Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 436

The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around a head little thing, this thing was very small, was similar to the ordinary insect, moreover their flight sounds were also very small, the movement was quick, this thing followed Xia Tian for a long time. But Xia Tian had not discovered that if not in the flight sound of this thing sends out inciting of electric wave, Xia Tian has not discovered this thing , the Xia Tian hearing is several times of average man. If not so, he is unable to discover existence of this little thing. After the X-Ray Vision eye opens, Xia Tian had discovered finally this was any thing, unexpectedly was a sounding set, no wonder he all the way has not discovered the reconnaissance aircraft, originally this competition broadcast with this thing. Why Xia Tian still in wants not to see the reconnaissance aircraft a moment ago all the way, originally is this thing, he really more and more admires these scientists now, their unexpectedly can study this type of thing. unexpectedly is so small, when sufficiently is used to fight with the genuine enemy used. Xia Tian continues to run forward, has not gone to pay attention to that miniature reconnaissance instrument, but he, since had discovered that this thing, that following fight he will retain, really does not want to retain he will wipe out this thing. Ten area Operations Office people eliminate specially, surplus nine people.’ 11 area Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus nine people.’ At this moment, consecutively two system broadcasts transmit, two people were eliminated. It seems like the elimination rate is quite high, such quickly had three people to eliminate, seven days of remained finally were the elites.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, but he also realized that elimination rate such high, the police spend the elder sister they are also very dangerous. Therefore he must a quicker point rush to the police to spend elder sister there to be good. According to his computation , he so long as in continue run for about a half hour, can find the police to spend the elder sister . Moreover the police spend the elder sister are Jiang Hai City Operations Office are away from his recent person specially. Do not have an accident.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings were praying. Bang!

At this moment, the body of Xia Tian rolled on the ground, has shunted a round of bullet, afterward he hid after a tree. Has watched the fight Ye Wan to see a familiar form outside clearly finally, is Xia Tian, what window was a Qinghai Operations Office person has aimed at Xia Tian specially. The miniature detection instrument specially has also given that person and a Xia Tian feature article, thinks that these technical personnel think this is quite splendid one time has ambushed, will give the feature article. Some people looked to that screen, they think that Xia Tian will be eliminated. But when Qinghai specially Operations Office person to open fire, Xia Tian unexpectedly miracle general rolled on the ground, has shunted a moment ago that (spear|gun), the opportunity that this rolled was really good. People who periphery these watch the fun were shocked. This is what battlefield sensation, unexpectedly has shunted in the enemy to open fire flash, but they saw more inconceivable one at this moment, that rolled a person on the ground, in hiding has carried Sniper Rifle in hand after the tree directly. Bang! A (spear|gun) makes, direct hit Qinghai specially Operations Office that person of head. Hateful!” Qinghai Operations Office that person has torn down oneself badge specially, lay down in directly same place. This is the competition custom, the person of being hit, so long as is the vital point position must tear down own badge, if not vital point, the second (spear|gun) must tear down, otherwise the team will be eliminated because of that person. Relates. Qinghai Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus nine people.’ The system broadcast initiated the prompt directly, eliminated Qinghai Operations Office person, opened own Coordinate specially, the person who eliminated opens the Coordinate, will carry over here by the patrol leader.

It seems like was I wants.” Ye Wan clear helpless shaking the head, she a moment ago unexpectedly, in being worried about Xia Tian will be hit by that person, now looked like she cared a moment ago was unnecessary, Xia Tian that invincible super teacher. He was rolling the place flash to lock the match a moment ago, then fast to open fire, has eliminated the opposite party directly. Good fierce sniper.” That five referees saw the Xia Tian that (spear|gun). It can be said that a moment ago Xia Tian that (spear|gun) from the angle or the speed and judgment is precise incomparable. Hateful, made him show off.” Ye Min clenched teeth to criticize to say. Ye had not spoken, his innermost feelings were praying, was praying person who his can kill Xia Tian, now he already, no matter that many, even if there is a miniature detection instrument to be what kind of? These people are he carefully train, at the worst makes them be worried that the crime was not good. Ye has thought through, so long as these people kill Xia Tian, a that life compensates a life at the worst. After Xia Tian solved that person, continued to go forward, he does not want to lose any time, after all he delayed a meeting, Lin Bingbing possibly were many one point of danger, therefore he does not dare to have slight careless. Competition by far the Xia Tian imagination is more intense. In he runs on the way, also four people were eliminated, three that in addition just started, altogether was seven people, ten cities were most miserable, they have eliminated three people. The time little past, Xia Tian finally arrived in the computation the Lin Bingbing position, but he opened the X-Ray Vision eye to investigate, a person had not discovered. Jiang Hai City Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus nine people.’ The sound that at this moment broadcasts has conveyed, Jiang Hai City Operations Office person unexpectedly was eliminated one specially, after hearing this news, deeping frown of Xia Tian: Actually was who to be eliminated, hateful, must quickly find them.”

Xia Tian does not care about them to be eliminated by the Dragon Group person, but Xia Tian is afraid them to bump into these people who Ye Minzhao comes. These person certainly not simple eliminations. If they dare to bully their person, Xia Tian will certainly double presents to give back their. Xia Tian continues to flush away forward, since here does not have, that showed that Lin Bingbing left, he must a bit faster, but he knows that Lin Bingbing will not wander about aimlessly, certainly first will seek for a safe place to hide. Ten city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus five people.” Ten city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus four people.” Ten city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus three people.” Ten city Operations Office unexpectedly were eliminated three people specially continuously, hears this news time, Xia Tian hoodwinked, can enter here team is the champions of region match, the impossible strength to be too bad, but this place unexpectedly only crossed for one hour to be eliminated seven people. This digit was also too fearful. Outside watched competition the place long faces of ten city Operations Office to be specially green, he personally saw his person to hit the Dragon Group person, this and strength has not related completely, completely was the issue of drop. You look quickly, the goal of that Dragon Group person is that marksmanship good person.” Suddenly some people have referred to screen, but that person Xia Tian on screen.