Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 412

After Wen Ya wins, left directly, on that day Qi had not walked, he gave up three elders finally, chooses cooperates with two elder Tong, but three elders heard after this matter, had a big sickness. He really compensates the madame to fold the soldier today, the girl student of uneven elder has not married, moreover he also lost the fire dragon dagger. Now happiest was Tong. He not only received a good disciple, but also the success and Qi cooperated. Discussed after them, to Wen Ya and Qi that male disciple became engaged, this lets Qi that male disciple went bad happily. Wen Ya has not rejected, she knows that she does not have the right of rejection. However this becomes engaged merely. The concrete matters concerned also need to discuss from now on. After having held these matters, Wen Ya discussed with Tong that must go to Jiang Hai City to kill Xia Tian, Tong agrees. This time Xia Tian does not know these matters, he still had not gone recently to the school, the district competition of special Operations Office must start. Today Xia Tian has prepared all kinds of good wines, he is used to entertain Bai Yu. Celebrated Bai Yu and Sister Hong officially in the same place. Place in the old dwelling of his family. Bai Yu brings Sister Hong to come together. Sister Hong, you came finally.” Xia Tian saw Sister Hong time approaches to greet to say. Your boy, wants to drink goes to my, must at this office anything cocktail party.” Sister Hong discontented saying, Sister Hong opens the bar after all.

Your there place is too small, moreover does not have the meaning, today our two must drink one happily.” Xia Tian looked that said to Bai Yu. You drink, but must take me does!” Saying that Sister Hong disguises to be angry. Sister Hong, I am your matchmakers, do you such treat your matchmaker?” The Xia Tian accent said with a smile. At this moment a rental car stopped outside of Xia Tian. Hey, you were too mean-spirited, drinks does not call me.” Person who comes is not others, is Daoxing. How did you come?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to Daoxing. I come certainly with Sister Hong, words when you invited, the liquor was drunk not to have.” Daoxing was a liquor demon, this point Xia Tian already comprehended. Today's liquor control suffices, I wanted more than 100 kinds of liquor, each type of liquor has ten bottles.” Xia Tian very massive saying, he makes Xu prepare for him, he has been very recently busy, not having the time to celebrate Sister Hong and Bai Yu, Bai Yu and Sister Hong have helped he very big busy, especially Bai Yu, it can be said that has rescued his life, therefore he decides to celebrate for them with day of today. „Are you Quicksand Bai Yu?” Daoxing sized up Bai Yu to ask carefully. Em.” Bai Yu nodded, had not denied. Small girl, called the brother-in-law, otherwise after me, did not give you liquor to drink.” Sister Hong goes forward to say. „, The brother-in-law, I heard that you are the China speed quickest person, right?” The Daoxing temperament is this, admitted defeat quickly, Sister Hong threatened her, she admitted defeat. Em.” Bai Yu nodded once more, he has not gone modestly. I do not believe that you do have with my teacher's younger brother have compared, in me, my teacher's younger brother is the China speed quickest person.” Daoxing saying gratefully. Daoxing, who is your teacher's younger brother?” Xia Tian very curious looks to Daoxing, her unexpectedly said that the speeds of some people are faster than Bai Yu, this made Xia Tian very curious.

My teacher's younger brother called to steal the day.” Saying of Daoxing heroic spirit, she thought very this is very honorable matter. Thief steals the day.” Who Xia Tian heard to steal the day two characters to remember that person is, not just steals DR10 that person. What kind, you have heard.” Daoxing provocation looked that asked to Bai Yu. I and he have fought, his movement is very keen, however his speed I am not quick.” Bai Yu light saying. You blow, my teacher's younger brother is impossible not to have your speed to be quick.” Appearance that Daoxing does not believe. I have handed over a hand with him in America, that time to take the same thing, the thing I have attained finally, he was almost killed by Sir Wei Guang.” Meaning that Bai Yu very tranquil saying, he has not argued, but he said was very clear. America, the teacher's younger brother was always only one time to let slip loses to you.” The appearance that Daoxing being suddenly enlighted, this time she has believed that because she knows that her teacher's younger brother truly has let slip . Moreover the back had been left behind a sword, have that scabs to the present: Brother-in-law, said that is really you are fiercer.” Sister Hong sees Daoxing like the child, she also can only helpless shaking the head. !! The form arrived at the Xia Tian side together. Xia Tian turns the head to look to the opposite party: You came.” Idles to stroll bored to your here, has not thought that your here unexpectedly is so lively.” Person who comes is not others, is Mo Li, after the Mo Li vision took a fast look around, looked at Bai Yu one: Long time no see.” Em, previous time meets to be three years ago, but you have not grown up probably.” Bai Yu nodded to say. You are also same, a not old monster.” Mo Li very impolite saying. !

Stopped on this time red BMW outside of Xia Tian courtyard. On the vehicle three people, are the Xia Tian acquaintances. shit, you came.” Xia Tian looked that said to three people, these three people separately are Bao Nu, the girl and Qi Huan. We came to say goodbye with you, but has not thought that your here unexpectedly is so lively.” Bao Nu walked to say directly. „It is not right, how your three knew!” Xia Tian suddenly thought. We knew for more than 20 years.” Bao Nu answered. Xia Tian looked at this group of people, is really depressed, he prepared and Bai Yu today happy drinks one, but has not thought that this group of person unexpectedly came to join in the fun. Qi Huan has not spoken, nodded to Bai Yu, he also knows Bai Yu. „Who are they? You did not introduce.” Daoxing runs up to the Xia Tian side to ask. Good, since everybody came, that is the fate, we drink not to be drunk today do not turn over, I introduced to you first.” Xia Tian looked first to Sister Hong and Bai Yu: This is Sister Hong, this is Bai Yu, was known as that in China speed first Bai Yu, I want to give them to celebrate today.” Afterward Xia Tian starts 11 to introduce: Robs gate Daoxing, SSS level Assassins Mo Li, SSS level Assassins Qi Huan, Assassins Bao Nu, the girl of personal servant.” Hey! Their reputations so are why resounding, becomes the personal servant to my this!” Girl very unsatisfied saying. „The other student family of child each family same comes out to kill.” Xia Tian said. The mouth of Daoxing turned into O, she has not thought that these person of unexpectedly have such big background.