Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 426

Jiang Tianshu set a simplest problem to Xia Tian. The fish and bear's paws cannot have both. He must look is Xia Tian chooses itself to maintain life, rescues Zhao Long one. This game was too interesting, I am really good to anticipate that what a pity Jiang Shao does not make me look at the result.” Although Hu Fangye does not understand the meaning of Jiang Shao, but he is willing to listen to the Jiang Shao words. You should better never probably make me see you again, I certainly will not let next time off your.” Xia Tian saw that Hu Fangye that the appearance that owes to punch does not hit one on the air/Qi. Xia Tian, the game started.” Hu Fangye today was really too happy, he can play jokes upon Xia Tian finally. Hu Fangye stands up, his these under also walk toward the back door with him, after five seconds. Bang! Hu Fangye position fire. Bang. Fire unceasing ignition, Xia Tian knows one cannot hesitate, he must the strategic place, crash in that fire. Fish and bear's paws I want.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, silver needle fast inserting on oneself, he silver needle inserts all evades above the hot hole on oneself directly. Elder Brother Tian!” Zhao Long sees Xia Tian clashes, the tears flow. Zhao Jiajia is also class that the tears keep, she has also cursed Xia Tian before, she has not thought final critical moment unexpectedly is Xia Tian in going all out of saves them. Xia Tian broke in the flame directly, his hand according to above the button, the both feet stepped on first afterward on mechanism. Ka! The basket opened, moreover under the basket that ladder slowly is also rising.

Five seconds. So long as Xia Tian insisted that five seconds, he succeeded. Lying trough.” Xia Tian can only feel hotly, although he used the silver needle to prick has evaded the hot hole, the body cannot by the flame be ignited, but he only then the right hand could not feel the flame the ignition pain. Because his right hand adapted, but his body has not adapted. He can only feel the heat and painful. Elder Brother Tian!” Zhao Long shouts loudly. Go away, a bit faster leave.” Xia Tian angry shouting, he did not have the time to waste with them now, oneself only take five seconds, these five seconds of after pasts, he was free. Five seconds, these five seconds are usually quick, but Xia Tian actually feels now these five seconds very long. Three! Four! Five! Lying trough!” Xia Tian directly flushed, he is running, he feels his heat, incomparable person, but he just ran to remember the proper business, Zhao Long and his family member have not run. He ran. Elder Brother Tian, you are all right.” Saw Xia Tian to come back, Zhao Long pleasantly surprised saying, he one did not pay attention a moment ago, the Xia Tian person did not have, he also thinks that the Xia Tian back burnt. Has the bomb, moreover here is the oil, run.” Xia Tian pulls up Zhao Jiajia, mother who pulls up Zhao Jiajia runs to outside, Zhao Long is also studying the Xia Tian appearance, pulls up the father to run to outside.

This completely is running of taking to one's heels. When Xia Tian they run close more than 100 meters, the following abandoning fuel depot exploded. Now Xia Tian could not control that many, he lay down on the ground directly, he was too tired, in that five seconds in the fire treating, consumed up his almost all Inner Strength and Spiritual Force, was good because had that strange stone to help him supplement Spiritual Force a moment ago, otherwise he early collapsed. Even if has that strange stone help, his Inner Strength and strength cannot supplement, moreover his final running, was made his stamina overdraw a moment ago greatly. Elder Brother Tian, are you how is it?” Zhao Long goes forward to say hurriedly. Do not bump me, making me lie down a meeting, I felt that I must hang.” Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath, ignition feeling the little reduction, is being the present is still very painful. Little brother, too thanks you today, your words, our families ended.” The Zhao Long father does not know how should describe his gratitude to the Xia Tian. Zhao Long, delivers your parents to leave, I cannot move temporarily.” Xia Tian said. We send you to the hospital.” The Zhao Long father said hurriedly. Father, you and mother you goes back first, I look after Elder Brother Tian here.” Zhao Long consoles saying that he knows many gratitude this time Xia Tian have turned a deaf ear, moreover he does not think that multi- Xia Tian said too many Xie Word. Xia Tian for their one, that was breaknecking a moment ago, this is not, was not how much money that Xie Word can express can trade. Elder brother, I do not walk.” Zhao Jiajia said hurriedly. You and father and mother go back together.” The Zhao Long persuasion said. He is also friend of mine, I also asked him to eat meal.” Zhao Jiajia very unyielding saying. Aaron, lets your Little Sister and you in this, you also well have to take care, heavy that your mother frightens, I led your mother to go home first.” The Zhao Long father is quite reasonable, he also understands that Xia Tian dares to crash in the fire to save their this people a moment ago, definitely not for money, to not let them said Xie Word. Zhao Long and Zhao Jiajia like this sit in the Xia Tian side, has not spoken.

After five minutes. You, hold me to leave this, the police one should arrive, I do not want to annoy troublesome.” Xia Tian does not think that is following these police, although he telephones to solve the problem, the strength that but he continually telephones now did not have. Thinks of the cell phone, the Xia Tian feeling is not suddenly good, oneself a moment ago ran from the fire the cell phone and wallet flies probably. shit, father's cell phone and wallet.” Xia Tian depressed saying: Right now tomorrow also will have the matter to do.” Elder Brother Tian, I will help you buy tomorrow newly.” Zhao Long said. Yeah, I such have sentiment time, accompanied my several months, will experience big or medium campaign dozens, unexpectedly is burnt down.” Xia Tian sighs with emotion, he experiences that many fights, the cell phone has not gone bad, has not thought that final cell phone unexpectedly is such dead. Zhao Jiajia extraordinary has not talked back with Xia Tian, if before this, she must say Xia Tian to be mean-spirited, because of the cell phone as, was this time she is very honest. Was right, you help me flip my Zuo Douli thing also.” Xia Tian has remembered that three bracelets. Zhao Jiajia in the Xia Tian left side, her hand touched directly in the Xia Tian pocket, this touched, has put out three bracelets directly: Quite attractive.” The women like this type of thing inborn, when Zhao Jiajia saw these three bracelets was charmed completely. They are all right well, puts.” Xia Tian light saying. Your here has three, can deliver me one?” Asking of Zhao Jiajia face anticipation. „It is not good, these three will be my future wife.” Xia Tian very earnest saying, he just said that the eye took a fast look around a person's shadow: Zhao Long, holds him.”