Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 419

Xia Tian stands in out like this looks at longleg department head beauty, longleg department head beauty sees Xia Tian the time, walked directly, she felt that the present student was really is getting more and more difficult to teach. You are the same with them, is the issue students.” Longleg department head beauty discontented looks to Xia Tian. I help you handle these students, you accept my two requests.” Xia Tian looked that said to longleg department head beauty. Depends on you?” Longleg department head beauty disdains has sized up Xia Tian one, she could not have seen Xia Tian to have anything really specially, except for skin good, long Shuai Dian, beyond result good, she not to have known that really Xia Tian also has other any merit. What kind, if you agreed that I help you handle them, if you if did not agree that you wait for the next teacher to be rumbled to come out.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he does not matter in any case, this does not have the big relations with him. Good, you handled this group of students to say first again.” Longleg department head beauty is also very curious, actually Xia Tian wants how to handle this group of students. Said it and meant it, waits to look at good play.” Xia Tian entered in 501 classrooms directly, when he enters in the classroom, these students in classroom looked to him, they were very curious, which was also asks the oppressive teacher to come. They the biggest pleasure is to usually tease these teachers, made that these teachers have not dared to come to attend class to them. Hey, who are you? Before had not seen you, is not the new teacher.” Under the stage some people shout. Long fair and clear, is so tender.” A female schoolmate moves to say with a smile, everybody has also smiled. Xia Tian looks that these students under stage show a faint smile, has saying that this classroom is really chaotic enough, perhaps they were Jianghai University most chaotic one group of students: Hello, I am your new teachers.” Gets down, does not want to look for the oppressive words, hurries.” The student under stage is disinclined to respond him, all plays in that own. Xia Tian, has not spoken, but has written two large characters on the blackboard.

Dream.’ Sees to vainly hope for these two characters time, these people stopped the movement in oneself hand, because these two characters just they sexually harassed longleg department head beauty to say. Now this newly arrived teacher unexpectedly has written these two characters on the blackboard, this is finds fault obviously. They most do not fear is finds fault, they most like looks for the pleasure of teacher. I listened some to be concerned a moment ago you outside the dream, now I came to say my dream with you.” Xia Tian earnest looks to everyone under stage, immediately the Xia Tian vision takes a fast look around them the time, they lowering the head of cannot help but, seems afraid is the same. The scene was all of a sudden peaceful, everybody he said. In childhood my dream was, had a mother, because I have not seen my mother, I noticed that other child had mother, I envied very much, but afterward my father died, my dream changed, my dream was I do not hope that saw my side had any person to leave me again.” Xia Tian light saying. Teacher, here is not the Chinese good voice, these pitiful stories that you told we do not like listening.” Under the stage some people shout. Good, I said that selects you to like listening.” Xia Tian looked at people to continue saying: My high school time, liked a girl, at that time she did not dislike me to be poor, I worked to make money every day, only to buy the thing that he liked for her, can marry her is my dream, but afterward she had flung me, our two in more than two years, I even have not kissed together her, but after she followed a second generation of rich, first day went to bed with others.” Longleg department head beauty and Wu Yan have stood in out of the door, their two listening very fascinated. Teacher, do you have to look for that second generation of rich duel, coming a Jianghu blood to spell.” These students under stage shout, they most like discussing is this scene. Your movie looked, this was a realistic world, your here majority were the second generation of rich or the official's second generation, in the family has the right to have the potential, can say that gave instead of taking your people definitely to have, because these people's dreams were on the life of rich man.” After Xia Tian stopped one next , to continue saying: Below said that my present dream, my dream is actually very simple, protects the person who I want to protect.”

„!” The person under stage also shouts. Teacher, said quite a while you are one ** the silk, does not have anything specially.” That group of people under stage thorough lost the interest. You said that you think how is the man?” Xia Tian has referred to a person of long hair, he could see that this person's status in this group of person minds is not low, because most people gather round him to sit. Man, most at least must be able to take care of his woman, if who dares to snatch my woman, I hack to death him.” That person of very extremely arrogant saying. Hacks to death him?” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head of: „Have you killed people? No, do you chop excellently?” Naturally!” Saying that person does not evade. „Had you been chopped?” Xia Tian asked again. That person has not spoken, has untied own shirt, his body has three scabs, although the scabs are not deep, but this had been chopped obviously, his movement answered the Xia Tian issue. On man, if few scabs, that is considered as is a man?” That person said that around him that several male has untied own knot, their bodies have 12 scabs. „Have you experienced the death?” Xia Tian also asked one. No.” That person replied. I have experienced, moreover I personally have seen the deceased person, I have also killed people.” Xia Tian calm saying.

He said very tranquil, resembles the homicide is not the person is the same, but is some chicken ducks and so on animal is the same, these students in classroom do not believe his words obviously. Teacher, you blow.” Who believes that you long fair and clear, has fought against others?” Is, like you, understood at a glance that was bullied.” These students under stage think that Xia Tian is boasting, Xia Tian had not explained that his hand has placed on own T-shirt, afterward took off own T-shirt directly, when he takes off the T-shirt, in classroom all people were all shocked. Spoke without any person. Entrance longleg department head beauty the mouth opens big, Wu Yan is also a face worship looks at Xia Tian. The body of Xia Tian is the scabs, some people said that the body has the scabs is the real man, naturally, appendicitis surgery does not calculate.