever trick, he believes any clever trick in the face of the absolute strength useless. Good, that here has a person, you also selected a person to be good, we only compared, I used my god gauntlet (glove) to take the gambling stake, you used your fire dragon dagger to take the gambling stake, how is it?” Tong looks at three elder very earnest saying. What?” Three elders have stood directly. Puzzled looks at Tong, he really does not think clearly, why Tong will request this different thing to take the gambling stake. These two things may be false Spirit Tool. What's wrong? Cannot bet, could not bet.” Tong very optional saying. Good, I promise you.” Three elders clench teeth saying that fire dragon dagger is his weapon, like Tong the god gauntlet (glove), this is false Spirit Tool, value priceless. Bang! Tong threw own god gauntlet (glove) on the ground directly, saw Tong the movement, three elders also threw their fire dragon dagger on the ground. Wen Ya, looked your, won the fire dragon dagger to turn over to you.” Tong looked at Wen Ya to say. Many thanks master.” Wen Ya understands that this is Tong gives her advantage, this also to receive her heart. Your does unexpectedly send the disciple who receives newly to go on stage?” Three elders looked asked puzzled to Tong, before Wen Ya, absolutely was not Shan Yunzong the person, otherwise he must know, the disciple strength that received newly possibly was how high. This simply with giving in vain his god gauntlet (glove) is the same.

Blue forest, on you, remembers do not harm her life.” Three elders waved to behind big disciple. Wen Ya, do not harm his life, breaks an arm and a leg on the line.” Tong studies the appearances of three elders to say. Snort, two elders, you did not fear that the wind dodged the tongue greatly, you use a new basic background to compare with my chief disciple, have you forgotten the strength of blue forest? But blue forest Profound Grade late stage strength.” Saying that three elders blow own horn, he said that solely did not say listens to Tong, said that listens to the uneven elder. His is showing the strength to uneven elder. My this disciple talent is too high, I do not know that actually she now is any strength, happen to makes her try with the blue forest, but this childish is not quite good, below has a heavy touch, you make the blue forest take on.” Saying of Tong provocation. Two elders, blue forest temperament is not good, if were remnant to the dozen your female apprentice, do not blame him.” Three elder wicked saying. Nearby Qi Elder and the others see a play there. Master.” Qi Elder behind that male disciple wanted to say anything. I know that your anything meaning, had a look to say first again.” Qi Elder has seen through the thoughts of oneself this disciple, but he plans to see a play first. Wen Ya and blue forest simultaneously arrived on the stage. Junior Sister, do not blame senior fellow-pupil being cruel and merciless.” Blue Lin said that killed directly to Wen Ya. Wen Ya stands there is motionless. Be careful!” Qi Elder behind that male disciple shouts hurriedly. Tong Elder looked at that male disciple one eyes, shows a faint smile, he knew his plan success half. When blue Lin Sha to Wen Ya in front, his whole person was shocked, stands is motionless there, the body probably was decided there is common, Wen Ya is also motionless.

Blue forest, are you doing?” Three elders shout loudly. The right hand of Wen Ya lifts slowly, pinching maliciously to the wrist|skill of blue forest, the right foot has kicked afterward on the leg of blue forest. Ka! Two, the arm and leg of blue forest broke, afterward Wen Ya fought with the fists on the face of blue forest, the blue forest whole person like this departed the arena. Three elders hoodwinked. This is anything competes. Why links him not to look that exactly what happened. Ah! at this moment in the mouth of blue forest has sent out a pitiful yell. Blue forest, a moment ago exactly what happened?” Three elders go forward to ask hurriedly. Master, I do not know that I felt a moment ago a very big hatred, hatred from infancy to maturity emerged, then my anything does not know.” Blue Lin answered. Wen Ya, that fire dragon dagger is the master gives your going out gift, but also satisfaction?” Tong looked that asked to Wen Ya. Many thanks master.” In Wen Ya respectful saying, looked to begin the fire dragon dagger, Wen Ya has gotten hold of own fist, innermost feelings secretly thought: Xia Tian, when I, I must kill you personally.”