Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 424

After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, said goodbye to Li Ying they. Li Ying saw Xia Tian kept a serious look, knows definitely had any important matter, therefore Li Ying has not kept Xia Tian, if were not this telephone, she also really wants to eat meal with Xia Tian, after all she for a long time had not seen Xia Tian very much. The Xia Tian telephone was Zhao Long hits, Zhao Long said that his family was kidnapped. If Xia Tian has not guessed that wrong, this time matter definitely has the relations with Jiang Tianshu, because Zhao Long their family in Jiang Hai City is also some reputations, the ordinary person does not dare to move them. Therefore the Xia Tian guess is Jiang Tianshu does certainly, because only then Jiang Tianshu dares to handle this matter. Xia Tian is not clear, why Jiang Tianshu did not go to these days of Hong Kong to begin in him, but must wait for him to come back to begin, only if the Jiang Tianshu goal were not Zhao Long their one, but was Xia Tian. Or is, Jiang Tianshu hopes that catches the whole lot in a dragnet Xia Tian and Zhao Long. However after all these must waits for him to see Zhao Long, will have the result, Jiang Tianshu this person very extremely arrogantly, he will not let the Xia Tian silent death absolutely, because he thought that this does not vent spleen. Who Jiang Tianshu is, before that is , the Jiang Hai City overlord, simultaneously his true status is also the Hidden Sect person. How offends his possibly to have the good end, although he cannot be what kind of Xia Tian temporarily, but he is impossible to let off Xia Tian. Xia Tian went to the Zhao Long home directly, the Zhao Long family is not the villa, but is in a luxurious community, the house probably 200 even appearances, in room interior decoration is also hardbound. Can look, Zhao Long is very absolutely rich. Zhao Long a moment ago was Xia Tian that kissed itself to meet.

Said, what's the matter.” Xia Tian sat on the sofa said that he had not asked all the way, Zhao Long had not said that now has sat down, Xia Tian naturally must ask passing through of matter. The Zhao Long complexion is very ugly. My father, mother and Little Sister was all kidnapped by them.” Zhao Long depressed saying. Who does?” Xia Tian asked again. Jiang Tianshu.” Zhao Long said that afterward he put out a note to give Xia Tian. Xia Tian turns on the note. Prays for rescue from Xia Tian, if you dare to report to the police you to know that my method, you should also know that who I am.” After Xia Tian looked at the note nodded, this truly is the Jiang Tianshu technique, since Jiang Tianshu asked him to go, that definitely had to arrange, although Xia Tian does not know that was anything arranges. However he determined that Jiang Tianshu definitely is not an impulsive person. It seems like Jiang Tianshu knows my injured matter, was right, that Tong was Jiang Tianshu looks, Wen Ya was Tong the disciple, she assassinated own matter, Jiang Tianshu naturally also knows.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, thinks of here his deeping frown. Has any difficulty, I do not want to implicate your.” Zhao Long sees Xia Tian to knit the brows, thinks that Xia Tian was being worried his safety, answered hurriedly, after all this was his family work, if Xia Tian is not willing to help, he did not have any complaint. Knows where the person is at?” Xia Tian had not explained.

Does not know that we must wait for the news, but I guess that the news should approach fast.” Zhao Long believes that some of his family here people monitor absolutely, when Xia Tian enters his home, the Jiang Tianshu person definitely knew all these. Meanwhile, in Hidden Sect. Jiang Shao, all arranged appropriately, how this time I must have a look at Xia Tian to elect but actually, he was the choice protects himself, protected Zhao Long and his family member.” Yu He immoral smiles. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Yu He worthily is Yu He, is such poisonous, but I like, actually Xia Tian of that heavy affectionate righteousness must choose to protect itself, must choose to protect the family member of friend and friend.” Jiang Tianshu laughs was saying. Was right, Jiang Shao, Tong before the disciple truly is , the Xia Tian girlfriend, called Wen Ya, what Tong gave her cultivation was Tong always in a rare book that place took, was called the hatred to decide, that Wen Ya only cultivation very short time, had has been able to kill the Profound Grade late stage Expert strength, her ability had very big limit, especially had very big limit in the promotion once more.” Yu He the situation reported that gives Jiang Tianshu. interesting, the thing that takes from that possibly to be how useless, but this Wen Ya is a double-edged sword, this time stabbed Xia Tian regarding us is also a very big help.” Jiang Tianshu nodded to say. Jiang Shao, I have made the second-hand preparation, if Xia Tian chooses itself to escape, the person who I send will extinguish the Wen Ya whole families, when the time comes leaves some Xia Tian traces at the scene.” Yu He was called the poisonous gentleman wrong not to have. Hatred decides, the hatred is bigger , to promote is quicker, you.” Jiang Tianshu shows a faint smile, satisfied nod, can defeat Yu He in his eyes, only then day and life, if the heaven and destiny do not meddle, nobody can defeat Yu He. Because Yu He was really too poisonous. Even if Jiang Tianshu does not hope that becomes the enemy with Yu He, however, he and Yu He are impossible become enemies. „To have a look after really her hatred promotes definitely once more, is any might, when the time comes was Earth Grade Expert is not her match.” Saying of Yu He face smiling face. „Weren't you afraid her to link us also to injure?” Jiang Tianshu puzzled asking.

Now makes her promote the strength just to let her copes with Xia Tian, when Xia Tian dies, she must die, I am absolutely impossible the person who made you unable to control to live in this world.” All that Yu He makes for Jiang Tianshu. Wen Ya can say that in his eyes is also the person who is unable to control, therefore he will not make Wen Ya go on living, the truth of being made to pay for one's evil doings is he hears since childhood in a big way. I am waiting for your good news.” Jiang Tianshu has not spoken, he always did not refute the plan of Yu He, because he knows all that Yu He made for him, Jiang Tianshu can not believe their family member, Brother, parents, but he believed Yu He absolutely. At this time in the Jiang Hai City Zhao Long family, they received the call finally. Place, Jiang Hai City south abandoning oil refinery.” „Before going, I request you to achieve two points.” Xia Tian looked that said to Zhao Long. Any matter, I promise you.” Zhao Long looked that said to Xia Tian. First, do not approach me, second, once saves your family member, immediately leaves, no matter what happened.” Xia Tian very earnest looks at Zhao Long saying that in his foreheads writes two characters, firm. Can you what to do, if had the danger?” Zhao Long puzzled asking.