Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 432
Hears sound that the police spend the elder sister, Xia Tian not slight hesitation, instantaneous turn around ran to Lin Bingbing, broke in the basin directly, hugged into Lin Bingbing the bosom, shouted loudly: Where the monstruous talent, fast come.” Present Lin Bingbing is the light, Xia Tian stands in the water, protects Lin Bingbing hurriedly after behind, Lin Bingbing is his goddess, he will not make Lin Bingbing receive any danger. Eye of Xia Tian stubbornly is staring at the front, he controls himself do not look at the body of Lin Bingbing forcefully, he is not the fellow of that taking advantage of somebody, moreover he does not hope that does not make well impression also to Lin Bingbing. Cannot visit me.” Lin Bingbing did not feel relieved that reminded one. Em!” Xia Tian hears the Lin Bingbing sound, but also does not dare to look, his eye took a fast look around, finally had found that shadow, is a fox, that fox as to drink here water, but ran away in fear by the Lin Bingbing sound a moment ago: Is a fox.” Fox? How your will here have the fox?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. I do not know, but it is well-meant, it wants to drink water a moment ago, afterward was frightened by you.” Xia Tian answered. You cannot visit me, puts down me, I washed.” Lin Bingbing was frightened by that fox, did not have the thoughts that continues to wash, moreover she was being such hugged by Xia Tian, feels is very strange, she such had not been hugged by the man, moreover in present this awkward situation. „!” Xia Tian body putting down of Lin Bingbing gently, perhaps is the fear gets a cut Lin Bingbing, he puts very lightly, the right hand dangles, afterward he stands up, right hand in Lin Bingbing has delimited with the leg on. Lin Bingbing discontented looked at Xia Tian one, although she knows that Xia Tian has no intention, but Xia Tian bumped into her a moment ago after all. Quick, Lin Bingbing came ashore, Xia Tian washed after the water directly has met also came ashore. After having taken a clear water bath, they got in Xia Tian home.

You have the wound, I rest the ground.” Lin Bingbing comes Xia Tian here cultivation, what she does not care about the lodging environment, she knows that on Xia Tian has the wound, therefore she elects on the ground, making Xia Tian live on the bed. How I possibly make the police spend the elder sister to rest the ground.” Xia Tian put out a pair of new quilt and bed sheet is Lin Bingbing spreads, has put then out one set of shop on the ground, he lay down above directly falls asleep. The following two days, Xia Tian has still not gone to attend class, Bing Xin makes two phone calls to salute, Xia Tian told him and police spends the elder sister to train together, before planning to attend the competition special to teach. Bing Xin had not asked that moreover she also felt that are unfair to Xia Tian very much very much, is the Xia Tian girlfriend, has not actually gone to accompany Xia Tian. After the two days rest, the Xia Tian wound healed basically, moreover Xia Tian discovered that pondlet unexpectedly of back side of the mountain can pick up his wound healing speed, although increased the little speed, but this has made Xia Tian very happy. Today was time of district competition, therefore Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing went to specially Operations Office together. Ye Wan already bought airplane ticket clearly, this Xia Tian changed into Lin Bingbing seven groups of another members, what in other words this time attended the district match is seven Leader and big cows, Xia Tian that Lin Bingbing, as well as leads. Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office, altogether 12 people, ten attend the competition, in addition Ye Wan is mild her secretary. This competition was different from the past, although Jiang Hai City Operations Office has not attended the oversized area match specially, but Ye Wan knew some customs clearly, although the beforehand competition the condition was also very harsh, but was one day can end the fight basically. However this competition is different, this competition does not have the time to stipulate . Moreover the place that competes is an island, the content of inspection is the island survives, moreover altogether 12 teams participate, only then a team can win. As for other, Ye Wan does not know clearly.

All must wait till the place to know. Operations Office department head is specially sensitive, recently could be said as the flower completely the thoughts, ran the leg. Elder brother, you helps younger sister time, her Ye Wan has gone clearly too far, my present face lost completely.” Ye Min looks that front Qinghai Operations Office department head said specially. Good, I help your this time, after I will call my person goes, first to kill the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person.” The Qinghai Operations Office department head looks specially these two box of cashes on table nodded. He and between the relations Ye Min are not near, although is surnamed Ye, but among them the relations are away from several generations. Reason that he is willing to get rid to help is these two box of cashes that because Ye Min brings, probably about 20 million, this is not a small number, therefore he moved. Ye Min noticed that the Qinghai Operations Office department head is willing to help specially, naturally thanked profusely, fierce of her clear Qinghai specially Operations Office, their here Expert like clouds, one of the teams hopefully winning the championship. Ye Min went to Shenzhen specially Operations Office department head there afterward. This time she sends to is not money, but is several beauty, uniform is the stars, moreover she also has given herself the opposite party, although is surnamed Ye, but among them the blood relationship almost does not have anything, person of Ye took a wife, got married, the next generation must be surnamed Ye, this is the custom. Shenzhen Operations Office strength compared with the Qinghai Operations Office difference, they even does not win specially the champion of oversized area match specially, thus it can be seen, Shenzhen specially Operations Office strength actually strong. A place that Ye Min goes to finally is Sichuan specially Operations Office, they are the previous time district match champion.

Took this Sichuan Operations Office department head, Ye it can be said that has used specially energy sensitively the thoughts, the famous name wine, famous car(riage), cash and beauty, moreover finally Ye Min also complied with the opposite party to make his one year small three. The Sichuan Operations Office department head complies with Ye Min the request specially. It can be said that for Ye Min this competition she has used energy the painstaking care: Ye Wan is clear, I must all your dead.” What sensitive here is different from Ye, Ye there also has the movement, his movement is actually not the ordinary movement, but is the safety strip, he called that several him in various greatly specially Operations Office inside undercovers, has arranged the live round to them. Although enters the island to have the inspection, but this inspection is Ye is responsible for exactly. In Hidden Sect. What? Her unexpectedly was injured.” The blue forest of Mount Hua sect hears the Wen Ya injured news, immediately is infuriated. Yeah, Wen Ya this child cruel fate, in Jiang Hai City, had played with the sentiment, she planned couple days ago goes back to reason with the opposite party, but the opposite party depends itself to know that several Expert, united one group of people actually, has made into the severe wound Wen Ya.” The expression that Tong pitiful saying, he spoke was very pitiful, resembled Wen Ya to experience any big life and death to be the same.