Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 434

Sichuan specially Operations Office is the champion of previous district match, when their teams come, all people all looked to them, suddenly at the scene filled has fought intent. This is Expert team proper treatment, receives others' attention, this itself has proven their strength. However the Xia Tian vision all locked on the body of that acquaintance, that person was not others, was Operations Office department head is specially sensitive, her unexpectedly came with the Sichuan Operations Office person specially. Xia Tian understands that this was she is certainly playing any trick, the Xia Tian vision has swept the Sichuan specially Operations Office person, he knows, since Ye Min came with them together, that this group of people certainly were in cahoots. Xia Tian 11 has remembered the appearances of these people, he knows that these people over one might turn into his enemy. The Ye Wan clear brow one is also a wrinkle, she naturally knows the team that which team was, when she saw Ye Min, knows that they were certainly in cahoots, previous Xia Tian made her lose completely the face. Must retaliate by her disposition. But the Sichuan last year district first team possibly was the She duplicate tool, Ye Wan clearly very curious, actually she was how please probably move Sichuan special Department Head Operations Office, because Ye Wan has heard clearly, this fellow, liked the liquor, liked money also having the beauty wait / etc., in brief all vulgar customs did not have him not to moisten. Ye Min contemptuously looked at Ye Wan mild Xia Tian one, has not spoken, but was followed their teams directly. After a half hour, other teams one after another also arrived. In this four teams have brought to everybody's attention, was afterward. The first team is the Sichuan specially Operations Office team, this team is the previous time district champion, the strength is immeasurably deep.

The second team is Shenzhen specially Operations Office team, this team is on a previous district champion, the strength similarly is without a doubt. The third team is the Qinghai specially Operations Office team, this team it is said that has the strongest teacher, although the overall strength of member is worse than first two, however their teacher that is very strong. The fourth team is Yun Shi specially Operations Office team, it is said this year's Yun Shi Operations Office team went to many Expert specially, including five people come out from Dragon Group, although is eliminates, but that is in Dragon Group comes out after all, moreover person who five people, each comes out from Dragon Group, the strength became immeasurably deep. This is this year's most influential four teams, everybody also thinks that first will appear from their these four teams. As for Jiang Hai City Operations Office, from just started nobody to respond specially. The personnel are almost all assigned. Referee also from behind 11 walked, this time referee Xia Tian did not know that three referees of previous subregion competition here, this time referee had not turned into five from three. Young Aunt, who are they?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Ye Wan clearly. I did not know, but can look from their badges, two are Dragon Group, two are the military regions, one is Ministry of Defence.” Ye Wan said clearly in a low voice. How to have the people of Ye?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, Ye is specially the Operations Office superintendent, person but who district competition unexpectedly does not have Ye works as the referee, this little was strange. I already heard that the country was very discontented with Ye, because specially the Operations Office department heads are taking bribes and perverting justice, violates the law knowingly, the country must ban Ye interestingly, reorganizes specially Operations Office, from the present situation, this news should real.” Ye Wan said clearly in a low voice that after all this is not the good deed, she cannot say is too loud.

So that's how it is. Xia Tian nodded, he also thought that present special Operations Office is really not much, besides his Young Aunt Ye Wan clear, other these he has not seen a good thing. Especially that Ye Min, takes her disposition to be able for the country to hold the matter, that yes fantasy. Everybody one will be careful, that vixen gangs up with on a champion team today, after they go, certainly has the method, after everybody goes, is certainly careful.” Xia Tian knows that these people will certainly play any trick, but he does not know that now the opposite party is what kind, means that therefore he has not dealt with. That five appraisals sit down in turn, the one who sits in most is the person of Ministry of Defence, the one who sits by him is the person in military region, what outermost is the Dragon Group person. The person of middle that Ministry of Defence was saying to in front of small microphone: Welcome 12 elite teams to come here, today is specially the district competition of Operations Office, this competition was possibly different from the past contest rule some.” The rule is different! Heard here time surrounding these teams to start to discuss low voice, obviously they were promising the beforehand competition way to carry on the simulation training. However now referee with past is different, their trainings almost all wasted. Peaceful, now I said that new competition system, this playing time adjusts from three days to seven days, your 12 teams need to straighten up seven days in the island, simultaneously this Dragon Group will send out ten Expert to enter the competition region, on them altogether ten badges, seven days later, attains badge most teams to win, if has not attained the badge, the time of which team survival that defers to be longest to decide the result of competition, if some people obtain the same badge, that are most on the person who which team looking at lives.” That Senior Official light saying of Ministry of Defence. Listens competition that he said that the people very have doubts.

Because this competition listens is very probably difficult, may not be in fact difficult. In each team ten people, moreover in these teams has almost by the person who Dragon Group eliminates, the strength should that ten people differ not in a big way, only if ten people on together, moreover solely said live for a long time, they can find a covert place to hide. „, Forgot to tell you, each of you can only take two days of pilot biscuits and one bottle of water . Moreover the place that you went was the random assignment, was right, the Dragon Group members who was this going were the higher member, most essential was in their hands has the hot feeling meter.” On the face of Ministry of Defence Senior Official had the smiling face of pondering. After hearing Ministry of Defence Senior Official words, all person complexions changed. They also think a moment ago this competition is very simple, but on their foreheads has flowed off the sweat now. This competition thorough turned into an eagle to seize the game of chicken. Em?” At this moment Xia Tian turns the head to look suddenly that his vision saw Ye, Ye also saw Xia Tian, Ye the corners of the mouth has curled slightly upwards.