Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 438

That sound master Xia Tian that familiar, that the clarity that called out pitifully he also to listen, was Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office one group of Leader, when that he just joined specially Operations Office that Leader. That the man who falls down from weariness actually to crawl innumerable. He has jumped down the tree, ran directly to that direction, he saw, two people were beating Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office one group of Leader. Watches these people of competition outside, was shocked. Because they saw the Qinghai Operations Office person is beating the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person specially, what they use is the Kungfu, that Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person, the arm and pin bone many had been broken. However that several people do not tear away Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office that person of badge. Ye Wan got hold of fist a few words not to say clearly. The Qinghai Operations Office department head looked at Ye Min one eyes specially, nod of silently, the meaning is your money I do not have takes in vain. Snort, Ye Wan is clear, this is only a start.” Ye Min has not spoken, ridicule looks at Ye Wan to be clear, but Ye Wan clearly was also turned the head angrily looks to Ye Min, afterward looked at the Qinghai specially Operations Office department head. Referee, this does not calculate that violates a regulation?” Some people were unable to continue watching, no matter although their matters, but this scene is really unattractive. We do not contact with on them now, absolutely does not have the means to stop, moreover competed has not said does not permit, but this behavior was not truly good.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence frowns saying that he is silly also to look, this absolutely is personal grievances, moreover links up with the benefit absolutely. Ye is also one looks at the good play the appearance. That two hit the person of person, one is the Dragon Group retired personnel, another is also Expert, therefore they can so relaxed uniform Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office one group of Leader.

At this moment the person's shadow jumps out from behind together. This person of speed is faster than the cheetah, the strength is also the big terrifying, he threw directly, fights with the fists in one person, two fists the two knock down opportunity that directly, he has not responded to the two, hitting of fist then fist on their faces. Lying trough Damn.” In the miniature detection instrument has even broadcast that person of sound, although on the miniature detection instrument also has the survey sound function, but this function is not strong, therefore can only survey very big sound. Outcome that thus it can be seen that person shouted loud. Those present looked, saw only hitting of that person of fist then fist on the face of two. Xia Tian, is Xia Tian.” The Jiang Hai City Operations Office secretary as if saw specially the liberator is common, all people saw clearly that person of appearance, this person was not just a moment ago marksmanship comparison that person, his body also has the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office badge. Hateful, how he will come.” Ye Min the tooth closes tightly. The place long face of Qinghai Operations Office was specially green, looks that Xia Tian fires off their faces to go with the foot to trample their arms and legs, he was really unable to continue watching: Referee, was this too bloody?” Yeah, only the Xuzhou officers set on fire, cannot the common people light a lamp.” 11 city Operations Office department head said the meaning of wind discouraging talk specially. Truly so, his person has hit others, person who others have hit his is not good, this is any truth.” 12 special Operations Office department heads echo saying that they may remember how the Qinghai Operations Office department head ridiculed a moment ago specially their. I cannot control.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence said directly, if this he managed, he was really the eye is blind. This time Xia Tian has all wiped out the bone of two, but they the pain have fainted, Xia Tian arrives at Jiang Hai City Operations Office one group of Leader side to say specially in a low voice: I join your arm and leg, you exit later not to let others look that exits to shout, called, miserably was better.”

Teacher, I understood.” One group of Leader naturally understand the meaning of Xia Tian, he called was more miserable, they were more rational, Xia Tian was better to begin. After having joined his bone, Xia Tian has patted his shoulder: I wake them, making them accompany you to hurt together.” Xia Tian has torn down three people of badges first, then with the silver acupuncture on their acupoint, that two people awoke the severe pain that felt to transmit, started to call out pitifully directly. Jianghai Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus eight people.’ Qinghai Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus eight people.’ Qinghai Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus seven people.’ In the broadcast has broadcast the sound, is being competed these Jiang Hai City Operations Office people to start to be vigilant specially that they are clear, this has certainly had an accident, is the special condition that Xia Tian said. As for eliminating that two people were needless saying that also knows definitely bumps into Xia Tian. Xia Tian took up the badge of that two person to rip a pulp to the miniature detecting instrument directly, then has been raising up the middle finger to the scene of miniature sounding set, he used mouth to say three characters damn.’ The scene watched these people of competition to see the Xia Tian hand signal and shape of the mouth, because the Xia Tian shape of the mouth said too has exaggerated, they want unable to understand difficultly. However what is most surprising, Xia Tian unexpectedly had discovered miniature detecting instrument, must know that is Dragon Group that several people have not discovered the miniature detecting instrument, but Xia Tian unexpectedly discovered. Good fierce fellow, Jiang Hai City Operations Office unexpectedly has such fierce person specially.” Senior Official surprised saying of Ministry of Defence.

He knocked out the fist a moment ago time sneak attacks, in addition angry time strength amplification, therefore he overthrew that two people to have the luck ingredient a moment ago.” A Dragon Group senior official answered. Em, truly so.” The people nodded, have approved his view. Ye Min was more depressed at this time, she thinks can vent anger, but Xia Tian unexpectedly appeared finally, and shows off. When I think you also to be able scenery.” Ye wicked looks at Xia Tian on screen. Xia Tian has not walked, the army when continuously goes on patrol catches up, looks that one group of Leader were moved away, he feels relieved to leave, this time he no longer looks for Lin Bingbing and the others, he thinks that Lin Bingbing they should have the ability of self-preservation. Moreover he knew own these people after the matter, once encountered the danger, definitely will rip own badge, such opposite party got rid again, violated a regulation. He now was the eagle, he started to get ready to seek for the game, the Qinghai specially Operations Office person was his game. Xia Tian is this kind of person, you are good to me, I am also good to you, you are wicked to me, I double present.