Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 429

„The police spend the elder sister, have you thought me?” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at Lin Bingbing to say. Thinks your big end of ghost.” Lin Bingbing frowns to say. I have also been thinking you, I gave you to prepare the gift.” Xia Tian has put out a bracelet from own pocket directly. Lin Bingbing thinks Xia Tian just jokes with her, but sees that bracelet in Xia Tian hand time, her vision was attracted to pass completely, which woman without can not like the so fine bracelet. Even if Lin Bingbing usually seems cold Bingbing, but she is also a woman, her hand took directly to the bracelet in Xia Tian hand. I put on to you.” How Xia Tian possibly misses such good opportunity, his hand grabbed the hand of Lin Bingbing directly, the hand of Lin Bingbing is very slippery, is very soft, this feel is very good. His gently wore the bracelet in the hand of Lin Bingbing. At this moment, Lin Bingbing happy hearts, look at Xia Tian her helpless shaking the head of suddenly, if Xia Tian is not that unfaithful, perhaps she also really will move. „The police spend the elder sister, saw among the bead bracelets.” Xia Tian has referred to the bead. Em.” Lin Bingbing nodded. This bracelet can protect your one time passively, after using one time, the bead color on bracelet will change pale, after changing spiritual energy between pale, bracelet active uptake world, when the time comes will protect you once more.” Xia Tian is Lin Bingbing is explaining the function of bracelet. Is so fierce.” Lin Bingbing surprised looks that own bracelet said. That is natural, how I possibly give you an ordinary gift.” Xia Tian self-satisfied saying. Thanks.” Lin Bingbing likes Xia Tian giving her gift very much, in the matter after beforehand Tomb General, she has regarded as Xia Tian is she best friend, is that blue face friend.

Therefore she will not reject the Xia Tian gift. She has not thought Xia Tian unexpectedly such has a mind, goes to Hong Kong to make mission the time gives back to her to buy a gift. Was good, this gift delivered, delivered the weapon that you almost wanted me to assign again.” Xia Tian took the fire dragon dagger, this fire dragon dagger is he hides from Wen Ya there. Although the fire dragon dagger is the good thing, but he had the [gold/metal] blade, therefore he planned that gives Lin Bingbing the fire dragon dagger, he believes that Lin Bingbing needs this fire dragon dagger compared with him. Lin Bingbing heard Xia Tian saying that almost wanted his life, her deeping frown. Launches to me the brow, my this is not lives well!” Xia Tian knows that Lin Bingbing was worried for oneself. You, why go all out each time, you do not know that some people will be worried about you?” Lin Bingbing serious looks at Xia Tian to say. Good, the police have spent the elder sister to be worried for me.” Xia Tian laughs was saying. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, Lin Bingbing helpless shaking the head of: You are I best friend, how I possibly am not worried about you.” Xia Tian has not gone to any friend who paid attention to Lin Bingbing to say. Happy, Xia Tian has put out a blockhead, then cut with the fire dragon dagger above the blockhead. ! The blockhead cut off directly, knife is sharp.

However stranger appeared, on the blockhead unexpectedly braved the smoke, Lin Bingbing to look at the blockhead with own eyes being on fire. This is any thing!” Lin Bingbing whole face inconceivable looks at the fire dragon dagger in Xia Tian hand. False Spirit Tool, the Earth Grade Expert weapon, I think that you should understand meaning that now Earth Grade Expert represents, therefore usually do not make this expose the weapon, will otherwise certainly cause others' coveting.” The Xia Tian very earnest reminder said that he usually sees Lin Bingbing time is smiling, but now he is very serious. „It is not good, this thing was too precious, I cannot want.” Lin Bingbing understands Earth Grade Expert terroristly, understands meaning that Earth Grade Expert represents, she knows this thing, since is the Earth Grade Expert weapon, that naturally is precious serious, can be said as the priceless treasure. Taking.” Xia Tian holds up the hand of Lin Bingbing, has given Lin Bingbing the fire dragon dagger: My is your.” Sees the Xia Tian appearance, Lin Bingbing turned thousand overlapping waves at heart, she understands that this thing was Xia Tian trades absolutely with the life, but Xia Tian the thing that will use the life to trade will actually have given to her: „It is not good, I cannot want.” I make you take you to take, takes it, we are starting to train.” In the Xia Tian look has written all over firmly, Lin Bingbing could see, if she does not accept, Xia Tian has delivered. This Lin Bingbing has not rejected. Your strength must come through my within the body blood variation, has given you all of a sudden such big strength, you are unable to control, this probably 1 million is the same to a five -year-old child, how therefore I must teach you to utilize your strength now.” Xia Tian looks at Lin Bingbing earnest saying. Xia Tian planned that teaches since the foundation, the Lin Bingbing biggest shortcoming is the foundation difference. We study the attack first.” Xia Tian assumed the posture, Lin Bingbing has also studied the Xia Tian appearance to assume the posture. Ha! Xia Tian fights with the fists, is this fist, has affected the wound and five main internal organs (entrails) directly.

! A blood coughs from the Xia Tian mouth. You how?” Lin Bingbing very anxious looks to Xia Tian. I am all right, we continue.” Xia Tian beckoned with the hand to say. You added are all right, you coughed up blood.” Lin Bingbing wants to support by the arm Xia Tian, but Xia Tian has shoved open Lin Bingbing extraordinarily. We continue, I teach you first one set of simple fist technique.” Xia Tian knows own wound has not imagined is so light, this time not only received the flesh wound, but also received the internal injury. Was held by Wen Ya continually two blades, then to save others broke in the flame kernel, this let his wound aggravation. Do not teach, I do not study, I.” Lin Bingbing then discovered that the Xia Tian state of mind is not good. How can not study, how can also, this is your dream, I will certainly help your.” Xia Tian patted the shoulder of Lin Bingbing saying that afterward he knocked out the fist once more, his each dozen of fists, felt that on own body transmitted a severe pain, but he, for did not make Lin Bingbing be worried, therefore he was enduring actually, has not made noise. Looks that Xia Tian shadowboxes there, flowing that Lin Bingbing nose acid, the tears do not make every effort to succeed, she could look, the Xia Tian physical condition was not very good, on the present Xia Tian forehead is the sweat, she understands that Xia Tian was certainly afraid her to be worried, therefore intentionally was enduring the severe pain. How you have cried, who bullied you, told me, I helped you exit.” Xia Tian sees Lin Bingbing to cry, ran over hurriedly. He he!” Lin Bingbing sees the Xia Tian appearance, smiled, she felt that Xia Tian really quite silly, received very heavy wound obviously, but must run over to care about her.