Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 420

The scabs, under these people were still boasting a moment ago own scabs, they as if were saying had the scabs saves the man. But when sees Xia Tian scabs, they could not say with amazement incoming call. What words called to be convincing? The similar words, different people said that the effect is different, you let Ma Yun and horse Dajiao said that similar undertaking words, whose is everybody willing to listen? If beforehand Xia Tian had said that they have not listened, each few words that then from now on, Xia Tian speaks they will not fall. Person who on him unexpectedly so many scabs, he definitely is one has the story.” Longleg department head beauty innermost feelings secretly thought, Xia Tian this college entrance examination foremost person in the field in her eyes is the bad student, because Xia Tian skips classes. Teacher, how your scabs come?” Female schoolmate curious asking, she changed the name to use you. Xia Tian moves right hand directly, will be away from his recent that table to draw, then he sat on the table: What is a man biggest responsibility? Protects our homes and defends our country, my Zha Guo, on me altogether 32 stature bullet holes, knife wound 18, including three blades have cut open entire back, three blades have almost been cut off my shoulder, my four blades are away from my heart to have several centimeters.” Under this stage all people all listen very earnest. I am same as you, I also like playing, likes insanely, liking stands on the avenue looks at beauty, so long as the country summoned me, I will enter momentarily the war.” Xia Tian light saying. Teacher, you have become a soldier.” Also is a school girl begins school to ask, now these male students noticed Xia Tian scabs could not speak. Has worked as.” Xia Tian nodded: „Becoming a soldier is not the capital of boast, on the contrary I think that is one responsibility, but cannot say the person who has become a soldier is sacred, said that is not right, I also begin to hit the person, bullies excellently, the people who naturally, I have bullied are owe to tidy up.”

Teacher, why did your then girlfriend abandon you?” The topic that nobody paid attention to a moment ago, is turned now. Also can because of anything, I be poor.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. He he! Heard the explanation of Xia Tian, the person under stage has also smiled several, but quick stopped, they do not want to break Xia Tian. That woman now how? The female student like her, should be only others' toys generally.” Here person majority are second generation of rich and official's second generation, these girls are also the princesses of wealthy families, nobody compared with them understood own this kind of person what. These two wounds, currently have the blood, this is she punctures.” Xia Tian has referred to the wound in oneself arm and chest place said. Teacher, why can she stab you?” These school girls more asked that is more curious. Because she hates me, reason that she thinks her now miserable, is I harms, her these boyfriend truly I have tidied up, but I not because of her, because her these boyfriends want to harm me.” Xia Tian knows one said that their here people should be able to understand what is heard. Teacher, haven't you killed her? That blade of your chest almost can want your assigning.” The school girl asked again. Xia Tian smiling sees these schoolmates, shook the head: Man most should not hits the woman.” Good that teacher said.” Xia Tian these words make these female schoolmates under stage specially excited.

Man hits the woman to display spiritlessly, especially own lover, the real man uses the skill outside, but is not in the family.” Xia Tian spoke of here time shook the head: Changed the subject, I did not love that woman, but I same will not hit her, not went to awkward to love the person.” Outside classroom Wu Yan hears Xia Tian these words, dares to move has cried, she has not seen such perfect man. Longleg department head beauty is also the nod that keeps, obviously she approved very much Xia Tian words, in five lines she changed to the view of Xia Tian. Said a moment ago changed the subject, we said now the topic that you most are interested, Jianghu and mixes the society, you think that big brother Jianghu in television is very sight, they were chopped and are hit were graceful, I told you, when I faced with death, I have feared, because I also had many attachments to this world, I did not abandon, therefore I have feared, the death was a very frightened matter.” Xia Tian spoke of here time, looked at one that to grow hair saying: Jianghu that you think is each brothers has the lead corona, 100 (spear|gun)s will not die right?” I do not think one will be compelled into that hopeless situation by others.” The schoolmate of that long hair said. Often walks in the riverside, where can not the wet shoes.” Xia Tian light saying. Teacher, I understand your meaning, but since this has been we continuously dream, impossible, because your 1-2 words changed, if we gave up this dream, we do not have the expectation, we are different from these poor family children, they can, for a house spells for a lifetime, but we live these things to have.” Schoolmate very earnest saying of that long hair. Protection!” With respect!” Xia Tian has written down these characters on the blackboard. Cultivates the behavior to know one should protect anything, should learn to respect others, like this you will discover that your lives opened another window.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile to look to the person under stage said: Schoolmates, my class said.” So to be how quick?”

Teacher, we have not heard enough, moreover you have not told the story of your becoming a soldier time to us and on you scabs story.” „, Teacher, you continue to teach.” These students under stage heard Xia Tian saying that said that all people all begged. „To listen to my class to be very simple, my request is you must understand the respect, respects other teachers, like this I will come to continue to attend class to you, moreover divulges, under me the festival class content is my one hits ten, hits 20 experiences.” Xia Tian said that left classroom directly. Longleg department head beauty sees Xia Tian to come out, saying of appreciation: You said was very good.” „Should you cash to pledge? My request is very simple, first, told me your name, second, after permitting me, temporarily asks for leave.” Xia Tian very earnest looks that longleg department head beauty said. Matter that good, you originally for skipping classes.” Longleg department head beauty heard here anger to come up. Director, you do not want to act shamelessly, my going back makes that group of schoolmates in room figure out.” Xia Tian said that disguises to walk toward 501. Wait / Etc., I agreed that but I have a condition.” Longleg beauty stopped by calling out Xia Tian hurriedly.