Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 435

Sees Ye time, Xia Tian knows that the situation is not good, this old fogy is not the lamp of province oil, he definitely played any trick, he thinks , after his person went, in the same place, he can protect these people like this. But he has not thought that unexpectedly must enter separatedly. This was dangerous, moreover that Ye Min and Ye they were up to mischief, bright (spear|gun) Yi Duo, the stab in the back was difficult to guard. Your several, have remembered to me, at the worst was held by the Dragon Group person, do not show off power, that department head and Ye this is I have offended the person, I am afraid him to get rid to you.” The Xia Tian hurried reminder said. Teacher, we did not have laxly, has trained according to the method that you said.” Seven groups of Leader said. I am afraid you to be self-confident, although I do not know that they have any clever trick, but I know that they have certainly played tricks, once your several encounter the danger to run to me, runs up to front of the Dragon Group person to surrender, this is the order.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Your several must listen to your teachers, followed him for a long time, has he misread?” Ye Wan also goes forward to say clearly. The people nodded, after Ye Wan is clear, right that half a word words said that has Xia Tian misread? The answer does not have. They noticed that the Xia Tian expression knows definitely had the matter to occur. „Do you determine you to be able?” Xia Tian serious looks at Lin Bingbing to ask. Em.” Lin Bingbing nodded. „After going , the first matter protects itself, do not have an accident, I will certainly look your.” Xia Tian does not think that Lin Bingbing has any mistake. Was good, goes to that side to take own equipment, the baggage also has the water.” The Ye Wan clear reminder said that they have changed the different color military uniform, moreover on the military uniform is also pasting the name in place.

This confirmed the player and enemy for the convenience . Moreover the competition stipulated that cannot use the clothing and badge of match. Ten Dragon Group members already entered in the competition range, remaining was these person of inspection of arms equipment and supplies, Xia Tian and the others 11 inspections the thing, after having guaranteed all was normal, all people must go to Ye there once more to inspect. You have definitely played any trick.” Xia Tian looked at Ye one to say. Has given you a big ritual, meets.” Ye wicked saying. Afterward they had been covered the eye with the black cloth. This is the way of disrupting, they will escort from the people of army, goes from the different entrances, is in the different places. Xia Tian opened the X-Ray Vision eye immediately, his vision has locked the Lin Bingbing position, although afterward he was away from Lin Bingbing to be getting more and more far, but he has remembered Lin Bingbing general direction. After a half hour, all team members were put. Puts the miniature detection instrument, turns on the screen.” The Senior Official order of Ministry of Defence said. Hears the miniature reconnaissance instrument time, all people stare, that isn't the thing being developed? How this competition will have this type of thing. Ye at heart one cold, he ordered the person who he sends before, began to the reconnaissance aircraft wipe out before. Generally is used to broadcast the combat report the reconnaissance aircraft compared with palm Freshman some, but they hear the miniature detection instrument only then the finger covers is so big, moreover does not have any sound, looks like in the jungle an insect is the same, is unable to discover.

Hateful, how to have such advanced thing.” Ye can only pray now before his person starts, be not patted by this thing. I heard that some people like hitting the reconnaissance aircraft, therefore I have brought the miniature reconnaissance instrument, the picture that in this jungle altogether 1000 miniature detection instruments, they catch will arrive at the technical department directly, the technical department meets first will have the picture transmission of photograph to this these screens on, here altogether 24 screens, you can watch at will.” Ministry of Defence does not rise very optional saying. He made one to move in the chair and table . Moreover the ground was some water and box lunches. Food that any leadership, for serveral days ate here can be these, as for the place that they rest is also here, their side has the simple tent, has been stranded can go to rest a meeting, person. Generally speaking the environment is good. Technical department there to guarantee for 24 hours presents the most splendid picture, they altogether 1000 *** the class mount guard, monitors the splendid picture that on the miniature detection instrument is transmitting. Actually thus it can be seen the country competes regarding this district regards as important. The personnel were just delivered, their distances are very far, including Dragon Group these personnel, the hot feeling instruments in their hand can only survey about 20 meters distance, therefore they are not invincible. The picture that the miniature detection instrument first passes on is the appearances of ten Dragon Group personnel, they unify sportswear that puts on, is especially conspicuous, sportswear behind has a big dragon character. Their ten people also in different positions. Competition formally starts.” As sound of broadcast conveys, all people start to run completely, they do not know one where, but they know that must result in leaves this place to seek for a security to be at first, or seeks for the companion.

Xia Tian also instantaneously flushed, direction that direction Lin Bingbing that he clashes is. He knows the real position and in his mind calculate definitely will have the deviation, but the deviation absolutely will not be big, he guessed that these people ship them definitely require the time, but this time should have the stipulation, therefore he has been calculating the distance that the Lin Bingbing direction and that speed lead the way in the mind. „The police spend the elder sister, must wait for me.” Xia Tian keeps is running. Nine city Operations Office people eliminate specially, surplus nine people.’ The broadcast has broadcast the situation directly, originally on the labels of these people have the chip, so long as the label were ripped, the broadcast will broadcast, this also to let inside person knows that what the present situation probably is. Ahem! Ye Wan is clear, I think your person miserably this time.” Ye Min looked at Ye Qingxue one wickedly, this time altogether has related three main point, these three places are the popularity of winning, she believes that these people all will certainly hit the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person half dead. Ye Wan also saw the Ye sensitive that sinister vision clearly, her deeping frown, these video inside Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office people have not appeared now, this makes her worry very much, she knows that this is the privilege issue, now these screens have five to be cut to appear by the Dragon Group person, the remaining 15 screen majority are also broadcasting four big popular teams. What thing is that?” At this moment Xia Tian saw an interesting thing suddenly.