Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 417

Xia Tian began school for a half month, first time came classroom, this was makes this classroom inside female student very discontented obviously, were they ugly? Naturally is not ugly, beauty of important goods in this, his unexpectedly also dares to skip classes. This makes them not be feeling well, therefore they already planned, after waiting for Xia Tian to come, must lesson Xia Tian well. A moment ago Xia Tian the time of the platform walking, that several female students of his side mutually have used a look, then quietly took away his stool, so long as Xia Tian sat, that definitely directly sat on the ground. They wait to look at good play. After Xia Tian tidied up, sat directly to behind, but in the classroom did not have any laughter, because they saw inconceivable one. Xia Tian was sits, his behind did not have the stool to be right obviously, safety that but his unexpectedly sat. You try.” Nearby female student has pushed her female student. Em.” That female student nodded, then her hand touches to that place that Xia Tian sat. At this moment Xia Tian sat suddenly downward happen to sat in the female schoolmate's hand. Reported the teacher!” Xia Tian has stood directly. How?” Leading is packing thing in that a moment ago. She grasps above my my thigh.” Xia Tian referred to that female student saying. What? The broad daylight, ringing the universe, your unexpectedly dares the making an arrest thigh above place.” Leading relaxes saying that when she sees Xia Tian stares slightly, directly asked one: Is they catches you?” Em!” Xia Tian very earnest nod. Grasps grasps, was good, I walked, you take care of the new schoolmate.” Leading said that direct turn around leaves.

Saw that leading so massively walked, Xia Tian has a miserable feeling, now this is any way of the world, oneself were profited by others, complains is not easy-to-use, the teacher also makes him eat that to be unable to speak out about one's grievances. Hey, the new person, your boy is very crazy, unexpectedly also dares to consider the teacher.” After leading leaves the classroom, that several school girl Xia Tian to get up. Xia Tian has covered own upper body: Do not come, do you want to do?” You called, called to break throat also nobody to manage you.” That several school girl Xia Tian, for in three, outside three, then a face badly smiles looks at Xia Tian, they one rub hands, at the same time moves toward Xia Tian. Saw that Xia Tian must beset with a crisis in fierce. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian shouts suddenly loudly. You did not need to call, outside cannot hear.” These school girls have not paid attention to Xia Tian. Here has a day of auspiciousness gate 100 Yuan voucher, altogether 100, can only use one each time.” Xia Tian day auspiciousness gate voucher high has lifted. Hearing is day of auspiciousness gate voucher, these school girls have really called a halt, ten school girl ten are the gluttons. But the day auspiciousness gate nearby Jianghai University the best hotel, saw the day of auspiciousness gate voucher, this group of female gluttons possibly were not how excited, crazy snatched. Really is the day of auspiciousness gate voucher.” Moreover Zhang Zhang are 100, snatches.” You stepped on to me, haven't I snatched?” That crowd of school girl advancing uninterruptedly has fired into Xia Tian, quick Xia Tian was pressed in most, various jade hares on the moon are tumbling on the body of Xia Tian.

Paternal grandmother, the woman were many are not the good deed.” Xia Tian innermost feelings depressed saying, he had been encircled completely in the middle bottommost. After five minutes, these school girls have attained their long-awaited vouchers, but the body of Xia Tian was only remaining underpants. Fellow eldest sisters, you snatched my clothes I to recognize, my pants did you snatch to do?” Xia Tian suffering from injustice saying, does not know a moment ago is links his pants that who snatches not to have remaining, what is most important is his wallet and cell phone in the pants pocket. Excuse me, here.” A female schoolmate charming bashful pants. The Xia Tian taking carry back pants, put on hurriedly, afterward asked again: My clothes?” In my this.” unexpectedly of this speech is a Xia Tian acquaintance, this female was not others at that time with Xia Tian that Wu Yan of their dormitory friendship, he has not thought that this Wu Yan unexpectedly was his classmate. Wu Yan came from Xia Tian discovers him, she has not thought person unexpectedly that in classroom that had not presented was Xia Tian. When she sees Xia Tian, face obvious one red, since previous meeting, she has been inquiring the Xia Tian news, but told him Xia Tian not to return to the dormitory baldly, the telephone could not make a connection. That night, just started Li Yan is just felt that Xia Tian is looks most pleasing to the eyes, moreover Xia Tian cold proud is also the appealing part, he everywhere compared with others, in her eyes, this person became more and more outstanding, but afterward she discovered that was only the Xia Tian surface. True Xia Tian makes her more surprised, Xia Tian in KTV to save her was also injured. A moment ago she intentionally do not snatch the Xia Tian clothes, she was just pushed, came out in the hand was taking the Xia Tian clothes. „Are you doing? Attended class did not know? Your unexpectedly also dares to take off the clothes in the classroom, exits to punish by forcing to stand to me.” On the platform has stood a female teacher. The age of female teacher probably is about 40 years old, saw Xia Tian and Wu's colorful time is very angry. She has not thought that some people of unexpectedly dare to make do in her classroom, escaped including the clothes, immediately becomes very angry.

Then, the Xia Tian first class, was punished by forcing to stand. Saw Xia Tian to move toward the corridor, Wu Yan also followed, she did not have any was not happy that instead was very happy. Because this can live alone with Xia Tian. „Can my university profession be so pitiful really?” Xia Tian says with emotion, his a half month has not come to attend class, on first class unexpectedly was punished by forcing to stand. Hey, we met.” Wu Yan greeted with Xia Tian on own initiative. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. How you had not come to attend class, after previous meeting, I also found the person to inquire you, they said that you had not returned to the dormitory.” Wu Yan collects to Xia Tian. „, I went to outside area a while ago.” Xia Tian light saying. Originally is this, do you have free time tonight? We eat meal together.” Wu Yan very driving saying, she is this, likes actively, because she does not think, because own loses some precious things spiritlessly. „The first heavenly class you were punished by forcing to stand, you are really great.” At this moment department head beauty happen to after here, sees Xia Tian angry saying that punishes by forcing to stand.