Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 428

What do you think? I just want to give you to massage.” Zhao Jiajia shouting deceived by the Xia Tian words, moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly was protecting his upper body, probably was he must be been how same by whom. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, Zhao Jiajia can only give him two characters, shameless. „Do you want to do? I told you, I was not that person.” Xia Tian looks at Zhao Jiajia vigilantly. I cursed your this to open mouth rottenly.” Zhao Jiajia's words had not said that was covered the mouth by Xia Tian, Xia Tian grasped Zhao Jiajia's body directly, a hand places on Zhao Jiajia's mouth, because another hand the inertia has placed Zhao Jiajia's upper body. Zhao Jiajia whole person was shocked, she has not thought that Xia Tian will have such big response, what is most essential was Xia Tian hand unexpectedly has placed her upper body. I asked you, do not curse me, I now am half deceased person, you cursed me again, I will die.” Xia Tian pants for breath was saying that his most flourishing time can feel Zhao Jiajia's curse, that say nothing of now. Zhao Jiajia nodded, she had also discovered before she cursed the person, sometimes very worked, but she had not been serious. Now a Xia Tian such saying, she knows that her curse possibly really has that little ability. Shouted!” Sees Zhao Jiajia to nod, Xia Tian relaxed, loosened Zhao Jiajia's mouth. „Can you let loose my upper body?” Zhao Jiajia's awkward saying, Xia Tian a moment ago possibly was extremely at the tense matter, effort that very therefore his hand grasped. Volume.” Xia Tian then realized own unexpectedly has grabbed Zhao Jiajia's upper body. He thinks of here, hand unexpectedly grasps, lets loose. Zhao Jiajia can feel before Xia Tian finally independently that grasps, she knows that Xia Tian certainly is intentionally, thinks of here, she wishes one could to a Xia Tian foot, but she has thought Xia Tian saves their family time runs to the scene in flame. Thinks of here, she has not put one's foot down, but looked at Xia Tian one: You are lying down, I help you press, usually at home I always help my mother press.” „.” Xia Tian nodded, how some people help to massage him possibly to reject. Really does not leave Xia Tian to expect, less than ten minutes, out of the door of Xia Tian presented the fighting sound, Xia Tian looked a moment ago, although the Zhao Long background was good, but the strength was only the Yellow Grade intermediate stage.

However Xia Tian guessed that Jiang Tianshu will not send any Expert to come absolutely, moreover person who he temporarily finds certainly in Jiang Hai City. Therefore the strength of this group of people should not be high. Moreover his making oblique charges has been preparing, so long as Zhao Long has the danger he to shoot. At this time he lies in the window, looks that Zhao Long fights outside. „Won't my brother have the danger?” Zhao Jiajia can also see outside fight. Which then to, me estimated that tonight will have no less than ten native of Poland appearances.” Xia Tian very optional saying. My brother is very dangerous.” Zhao Jiajia was worried. Zhao Long, do you go against cannot withstand? Wants me to call the person.” After Xia Tian hears Zhao Jiajia's words, is shouting to Zhao Long. Absolutely does not have the issue.” The Zhao Long response said that this is the first matter that Xia Tian makes him handle, he does not allow to have any mistake absolutely, if he made Xia Tian call the person, that this was to his ability does not believe. Therefore he will not agree absolutely Xia Tian called the person. „, You hit, some people.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Xia Tian like this lies on the window sees a play, sometimes also exits to direct two. After the direction of Xia Tian, Zhao Long felt one in unceasing promotion, he to following that several fought also more and more has the confidence. Hey, what you hit is enough fierce, words that but you such hit, quick that your stamina can vanish, moreover you breathe the disorder, without the rule, looked that has not practiced any authentic Inner Strength.” Xia Tian shouts to Zhao Long: You start to breathe three now long one short, do not make the air/Qi divulge, making the air/Qi walk one to come out in within the body again.” Em.” Zhao Long knows that Xia Tian this is instructing his Inner Strength, hurriedly said according to Xia Tian does. What your said is Inner Strength in drama series? I also try.” Zhao Jiajia's excited saying.

You continue to knock your, your elder brother has the Inner Strength background, therefore he can learn, your anything does not have, making you practice you also to practice for a lifetime cannot.” The Xia Tian reminder said. „.” Zhao Jiajia's suffering from injustice saying. That night, Zhao Long altogether to fighting 13 natives of Poland, a strongest person strength is also the Yellow Grade intermediate stage. Zhao Jiajia knocked is knocking is lying on the body of Xia Tian falls asleep. A Zhao Long night has not closed the eyes, but he will discover next morning with amazement own unexpectedly broke through, Zhao Long knows that this is Xia Tian to his direction, direction in that wrap breath law and fight. Actually Xia Tian helps Zhao Long are not many, although the Zhao Long strength is the Yellow Grade intermediate stage, but between he and Advanced only then the distance of such paper, but he does not know how should pierce this paper. He pierced that paper after the direction of Xia Tian. After second Tiantian is bright, again also nobody came to Xia Tian here. Zhao Long also wants to protect Xia Tian in this, but had been rejected by Xia Tian, Xia Tian Xu the telephone has given him, making him have the time to go with Little Fei and Fan Jin compares notes. You are my~ oh my big apple~. „The police spend the elder sister, did you think me?” Thinks that your big end of ghost, said a matter to you.” Has the reward?” No.” That does not listen.” Good, what do you want to reward?”

Dear my.” You have a dream.” I kiss you good one.” Does not help to knock it off.” Was good, was good, you said.” I want to participate in the district to compete.” But you to firearms anything is not familiar, moreover you absolutely do not have the means to control your present strength, how you participate.” You help me, for these days I lived in your, you trained me.” What? Lives in my this, can be too quick? My God, the happiness came suddenly.” All day in your head thinks is anything, I live in your, under your residence.” After Lin Bingbing has hung up the telephone, catches up to Xia Tian here, Xia Tian reorganized wound, has tidied then up, after yesterday's matter, he decided not to play with fire randomly, although evaded the hot hole to help him avoid the flame, but these temperatures still, his body that several original manuscripts wanted the wound in seal, in formidable the barometric pressure by the fire was collapsed. After a half hour, Lin Bingbing arrived, she has not worn the police uniform today, but has put on sportswear, obviously to train to prepare. Xia Tian sees Lin Bingbing time, had determined a matter, that is beauty, regardless of puts on anything to be beautiful.