Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 416

Those who map the Xia Tian view was a pair of long leg, the eye of Xia Tian is attracted by this both legs completely, he has not seen such attractive leg, long had beautiful. On this both legs does not have slight slight defect. Looked enough.” That beauty discontented saying. He he.” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head: You are also looks for department head, inside nobody, I have knocked for quite a while.” Snort!” beauty stared Xia Tian, afterward gets to the entrance directly, puts out the key from the package, opened the door of office. Xia Tian dumbfounded looks at beauty, he has a dream has not thought that this beauty unexpectedly is his department head, his unexpectedly has a such attractive department head. Xia Tian followed directly. Bang! The gate has closed, hit directly on the nose of Xia Tian. shit, must be so ruthless.” Xia Tian complained, he knows that department head retaliates him absolutely, but he felt that this department head was really too mean-spirited, but looked at her leg several, her unexpectedly used the gate to hit itself. Thump! Xia Tian knocks on a door once more, after all the opposite party is a department head, oneself are just a student, therefore he must respect the opposite party. Comes in!” Inside has broadcast the longleg beauty sound. Xia Tian entered the work of department head. The office of department head is quite big, the front desk, a respectively chair, the chair is of band pulley, in the room also several pots, in the pot is that attractive bonsai, behind is a row of long sofa. Generally speaking, in this room environment is very good.

What matter?” The department head links not to lift, light saying. I asked for leave a while ago, today comes the report.” Although Xia Tian skips classes actually, but he makes older female cousin help him hand over the leave slip. This matter looks for your leading.” The department head in reorganizing the document on tabletop, has still not been looking up Xia Tian. I called Xia Tian!” Xia Tian knows that own leave application early changed to department head here, leading can only manage most three days of vacations, one in three days, that will not turn over to his leading to manage. Xia Tian, you are that begin school for a half month, a day of class had not come Xia Tian is right, happen, here has your file, you tidy up leave school.” The department head hears the Xia Tian two characters time, the air/Qi does not hit one. She has not seen such student, began school for a half month, a day of class has not gotten up. Volume!!” Xia Tian stares slightly, this was also too happy: Director, I have asked for leave.” „Is your also asks for leave? Your that informs, unable to mention does not come, to write a leave slip also to put in your leading mailbox.” The department head more said more is angry, sound is also louder. Xia Tian also thought that very awkward, which his knows that his older female cousin is such asks for leave to him. Director, should not be angry, angry the body many were not good.” Xia Tian goes forward to urge hurriedly. You thought that you are very fierce, the college entrance examination foremost person in the field, can you act in a self-serving manner?” The department head knows the Xia Tian matter, if because of college entrance examination foremost person in the field title, she already Xia Tian dismissing. Is the superficial knowledge.” A response of Xia Tian face smiling face said that now department head in the fit of temper, he can not on, have to be smiling up-wind. Do not smile, I have not been able to dismiss you.” The department head scolded enough, was good, although she can scold Xia Tian, but she actually cannot dismiss Xia Tian , will otherwise cause very big news. The dismissal college entrance examination foremost person in the field, this regarding the influence of school is very big. Many thanks director.” Xia Tian cracks into a chuckle.

With your thing, goes to classroom.” The department head has referred to room corner the books and student identity cards and other things. According to the student identity card, Xia Tian had found No. 8 classroom building, 508 room. When Xia Tian arrives at the entrance of classroom, in the classroom voice is very noisy, everybody is playing to make, some chat there, but must arrive at attending class immediately has selected, therefore the person almost arrived in full. When Xia Tian enters the classroom, the person who these spoken has all anchored, they looked at the vision to the entrance. The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around, in the entire classroom, is the woman, moreover uniform beauty. „Did handsome fellow, you go astray classroom?” A female shouts to Xia Tian. „.” Suddenly is looked by these many beauty, Xia Tian somewhat was also embarrassed, listened to a that female such saying, direct turn around must leave. In the flash that he turns the head. Xia Tian felt that had the thing to pound on his face, stiffly has pounded him. He has not gone astray.” The entrance presented a female of big weapon for criminal, a female professional attire, was needless saying that also knows was, was Xia Tian leading, she received the call of department head a moment ago, said that Xia Tian went to classroom to report, therefore she shifted to an earlier time. Ha Ha!” Looks that was hit Xia Tian that flies by that to the weapon for criminal, classroom inside general laughter smiles. Xia Tian retreat enough three talents have stopped their body reluctantly: Big.” This is his first feeling. Upper body overlord female Gu Lijing who knows in Hong Kong greatly with this completely different, Gu Lijing greatly is beautiful, but his leading is big, very big, that had proven that a moment ago sufficiently to the nature of weapon for criminal. Comes.” Xia Tian leading stands on platform waved to Xia Tian.

Xia Tian has rubbed own face, walked. I give everybody to introduce, he is our class only male student, he called Xia Tian, he is also this year's college entrance examination foremost person in the field, everybody applause welcome.” Leading was saying to Xia Tian. ! Below has heard a series of applause. They finally saw in classroom now the only male student, moreover what made their surprised was, this male student unexpectedly or college entrance examination foremost person in the field. Hum!” „!” In the classroom has heard different howling, this is the excited cry. Peaceful, now makes Xia Tian make simple self introduction to everybody.” Leading beckoned with the hand to say to everybody. Heard leading saying that wanted Xia Tian to do to introduce oneself, everybody was really peaceful. Hello, I am newly arrived.” Xia Tian has not made anything to introduce oneself, therefore he said simply transparent such, afterward came to the classroom the only vacancy. Volume.” Leading stares slightly, afterward shows a faint smile: Really is simple enough.” Xia Tian arrived at own position, has placed on the book the table, has tidied up simply, later he sits to the stool. Nearby that several female students already quietly carried off the Xia Tian stool, all people anticipate looked to Xia Tian, they after imagining Xia Tian were sitting the scene.