Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 425

This is I wants you to comply my, Jiang Tianshu definitely has the plot, if you do not listen my, we no one can run away.” Xia Tian does not think absolutely Jiang Tianshu is a fool, will send several people to coerce their in the past. Jiang Tianshu knows fierce of Xia Tian, even if were sends Profound Grade Expert to come not to be impossible to cope with Xia Tian. Therefore he uses certainly is the different techniques, this technique, even if Xia Tian also lacks self-confidence at heart, but he must go, because Jiang Tianshu clarified must cope his, the Zhao Long family member was just involved. Moreover Zhao Long saw him to shout Elder Brother Tian, if he did not help, that really could not be justified. He believes that this time does not get rid, Jiang Tianshu same will also get rid in behind, he can evade 1 st, does not evade 15. Therefore this time must go, moreover he must observe the surrounding all situations frequently, this time cannot have absolutely slightly keeps the hand, otherwise he must die without doubt. This is also the plan of Jiang Tianshu. This time you come for me, I am impossible to look you have the danger time does not manage.” Zhao Long direct rejection. You, if also called me Elder Brother Tian, believed me, moreover must listen my, if there is a danger you also to help me, that our two both could not run away finally.” Xia Tian holds shoulder very serious saying of Zhao Long. Zhao Long is one feels emotion the person of righteousness, therefore Xia Tian is willing to help him. Em.” Zhao Long saw firmly from the Xia Tian look, he did not have to say anything again, in his heart had the decision, after today, Xia Tian was his big brother, Xia Tian said that any he listened to anything. Xia Tian Zhao Long arrived at the abandoning oil refinery in Jiang Hai City Southern District. Xia Tian just arrived here, opens the X-Ray Vision eye, is observing the surrounding situation, he does not dare to have slight careless, the match is Jiang Tianshu, he will not play a card according to the repertoire absolutely, if Jiang Tianshu has not grasped, will not ask him to come.

You carefully.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Here everywhere is the oil taste, although here is abandons, but these comparatively thick oil at the bottom have, moreover before here, is the state-owned enterprise, therefore nobody dares to come to steal here these comparatively thick oil at the bottom. Before they arrive at the front door, afterward Xia Tian has shoved open that iron gate. The dim light bulb has illuminated this worn out warehouse. Elder brother!” Aaron!” When they go, sound that heard two calling for help, is Zhao Long Little Sister Zhao Jiajia and their parents, at this time their three people were closed in a basket, the below of basket is a packing container, in the packing container completely is the poisonous snake. If they fall down, that certainly will bite to death by the poisonous snake. Above is tying up with the thick string, but the terminal of thick string is standing several people, a Xia Tian old friend. Hu Fangye. Xia Tian, we met.” Hu Fangye is only one sits the person there, his body advance party more than ten individuals, these more than ten are encircling him personally in the middle, obviously to prevent Xia Tian sneak attacks. Hu Fangye, how you do not know the lesson, I had many time can kill you, but I have kept your life, I think that you were a smart person, what a pity.” Xia Tian had not said that however his meaning has transmitted passes.

I know that you are very fierce, but you cannot fight Jiang Shao, I choose to support Jiang Shao.” Hu Fangye does not think that Xia Tian is the Jiang Tianshu match, because he knows that the Jiang Tianshu true status, the Hidden Sect person, what Hidden Sect is exists? The country they do not pay attention. Xia Tian is strong, is impossible to fight Hidden Sect. You did not fear that I have killed you? Jiang Tianshu in Jiang Hai City, he cannot guarantee you now.” Xia Tian looks at Hu Fangye to say. You did not have the opportunity, Jiang Shao promises me, allowing me to enter Hidden Sect, I continued to be old I with you to walk, here gave you.” Hu Fangye contemptuously looked at Xia Tian. This was he knew after fierce of Xia Tian, first time looked at Xia Tian with this vision. He felt at this time was too crisp, his unexpectedly can contemptuously look at Xia Tian, this made him too excited, Xia Tian of that being insufferably arrogant, one can only visit him to leave helplessly. You did not fear that I do begin now?” Xia Tian a little does not do clearly, actually this Hu Fangye is where self-confidence. Xia Tian, I know you to be fierce, but you have now killed me, that basket will directly fall down, does not believe you to try.” Hu Fangye smile looks at Xia Tian, present's feeling was really too crisp, crisp he a little does not want to leave. Good, you have won, I do not dare to kill you.” Xia Tian helpless saying, what no matter Hu Fangye said is really or false, he does not dare to bet. Zhao Long continuously in behind static looks that he was looking actually to use any means to rescue his family member. Xia Tian, before Jiang Shao lets I walk, give you a big present, he said that this big ritual you will certainly like.” A Hu Fangye face smiling face looks at Xia Tian saying: My on hand switch, so long as according to this switch, the gate of that basket will open, the place that I sit now has mechanism, so long as you stand in the above five seconds, by that basket will present the ladder, inside person can run away from the ladder.” Listens to be very simple.” Xia Tian light saying.

Right? Forgot to tell you, after I left, you had ten seconds of consideration opportunities, I left this stool, the previous string automatically will drop, after ten seconds, they will fall into the snake nest, moreover you were so fierce, certainly discovered that surrounding bomb, these bombs were the automatic detonations, after I left this stool, 30 seconds, here will vanish into thin air.” Hu Fangye excited saying, he knows that all these are side Jiang Shao that Yu He study, he simply admires the brain of Yu He now, each point has the creativity: Was right, forgot to tell you, here a while will catch fire.” Moreover makes Xia Tian fall into, absolutely does not have the means. Naturally, Xia Tian has also been able to choose leaves here directly, but this also in Yu He is expected. Good ruthless scheme.” Xia Tian started to admire Jiang Tianshu. Such poisonous scheme he can think, he looked, Jiang Tianshu wanted him to choose own life or the loyalty, if chose the loyalty, that brought death, did not go unable to pass with own conscience, making oneself guilty. I also thought that is a good scheme.” Hu Fangye excited saying. „Above yeah, Zhao Long, goes, prepares to meet your family member.” Xia Tian light saying. Elder Brother Tian, you?” Zhao Long also heard the meaning of Hu Fangye. I make you go quickly.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Zhao Long has not been obedient Xia Tian to be so loud with him speaks, immediately stares, but he responded afterward, he knows now is not deep love between man and woman time, he climbed up in the distance his father's recent that packing container directly.