Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 415

Following the Qi Huan vision, all heat saw the flame of Xia Tian chest place, this is the damage that the fire dragon dagger causes. Xia Tian feels in the wound to transmit the intermittent severe pain, this pain makes him feel that own whole person was burnt down was the same, but he is tolerating this severe pain. Bang! As the body of Xia Tian is getting more and more painful, as soon as he fought with the fists on the ground, he hopes that alleviated the pain with this vent. What to do now should, you try to find the solution?” Sister Hong anxious looked that asked to Bai Yu. Then the false Spirit Tool dagger is hot attribute, our three same places get rid, can trying force the burning of his within the body.” The Bai Yu three people also get rid, gathers in Shuangzhang Inner Strength, simultaneously pats after Xia Tian carries on the back. But three people just approached Xia Tian within the body Inner Strength, their three discovered that the situation is not right. „It is not good, accepts after checking hand quickly.” Bai Yu shouts loudly. Three people simultaneously receive the hand. How can like this?” Deeping frown of Qi Huan, strange looks at Xia Tian. Why we help him force burning, instead sped up the invasion of burning to his body.” Mo Li very puzzled asking. All people all look at the Xia Tian wound. „It is not right, Xia Tian, are you doing?” Bai Yu had suddenly discovered the incorrect place, normally, Xia Tian will propose outside body the burning, their several input Inner Strength to speed up Xia Tian to force the burning the speed. But Xia Tian unexpectedly in absorption burning. Your unexpectedly in absorption burning, you not awfully?” Mo Li has also discovered the Xia Tian intention. Ah! Ah! Ah! Xia Tian shouts loudly, his speed fast is dashing in the, his fist keeps is stroking the surroundings, he felt that his body probably was burnt was being same. Pain!” Xia Tian can only feel the pain.

Xia Tian, you a bit faster poisonously force, otherwise you will die.” Bai Yu shouts loudly. No.” Xia Tian has rejected, feels the burning that moment he to know in him one must do, flame, he continuously long-awaited flame, so long as he can tame these flame, then the flame will turn into part of his body, after regardless of like this him , the refiner fights, can turn into own weapon the flame. Pain, this is really pain, but he knows the opportunity possibly too multiple, therefore he must hold, wants to promote the strength, is impossible to be suitable for minute of the current all the way, therefore he must bear this pain. „Does he want to do?” Mo Li puzzled looks at Xia Tian. He must absorb the flame, the burning of control within the body.” Qi Huan answered. Control burning, is how possible, this never has the person to succeed.” Before Mo Li, had heard some people want to control the burning to use for oneself, the time of like this fighting, can have the flame might by own attack. But she had not heard that some people have succeeded, these people are the raging fire commit suicide by fire dead finally. Bai Yu continuously anxious looks at Xia Tian, he knows that now prevented already without enough time, therefore he also can only implore the heaven, making the miracle occur. All people, they have not spoken, looks at Xia Tian there nearly in the crazy appearance, their anything did not do. Pain died I, I could not bear.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings keep is whooshing, he has a dream cannot think that unexpectedly so will be painful. No, I must insist that wants to live, wants to protect these person who wants to protect, must live.” Xia Tian clenches teeth to insist. In his mind has flashed through person's shadows. These are his family member and friend, he knows that he wants to protect these people, must insist. Time little past. Finally after one hour, Xia Tian stopped struggling, his body fell down, saw that Xia Tian got down but actually, Bai Yu and the others overran hurriedly, starts to get the physical exam of Xia Tian. How?” Sister Hong and the others ran over to ask. Without any unusual form, he was probably successful.” Bai Yu said.

Succeeded? This is how possible!” Sister Hong surprised saying, he had not heard some people can control the burning. Whistling!!” When they discussed that Xia Tian suddenly big mouth has panted for breath. „Are you all right?” Sister Hong and the others asked hurriedly. Almost had the matter.” Xia Tian opens both eyes to show a faint smile. Succeeded?” Qi Huan looked that asked to Xia Tian. I slowly.” Xia Tian has not spoken, but is breathing greedily, he almost did not have the opportunity to breathe this happy air a moment ago. After ten minutes, Xia Tian sat. When he stands slowly, Qi Huan and the others are visit him who anticipates, although they are Earth Grade Expert, but they have not looked at some people able to control the burning, even had heard continually does not have. Xia Tian has sealed up the right hand instantaneously evades the hot hole, afterward concentrates the spirit, starts to control that flame. Humph! In all person surprised eyes, Xia Tian succeeded. Above his right hand presented one group of red flame, looks at this group of flame time, the Xia Tian mood is very good, he knows that the own ache has not suffered in vain. Actually in the normal condition he is impossible to succeed. However the refiner technique and ancient Buddhist Relic has helped his busy. Has succeeded, really success.” Qi Huan face inconceivable saying. This simply is world wonder, was too mysterious.” Mo Li is also shaking the head that keeps, she has witnessed one of the miracle. You also really dare to act unreasonably.” Bai Yu helpless shaking the head.

Several other people are also dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian, although their several are not the average people, but they have not seen such scene. Today, being doomed is extraordinary a day. The people shouted to clear the way are very late, finally everybody left respectively. Qi Huan is leading Bao Nu and girl must go to the overseas, he is also comes today the farewell, Mo Li must leave Jiang Hai City to manage mission, the Bai Yu plan and Sister Hong exits to travel, has saying that Bai Yu is Xia Tian sees idlest Assassins. Daoxing must leave Jiang Hai City, she has lost the Sect treasure, needs to go back to apologize with Master. Thinks of here, Xia Tian absolutely is very embarrassed, because the treasure has made him give to swallow, he can only at heart silently takes down this matter, waited later to give back to a Daoxing big ritual to be good. After having rested for night, next morning, Xia Tian getting out of bed early. Today he planned to go to the school, began school over half a month, Xia Tian must go to own classroom today finally, no matter what he was also a Jianghai University member, tall Huxi a student. Skips classes to turn over to skip classes, but he must pass to register. Matter that because Xia Tian has not come to attend class for a long time, therefore Xia Tian early arrived at the entrance of department head office. Thump! Xia Tian has knocked several, nobody responded. At this moment longleg beauty from Xia Tian walked.