Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 433

Hateful, unexpectedly has this, I must kill him.” Blue forest angry saying of Mount Hua sect, Wen Ya now is his fiancee, but some unexpectedly people dare to injure Wen Ya. Moreover that person unexpectedly dares so rude and unreasonable, in his eyes Wen Ya to be a victim, is person of the feeling sorry, he must use the strongest arm to protect her. „.” Tong spoke seemingly somewhat covers up. Tong, you have anything to speak frankly, does not need to be afraid, our Mount Hua sects have not feared anyone.” The blue forest of Mount Hua sect thinks that child has always feared the opposite party, therefore speaks to cover up. Yeah, considers as finished, his behind that person we cannot stir up.” Tong sighed again, seemingly is very unwilling appearance. Tong, you said that who that person is, our Mount Hua sects have three big Earth Grade Expert, these three big Expert have the relations with me, I do not believe his backer to have my.” Blue forest very extremely arrogant saying of Mount Hua sect, he is not an ordinary disciple. Yin Nie, sword Saint Yin Nie.” Tong very reluctant saying. What? first under Heaven Swordsman Yin Nie.” The blue forest of Mount Hua sect hears this name time stares slightly, afterward deeps frown, does not know that he is thinking anything. Yeah, Wen Ya this child is the cruel fate, when my this Master does not have the skill, can only look that her was bullied.” Sighing in addition that Tong keeps shakes the head. Tong, now where is Wen Ya at?” The blue forest gained ground to ask. In the backyard recovery room, you have a look at her, she needs the person to care now.” Tong said. Em.” The blue forest nodded, then moves toward backyard. When he comes to the recovery room, has not knocked on a door, but has opened the recovery room door directly, in the recovery room Wen Ya lies on the bed, she light upper body, jade back perfect development in the front of blue forest. However the blue forest does not have the mood to appreciate the Wen Ya beautiful jade back, his vision locked on the body of Wen Ya, there everywhere was the wound, he had a dream has not thought that Wen Ya unexpectedly made into this.

Who?” Wen Ya difficult has turned the head, on her face is the tears. Xiaoya.” The blue forest ran up to the Wen Ya front. Is you.” Wen Ya saw that blue Lin said. How you will make into this!” Blue forest angry shouting. I am all right, should not be worried for me that was soon after good with me.” Wen Ya face tears looks that blue Lin said. I must revenge for you.” In the look of blue forest has been full of the anger, when he sees Wen Ya, the anger thoroughly could not control, in his eyes Wen Ya is his woman. Her woman made into this, he possibly is not how angry. Do not go, we cannot stir up his, I do not hope that you have the matter.” Wen Ya tearful eyes tearful saying. I will certainly revenge for you.” Blue forest angry saying, after he said that direct turn around leaves, this time he does not have to stop over here, but returned to the Mount Hua sects directly. After the blue forest leaves, child arrived in the sanatorium in old age. He walked.” The children arrive at the Wen Ya side in old age, his hand carries on the back to stroke in the Wen Ya jade, the tears on Wen Ya face already vanished to disappear. This fool was too easily swindled.” Wen Ya shows a faint smile. Gets up to wash, this thing is too long on the time that the body puts to the body is not good.” Tong hand greedy stroking on the body of Wen Ya, Wen Ya has not moved aside, but whatever Tong the hand keeps on her is stroking.

Master, you help me wash.” Wen Ya attracts looked that said to Tong. Tong takes off the clothing that on Wen Ya has only saved, afterward held in Wen Ya the bath barrel. This time Jiang Hai City, in a hospital. Boss, the doctor said that your arm takes a half year to be restored to health completely.” A half year? Xia Tian, I must kill you.” Li Yuan angry shouting, after his arm had broken off by Xia Tian, he went to the hospital, the doctor for his surgery, has met the arm directly, but meets, needs a half year be able to be restored to health completely. How this can not make him be angry, he lost completely the face, now the face arm needs for a long time to recover. Boss, that boy has strangely, we had not noticed how he got rid to you at that time.” Snort, no matter I he have used any method, this time I will not let off absolutely his, brings my cell phone, I must call the cousin, after my cousin came, certainly will revenge for me.” Li Yuan knows that his cousin will certainly vent anger for him, his cousin takes care of him since childhood very much, so long as heard that his was injured, his cousin comes certainly back. Cousin, my arm had been broken, the doctor said that I most little take a half year to cure, I deliberately considered that asks your does have any folk prescription.” Li Yuan had not said that directly asked the cousin to help, but was inquired that cousin there did have any formula. What? Your arm unexpectedly had been broken, who does?” Telephone that has broadcast cousin's angry voice. Cousin, all right, but had some corners of the mouth with one with the student in school.” Li Yuan said. You in Jiang Hai City? Is waiting for me, I finished the two days, went to Jiang Hai City to look for you.” The cousin said that has hung up telephone. Li Yuan knows that the cousin mentioned visits him, that prepared to get rid to help on behalf of the cousin, he believes that had the cousin to get rid to help, that Xia Tian had many lives to be insufficient.

Before Xia Tian just before leaving, has arranged the Jiang Hai City matter, making Zhao Long look for Fan Jin they to train together, moreover Xu the telephone number has given older female cousin them, making them have the matter to telephone to Xu. After riding two hours of airplane, Xia Tian they rode four hours of military all-terrain vehicle, finally but actually a helicopter, arrived in them to inspect the place finally. They come not early, is not late. When they arrive in the island, in the island came many people, they sit in the different positions in turn, was waiting for there person who has not come. These people have sized up Xia Tian their eyes, afterward did not pay attention. They will only go to once more top three that pays attention to compete, other teams do not have the least bit to relate with them, their here basic knows the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office team on nobody. In their eyes Xia Tian their this teams is a luck are just good, has rushed to the ordinary team of region match, they do not pay attention to this team. Was the Sichuan Operations Office person comes specially.” With transmitting of this sound, all people looked at to the airplane that group of people, Xia Tian they also looks to these people, when he saw these people, the whole person gawked slightly, because he saw a repugnant acquaintance.