Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 431
When Xia Tian rushes to front of Lin Bingbing, frightened Lin Bingbing one, Xia Tian has fought with the fists to her forehead, when the fist of Xia Tian hit immediately in the forehead of Lin Bingbing, he all diverged the strength, afterward touching gently in the head of Lin Bingbing. You, were too not careful that we started, you attack me, did not need to be afraid injures me.” Although Xia Tian was injured, but his present stamina is good. I came.” Although Lin Bingbing on the mouth said that but kept a bottom line at heart, so long as she noticed that the Xia Tian situation is not good, immediately receives the hand. After Lin Bingbing variation, her strength and speed promoted completely. Flash that the preparation begins, her fist hit to the body of Xia Tian, but she has actually avoided the Xia Tian wound. Bang! Two fingers of Xia Tian relaxed shoves open the fist of Lin Bingbing. „Are you fear injure me? Not only goes round my wound intentionally, but also the strength also weakened these many continually.” Xia Tian earnest looked that continues to say to Lin Bingbing: Your such words can never progress, I make you leave fully, attacks you to think that the best attack place, does not need to be worried about me, I may not have you to imagine is so frail.” But your wound.” Lin Bingbing is worried about the Xia Tian wound. You , if not leave fully, my oneself rip open their wound.” Xia Tian serious saying. Good, you are careful.” Lin Bingbing can only nod, she also is really afraid Xia Tian to rip the wound, he understands that Xia Tian such does for her, therefore she cannot disappoint Xia Tian. Lin Bingbing starts to attack fully. Although her speed is quick, but Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is nemesis of quick speed, therefore Xia Tian seems the idle courtyard, if step. As for her strength, Xia Tian is not afraid, so long as Xia Tian were not hit by the frontage, the issue is not big, but by the Xia Tian present body, if the frontage were hit a fist by Lin Bingbing, that may be miserable.

Xia Tian double refers to can open out the fist of Lin Bingbing each time with ease. „The police spend the elder sister, thinks, only knows the person who use strength eventually is a boorish fellow.” The Xia Tian reminder said that Lin Bingbing some excessively relied on her strength, therefore she cannot pose any threat to Xia Tian. They are this, attacks defends, the start to talk that Xia Tian keeps is directing. After having hit for several hours, after they have eaten a thing simply , to continue to start, finally to evening's time, the Lin Bingbing arm has not lifted up, she wants to lie down on the ground directly, but was prevented by Xia Tian: You, if lies down directly, your muscle will contract, then in several days perhaps you do not dare to begin.” That what to do?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. This, the back side of the mountain that has a pool, I lead you to take a bath, on the road you move, pulled open the muscle is good.” Xia Tian said. Clothes that but I have not brought changing and washing.” Lin Bingbing also felt one must take a bath, today she had many perspiration, she felt one were dirty. In my room has many clothes, I go to take one set to you.” Xia Tian said that ran in the room, took new sportswear to Lin Bingbing, before these are him, buys. Sees the clothes that Xia Tian takes, Lin Bingbing nodded. „Is the water of your back side of the mountain clean?” Under Lin Bingbing does not think that sewage pool. Knew to you.” Xia Tian mysterious smiles, afterward they walk toward the back side of the mountain, this all the way, Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing pull open own muscle together, is making exercise, while walks toward the back side of the mountain. When Lin Bingbing sees that pondlet, was very happy that he has not thought here water unexpectedly can be so limpid, moreover this small puddle probably is innate forms is the same. The present is in the evening, pondlet inside has mapped moon and star inverted image, is very attractive.

You help me look that does not permit to peep.” Lin Bingbing said with the expression of order, but she does not know that these words the attraction to the man are actually bigger, this probably is a woman by strong J time, going all out was shouting should not be a meaning. „.” Xia Tian thinks to think, but he may not dare to turn head to look, because he was afraid Lin Bingbing to be angry thoroughly pays no attention to him. Xia Tian sits on a stone, back to Lin Bingbing, but he has not walked far, because he is afraid has any peculiar circumstance. After Lin Bingbing has inspected, has untied own clothing gently, after escaping is stark naked, entered the pondlet, she used the foot to step on stepping on, probed is walking toward the basin, after she in several, discoveries was a little deep, therefore she has anchored the footsteps. Listens the underwater sound that behind is hearing, the small heart and liver of Xia Tian also to fluctuate, thinks one behind are the police spends the elder sister light the body to take a bath, Xia Tian at heart on the inexplicable excitement, he to turning head to have a liking for one, even if only one also good. But he knows that he is irretraceable, otherwise the consequence will be very miserable. He even can imagine that the police spend the appearance that elder sister acts crazy. Lin Bingbing felt that here water is very good, as if can wash off weary general, in the pondlet, she does not even want to leave, but she is washing while is paying attention to the Xia Tian sound. Now regarding her, the biggest threat is Xia Tian, she is afraid Xia Tian to turn head, therefore she has washed is very careful. The wave keeps is rippling. Lin Bingbing has not thought that this place unexpectedly also has this good place. She thinks the surroundings of Xia Tian are the factory that these abandon, but has not thought that here unexpectedly also has this environment, can find this environment the place not to be many in Jiang Hai City. The air is fresh, the current of water is limpid.

The idea of this time Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing is completely different, he may not have the thoughts to look at the scenery, does not have the thoughts to pay attention to the surrounding air and flowers and plants. In his full brain is the pictures that Lin Bingbing takes a bath. He was fantasizing unceasingly and their police spend the elder sister to take a bath together, takes a affectionate couple bath, this is the how happy matter. But he knows that he also can only think, he does not dare to go to do now, otherwise the police spent the elder sister certainly to kill him, even if could not kill him, the police spend the elder sister also to commit suicide. Yeah, the person of cruel fate.” Xia Tian felt one really quite pitiful, unexpectedly has bumped into such situation, the beauty takes a bath, oneself actually can only regard the guard. Lin Bingbing is feeling periphery the happy air, she felt that here all are very good, Shan Hao, the water is good, the person is better. At this moment, she noticed suddenly a shadow jumps over. Ah! The cry shouted together from the Lin Bingbing mouth.