Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 427

Hears the Xia Tian sound, Zhao Long gets rid instantaneously, he fires into there following the Xia Tian vision directly. Bang! They fight directly. Fool, hits his below plate.” Xia Tian saw that Zhao Long and enemy fight, shouts directly. Hears the prompt of Xia Tian, the Zhao Long direct attack to the below plate of opposite party, the Zhao Long skill background is good, but does not have the famous teacher director, otherwise is a skilled person. The below plate of attack opposite party Zhao Long keeps, after ten moves, he seizes directly the opposite party. On him definitely has the camera, looks to me.” Xia Tian knows that this person is certainly photographing surreptitiously, Jiang Tianshu wants through the situation that this comes to see the scene, Xia Tian to evade the fire the matter unable to make anybody know absolutely that Zhao Long and the others had not discovered. Especially Jiang Tianshu. Found.” Zhao Long has turned out the camera from that person of pocket. Detains to me him.” Xia Tian light saying. Zhao Long has detained that person. You cannot move me, I am the Jiang Shao person.” That person does not know Xia Tian, therefore he dares in Xia Tian surface premise Jiang Shao. „Don't you know the person who Jiang Shao in your mouth is I must kill?” A Xia Tian silver needle pricked in his head. „Have you killed him?” Zhao Jiajia looks puzzled to Xia Tian.

No, I have just erased the memory of his part.” Xia Tian is not bloody, often kills people, he just does not hope that this person passes on the news. Elder Brother Tian, how this does process?” Zhao Long looks the camera in own hand asked. First is taking, one will burn it.” Xia Tian did not dare casually to throw, or has pounded, the present science and technology is so developed, who knows that has had other means copy to come out again. Their three quick in rental car, after riding the rental car, they rush to the Xia Tian home, here is away from the Xia Tian family not to be near, Xia Tian family north Jiang Hai City, therefore they rode the long-term car(riage). On the vehicle, the Xia Tian whole body is uncomfortable. You by lie down a meeting on me.” Zhao Jiajia saw the illness of Xia Tian body, said hurriedly. Xia Tian not polite, by fell asleep on Zhao Jiajia's body directly. His these days consumption was really too big, he had not obtained the good rest, even if were Heaven Absolute Wake is not the invincible merit law, slept anything to restore, although before , when his strength was low can restore, but Heaven Absolute Wake looked like an energy supplements to stand to be the same, the energy that he can restore was 10, before the Xia Tian strength was low, the energy that only needed to restore was 1, therefore felt that Heaven Absolute Wake sleep woke up, stamina and Inner Strength and so in restored, but now the Xia Tian strength is 100, therefore present he fundamentally to restore on Inner Strength on the impossible use rest.. Xia Tian truly was too recently busy, the continual war, wound did not have. Moreover immediately must carry on the district to compete. Lies down is very comfortable on Zhao Jiajia's body, Xia Tian has fallen quickly asleep, sees like baby who Xia Tian rests sweet, Zhao Jiajia and Zhao Long have not gone to disturb him. Zhao Jiajia has stared at Xia Tian to look on this that her cannot find out a ordinary man, why had that courage to crash in that flaming flame to save them a moment ago, although afterward there curled up the dust, making them unable to see inside situation. However dares, for one group of not familiar people crash in the flame, this is the need big courage.

It can be said that Zhao Jiajia from knowing Xia Tian that day, he does not have what favorable impression to Xia Tian, because Xia Tian gives her to show the way blindly, afterward also made her please eat meal, although money finally is the Xia Tian junction, but this itself makes her feel not to be feeling well. The previous her elder brother said that Xia Tian has the graciousness of life-saving to her elder brother, therefore she has not continued to feel embarrassed Xia Tian, but she is still repugnant Xia Tian. But today, she could be said as to the view of Xia Tian has a new look completely. Sometimes, a matter can change others to your view, Xia Tian is so, when he fires into the flame, the Zhao Long family knows one have owed Xia Tian favour for a lifetime. Vehicle slowly is opening. Elder Brother Tian, awakes, went to the place.” Zhao Long pushing gently awakes Xia Tian. „.” Xia Tian has gone down the car(riage) slowly, after the rest, his stamina restored some. „Do you live in this?” Zhao Jiajia's puzzled asking, her vision took a fast look around, she can determine that here is Jiang Hai City is poorest, the most backward place, she is very difficult to imagine, Xia Tian unexpectedly walks from here. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, the front door of his family was fixed, it seems like it is Xu Laopai person cultivates, but Xu handles matters very clearly, he has not made the person exchange, but continues with old cultivation. Because he knows, if Xia Tian wants to change the good environment, had already traded, reason that he has treated here , because remembers past times, therefore Xu never independently decides to add any thing for here. Xu will come every day personally, if he has the matter to send a trustworthy person to have a look, before here these beverage bottles child and liquor had been tidied up by him, has only left behind several bottles of nice wines. Xia Tian most appreciates Xu is also this point, he has any matter, Xu can help him complete. Enters the room to sit.” Xia Tian is quite hospitable.

Xia Tian entered the first matter of room to get up to the father has burnt a joss stick. Zhao Jiajia and Zhao Long look that the Xia Tian movement has not spoken, they know that person should be the Xia Tian father, but they have not seen the Xia Tian mother. Therefore they guessed in the heart that Xia Tian is an orphan. Elder Brother Tian, after my life, is your.” Zhao Long to the first few words that Xia Tian spoke. Wrong, your life is your, in your family also has the father and mother, filial is filial they, like me, do not think that filial does not have the opportunity.” Xia Tian said that here time somewhat were also moved. No, Elder Brother Tian, if no you, our died, this for a lifetime cannot pay off regarding me.” Zhao Long very firm saying. Was good, I knew your sincerity.” Xia Tian has not rejected: „Outside you one will go to hide, I estimated that tonight my family this was peaceful, Jiang Tianshu my situation he has not been is impossible to give up, moreover nearby my family will frequently present some people, you one will see one, did but actually one to me.” Good!” Zhao Long very earnest nod of: Little Sister, you look after good Elder Brother Tian.” Em!” Zhao Jiajia nodded. After Zhao Long walks, hid directly, what Zhao Jiajia started to keep was the Xia Tian massage. „Are you doing? Like this, your elder brother also outside.” Xia Tian hurried retreat.