Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 430

Has smiled, the police spend elder sister to smile really attractively.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at Lin Bingbing to say. Your Ah! never has any sad matter probably.” Lin Bingbing has stopped the tears. Has, how I was worrying to make the police spend the elder sister a moment ago to be happy.” Xia Tian serious saying. Your wound what's the matter?” Lin Bingbing doubts looked that asked to Xia Tian. What you said is which place?” Xia Tian very optional saying, his wound was incarnadine the clothes at this moment, saw that the body of Xia Tian has bled, Lin Bingbing ran hurriedly. Took off the clothes.” Lin Bingbing looks at Xia Tian to shout. „The police spend the elder sister, you must do, we develop was also too quick, I had to accept after checking unable to bear.” The Xia Tian expression installs looks like very much. I have not joked with you, took off the clothes, I give to wrap up.” Lin Bingbing moved toward in the Xia Tian room, she knows that in the Xia Tian room has, oneself went to the Xia Tian room to take the gauze and liquid disinfectant, she came out, saw that Xia Tian also stood there, has not taken off the clothes. Escapes, otherwise I help you come.” Lin Bingbing very serious saying. Xia Tian has to escape, what he puts on is the white T-shirt, extended the arm directly to take off. When he takes off the clothes, the Lin Bingbing whole person was shocked, she stands there looks that Xia Tian a few words have not said that she hates her father since childhood, why gets rid of itself and mother. By a oneself complete family, not having been made the person bully, but she afterward saw Xia Tian time, felt that Xia Tian and she is almost miserable, but she knows now, she withstands absolutely does not have compared with the means with Xia Tian. Looks at Xia Tian scar, her tears flowed. „The police spend the elder sister, how you cried.” Xia Tian dances with joy immediately.

Lin Bingbing has not spoken, her hand has placed the body of Xia Tian, her hand touches Xia Tian scar, the body of Xia Tian has 32 stature bullet holes, knife wound 18. Sees these wounds time, Lin Bingbing inexplicable feeling sad. „Are you big this year?” Lin Bingbing asked. Quick 18.” Xia Tian light saying. 18 -year-old, you are only 18 -year-old, actually have you experienced what?” Actually Lin Bingbing is not really able to imagine on the body of Xia Tian has had any matter, he is only 18 years old, others when this age, but also is following the girlfriend everywhere, but the body of Xia Tian has actually written all over the different experiences. I was just some me to think that was worth me doing.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he thinks that is worth him handling the matter that to be very simple, that is the person who protects him to protect. But you this year 18.” Lin Bingbing looks at Xia Tian saying that her present very has mixed feelings. She has remembered previous time in the experience of Tomb General, Xia Tian, for she was almost killed by that big corpse. „It is not small, can marry.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at Lin Bingbing, his smiling face is very chaste, in his smiling face, Lin Bingbing feels very serenely. The hand of Lin Bingbing has placed that scar of Xia Tian chest, here is keeping the blood, on the arm, she can look, these two wounds are new: You recently how injured?” „If the normal wound, has almost been better, but that Fire Cloud dagger on your hand has the hot attribute, therefore heals to need some time.” Xia Tian answered. Hears here time, actually Lin Bingbing knows her Fire Cloud dagger preciously. In of Xia Tian chest, almost pricked his heart very much obviously, the opposite party absolutely was not softhearted, but was Xia Tian, when was most essential has shunted, otherwise Xia Tian now is a deceased person.

Although only then that small disparity, but sometimes life and death in that space. Is Earth Grade Expert?” Lin Bingbing asked. No, is my first love girlfriend.” Xia Tian light saying. First love girlfriend, why, even if bid good-bye, is insufficient?” Lin Bingbing very puzzled looked that asked to Xia Tian. She hated me to destroy her happiness.” Xia Tian said. Fact?” Lin Bingbing is clear, Xia Tian absolutely is not that person, in this has certainly the secret facts. She bids good-bye with me because of Xu Shaocong, Xu Shaocong must kill me, what to do did you say me should? Then she also has Wen Zhaohua they to mix up with Hu Fangye, you should know that I and Hu Fangye between them contradiction deep, they assassinate me and my family member at least over ten times.” Xia Tian one continued saying: Xu Shaocong was rushed to outside area by me, Wen Zhaohua is turned into the fool by me, but I have actually rescued his life, Hu Fangye I had put him, but he almost killed Zhao Long their family yesterday, you said that I do have the mistake?” You not wrong.” Lin Bingbing very affirmative saying, she hears that several person names that Xia Tian said time, understood, these people are some second generations of rich and any Jianghai four young masters. These people little have usually not done misdemeanor. Her how possible wound you?” Lin Bingbing very puzzled asking, she does not believe an average person can injure Xia Tian. I did not know her cultivation anything, but I can affirm her even if now can also kill facing Profound Grade late stage Expert easily, when I facing her, I felt that my body was uncontrolled, her hatred even affected my spirit.” Xia Tian answered. How do you win her?” Lin Bingbing asked again. I have a secret weapon, therefore I defeated her.” Xia Tian answered.

Finally? Have you killed her?” Lin Bingbing most curious is this issue. I snatched her fire dragon dagger.” Xia Tian mischievous smiles. I know that under you are not cruel enough Assassins.” Lin Bingbing knows that the Xia Tian temperament, how he possibly begins to the woman. Idle talk also chatted, I taught you some skills, when the time comes went to the district to compete you also to help me, I currently not only have the internal injury, and had the flesh wound, moreover my previous time also offended that is specially the Operations Office department head and Ye, they will certainly make a show.” Xia Tian knows that this group of people are impossible law-abiding. I help you first in the wound wrap.” Lin Bingbing knows that liquid disinfectant has not needed, therefore she takes up the gauze directly, patient gang Xia Tian wraps up. After ten minutes, the wound wrapped up. Was good, I planned that trains you with a new way.” Xia Tian looked that said to Lin Bingbing, he thought the words effect of such training is very bad, therefore he planned that with the actual combat drill Lin Bingbing, drills like his master Yin Nie his time. I have prepared.” Lin Bingbing very earnest saying. Xia Tian has not spoken, under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step dodges, arrived at the Lin Bingbing side directly, fought with the fists to the head of Lin Bingbing.