Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 421

Xia Tian has anchored own footsteps, turns the head to look to longleg department head beauty: What condition?” Present is school hours, corridor inside has Xia Tian, Wu Yan and longleg department heads beauty. You every week must give a 501 on class.” Longleg department head beauty said. Does not have the issue.” Xia Tian looks to longleg department head beauty, he has handled this pass finally, otherwise later skips classes can also be greatly troublesome: You have not said your name.” Fang Yan.” After longleg department head beauty said that direct turn around left. Hey, you complied, 501 eldest children have not come today, if she came, they became more troublesome.” Wu Yan reminded, obviously she dreaded that 501 Boss very much. Has not related.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Who regardless of this classroom Boss is, regarding him, is not difficult, at the worst the classroom people will hit one to be good, projects on the clothing. Hey, said , do you have the time in the evening.” Wu Yan opens the mouth to ask once more. Tonight should not have, I must see a friend.” Xia Tian planned tonight Zeng Ruo there, gives her the bracelet, as for the variation matter, Xia Tian wanted and other days later said again, because he discovered each time after a variation person, his body weakly for a long time, this not only will be weak on body, spiritually was also weak, but also this type weak cannot supplement by that stone. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Xia Tian, where are you at? Comes, our met to trouble.” Those who make the call is Ma Lan, Li Ying that roommate, listening to her expression to leave anything to trouble probably, worried very much. I attend class in Jianghai University, where are you at?” We in stadium.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, runs directly to below.

Hey, why do you go?” Wu Yan noticed that Xia Tian ran asked hurriedly. Skips classes.” Xia Tian said that the complete human did not have shade. Wu Yan has taken Xia Tian thoroughly, just finished talking the condition with the department head, skipped classes. In this time stadium. Although usually on together the physical education person has, but comes to the hall truly together generally is classroom to two classroom, today is Li Ying their classroom and on Li Yuan classroom together here physical education. Li Yuanxi happy hits Basketball, therefore arrived at the stadium. Because slightly rubs, their classroom person quarrelled with the Li Ying classroom person. Li Yuan saw own classroom person was bullied, naturally does not want to come up to start, Li Ying their group of female students try to break up a fight, Li Yuan incautiously advanced Li Ying. Advanced is not important matter. But Li Yuan actually had a liking for Li Ying, Li Ying person long is very attractive, the stature is also good . Moreover the man fought her unexpectedly also to dare to come up a moment ago the stop, Li Yuan thinks that she has the individuality very much. „Do you name?” Li Yuan has a liking for Li Ying to ask. I called Li Ying.” Li Ying said. I liked you, my Li Yuan, our two both surnamed Li, was very predestined friends, was my girlfriend.” Li Yuan said directly that his words are very overbearing, did not allow that others reject. Who is he? Li Yuan, one of the Jianghai four young masters. Now in Jiang Hai City only dares the rampant person, Hu Fangye also becomes specially low-key.

Li Yuan is but different, he is an extremely arrogant person, rampant, mean, this is his characteristics, after becoming the Jianghai four young masters, the ratio that his whole person changes was stronger before. Li Yuan this person day did not fear that did not fear, he thinks, so long as have the one breath, who offends him, he must retaliate. Does not die continuous. Although Li Yuan is the Jiang Tianshu subordinate, but the fact showed that he is much stronger than Jiang Tianshu, moreover he is a youth. I do not like you!” Li Ying direct rejection. „It is not good, person nobody who my Li Yuan has a liking for dares not to say.” Li Yuan said that walks toward Li Ying directly. „Do you want to do? I called the teacher.” Li Ying anxious shouting. You think that these teachers do dare to offend me? But my Li Yuan the Jianghai four young masters, I divides the minute to make them die.” Li Yuan very rampant saying, this boasted actually, he really had that skill. Do not come, I do not like you.” Li Ying shouts loudly. You slowly will like on me, I like your such disposition, all right, you reject freely, but I must take away you today, no one can block.” Li Yuan idea is very simple, carries off Li Ying directly, is strong on, he knows, so long as after the woman were taken, will accept fate. Now Li Ying more revolts against him more excited. The woman who Li Yuanwan crosses does not know to have many, but he first time is a little excited to a woman, where although he could not say Li Ying specially. Do not come, I have called the Li Ying boyfriend.” Ma Lan blocks in Li Ying front. Whoops, your long also good, this also comes to buy one and get one free, good, I all wanted.” Li Yuan look on the body of Ma Lan unscrupulous is sizing up, he felt that own today was really too lucky. The surrounding these people see Li Yuan, nobody dares to go forward.

Because they have heard Li Yuan reputation, moreover Li Yuan started to be ruthless a moment ago, on that several hit face and is the wounds. Therefore except for Li Ying that several roommates, nobody dares to go forward. Moreover Li Yuan also several subordinates there, that several subordinates wicked looks at the surroundings, seems was warning that they do not mind others'business, this situation they are not first time see. Also some people of sense of justice full houses dare to go forward, finally but that person was hit by Li Yuan is very miserable. Li Yuan starts to be specially black, if some people dare to act to contradict he, obtains to offend him, he certainly will break the leg of opposite party, lightest the opposite party that also hits cannot stand, therefore he in Jianghai University is quite famous. The surroundings these Li Ying schoolmates only dare retreat, does not dare to go forward. „Are you also the men? Comes up the help.” Ma Lan shouts to the surrounding these male schoolmates. But does not have any person to go forward. „Do they dare? You no one can escape from my palm today, but you do not need to be worried that I will be very gentle, moreover which later you arrive can be said as my woman, nobody dares to offend you absolutely.” Li Yuan very extremely arrogant saying, today he wins to Li Ying and Ma Lan. I warned that your Li Ying boyfriend immediately came.” Ma Lan anxious saying. Was the absolute monarch comes me not to fear.” Saying that Li Yuan disdains. Yeah, Donor, you act high and mighty.” At this moment the sound conveys from behind together.