Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 437

Saw that such scene all people looked at the vision to that screen, the marksmanship that because Xia Tian showed a moment ago was truly good, moreover was the Dragon Group person gets rid personally, naturally was cut the focal point screen. Ha Ha, is really the day helps me, so long as he were eliminated, that other person could not be inescapable, making him look that these people drop down are also good means.” Ye sensitive innermost feelings secretly thought, although he wants to notice that Xia Tian was hit remnantly, however the present scene is also good, after all Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office only then Xia Tian such Expert, if Xia Tian has eliminated, then Jiang Hai City must faced with the directly eliminated aspect. When the time comes she can taunt Ye Wan to be clear well. The person who she most hates is Ye Wan mild Xia Tian, she must shame Ye Wan in the presence of everyone clearly is the air vent, for this competition, she spends the complete family belongings, moreover betrayed on own body, is forced to work as others one year small three. The present is she sees the repayment time. So long as the inside strongest three places see the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person, under cruel methods. Ye also saw here scene, if Xia Tian were eliminated directly, he does not vent anger, he needs Xia Tian his person kill with the live ammunition. Department head, is the Dragon Group person.” Secretary anxious saying of Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office. Do not be anxious, Xia Tian can certainly deal with.” The Ye Wan clear comfort said that but her also lacks self-confidence at heart, the people of Ministry of Defence said a moment ago, these people are not the ordinary Dragon Group members, but is the higher Dragon Group member. The surrounding these people were waiting for looks at the good play the appearance. But party concerned Xia Tian I, was had discovered Dragon Group that person, the Dragon Group person clothes were so obvious, his vision was so good, did not discover that has blamed, but he has not worried, he does not want now to Dragon Group person, but directly ran now, definitely will be seen the clue. He had been discovering in this time a person, the body of that person writes the Sichuan two characters, is that Sichuan person who and Ye Min is in cahoots. Had the means.” Xia Tian starts to move to Sichuan that person, that person has not discovered him. That Dragon Group person has prepared to get rid at any time, at this moment that Dragon Group person saw the Sichuan specially Operations Office person, in the instance of his god, Xia Tian unexpectedly ran, the speed is fast, he has calculated distance between Xia Tian and that Sichuan specially Operations Office people. Finally gave up Xia Tian, killed directly to that Sichuan specially Operations Office person.

That Sichuan Operations Office person sees Dragon Group that person specially, immediately stares, but is this stares, Dragon Group that person a foot him has knocked down, last year champion team, the Sichuan Operations Office person, unexpectedly has linked one move not to catch specially. Thus it can be seen, formidable of person of Dragon Group. Sichuan Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus nine people.’ Now altogether had been eliminated 12 people. Xia Tian hears this sound time, has almost not smiled: Makes you mix with that vixen, one all will eliminate you.” Ye Wan shows a faint smile clearly, she knows that Xia Tian has the means that but has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so funny, that person of unexpectedly Sichuan regards the bait. Hateful, this boy unexpectedly is so cloudy.” Department head angry saying of Sichuan specially Operations Office. unexpectedly made him give to run.” Ye Min has grasped the fist angrily. Boy, should not be too favorite, you think that you escaped, what a pity this is I wants to see.” Ye has not spoken, corners of the mouth acclivity, has shown the smiling face of ridicule. Senior Official of Ministry of Defence shows a faint smile, he has had the strong interest to Xia Tian. Xia Tian had sought for two hours, a result person has not bumped into, he simply sat on the ground finally, he does not run, ran for a long time he to be also tired, moreover a unexpectedly person had not discovered. It seems like other people hid. Also some people started to converge with their teammate. The Xia Tian book thinks that today should some people not eliminate again, is at this moment.

12 city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus nine people.’ 12 city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus eight people.’ 12 city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus seven people.’ …… 12 city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus 0 people.’ Heard that a series of broadcast sound, the Xia Tian whole person was shocked, person unexpectedly of city simultaneously was eliminated, in other words the after people in their this city used the special method to converge, was eliminated completely. Can eliminate one team that emerges directly from the region match, this is Dragon Group does absolutely, besides Dragon Group Expert, nobody can have such formidable strength. In outside looked that competition the department heads of 12 city Operations Office have kicked down their stool specially angrily, goes inside the tent directly, his person had all been eliminated, necessity that has not looked. Even if looks also only to be able with being angry. Does not last forever. 11 city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus nine people.’ 11 city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus eight people.’ 11 city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus seven people.’ ……

11 city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus 0 people.’ In the broadcast presented a series of sounds, some people were eliminated, hears the sound of this elimination, these gather together the army separates hurriedly, they think gathers together was safe. But they now discovered that gathers together is most dangerous, once eliminated completely died in battle. That helps Dragon Group Expert not be a vegetarian. My little darling, the Dragon Group person strength is good.” Xia Tian says with emotion, him lies down on a tree at this time, leisurely and carefree is listening to the radio. Outside watched competition the department heads of 11 city Operations Office is also vitality returned to the tent specially. Yeah, does not have the strength not to come out disgracefully, in the advancing recklessly tent could nobody see you?” Saying that the Qinghai Operations Office department head ridiculed specially, special Operations Office was this, so long as there is an opportunity not to forget to disparage other people. Among them does not have what friendship, is the competitor. Snort!” 11 city specially Operations Office department heads and 12 city Operations Office department heads walked from the tent specially, they simultaneously cold snort, had not spoken to make on the chair. Dragon Group had proven with the strength their formidable, less than day, has eliminated more than 30 people. The Xia Tian preparation passes the night on the tree tonight. Ah! at this moment he heard a pitiful yell, this sound that familiar, hears this sound time, the Xia Tian complexion all changed, jumped down from the tree directly.