Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 439

The atmosphere of watching place is not very good, the Qinghai Operations Office department head complexion is specially pale, his person made into that to force the type, directly was scolded then also damn, like this can his mood? He wishes one could to peel Xia Tian now exactly. He thinks that Xia Tian is the luck is just good, is catching up with own that two subordinates not to guard, therefore sneak attacks successfully. Next time if Xia Tian bumps into his subordinate, his subordinate will certainly hit Xia Tian is very miserable. The time of competition, altogether is seven days, everybody believes that just started should be tranquilest, but this night actually as if the devil arrives general, the broadcast looks like went crazy to be the same, separates for several minutes, some people were eliminated. „Doesn't Paternal grandmother, the Dragon Group people sleep?” Xia Tian depressed saying, he just started also to rest a meeting, but the Dragon Group person is went crazy to be the same completely, the elimination person, the broadcast is about to discard. Xia Tian also can only continue to search for own game. His Sniper Rifle was discarded by him, that thing he does not need, he only needed to use the fist to be good. Although is the night fell, these people but who outside watches, close the eyes without one, they are staring at the screen stubbornly, 11 city Operations Office department heads and 12 city Operations Office that department head finished is also is watching specially the competition specially. Which special Operations Office of ten cities also very to go, their remaining chief teachers have not eliminated, other already whole army has been annihilated. Looks quickly, is Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office that person.” Suddenly has the People sound to shout, all people raised the spirit again, if Xia Tian they come time, basic knows the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person on nobody, but they knew now, moreover they most like looking was not the Dragon Group person, but was that Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person, the biggest that screen has been locking this person. His movement just likes the cheetah is equally quick, his battlefield sensation it can be said that surmounts all, his response and detection simply are the textbook are also same, the place that the change and branch on leaf are cut off he also all can look, moreover from this judges the approximate direction of enemy.

This skill is Xia Tian learns in military region, although the average person also mastered this skill, however their powers of observation and senses of smell do not have Xia Tian to be sharp, if in the scout, Xia Tian absolutely can be said as first. His ability helped him attain first, his experience possibly did not have some veteran feet, however his X-Ray Vision eyes and five senses helped him make up for all. He is I have seen the most outstanding scout.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence even forgot to eat including the food, he has stared at the Xia Tian screen to look that was also he called the person to put a moment ago in a big way the Xia Tian screen. Em, his detection skill enables him to avoid the Dragon Group person with ease, moreover I to the present had not looked that understands actually he how found the Qinghai specially Operations Office person.” That Dragon Group Expert said. Like the present this, his nearby has three people, but he can actually distinguish directly is the Qinghai specially Operations Office person.” Another Dragon Group Expert said. I heard that this boy has contributed to the top grade merit.” Senior Official of that military region opens the mouth to say. Em, he truly has contributed to the top grade merit, moreover is very high in the prestige of southeast military region.” Senior Official of another military region nodded. Hears the top grade merit time, the person has all held breath cold air, the top grade merit, that was other China most Advanced merit, the people who generally obtained this merit were some big figure, moreover entire China obtained the person of top grade merit also to be able with the hand to look up. Some people said one have contributed to ten first-class merits, 20 first-class merits, everybody thinks that this person is very fierce, if heard another person has contributed to the top grade merit time, that feeling completely is different. The top grade merit is the glory, the hero who only then protects our homes and defends our country truly can obtain such badge. Quite fierce, such young obtains the top grade merit.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence said. Surroundings these people are also the nods that keeps, they know finally this Xia Tian so was why fierce.

He got rid.” Suddenly some people shout. All people set eyes in the screen. After Xia Tian has locked on the goal, has not worried to get rid, but is seeking for the opportunity, he had lain there a moment ago for five minutes, his wound did not have, cannot directly extremely in getting rid of high-sounding talk, otherwise is easy to pull open his wound. Bang! Xia Tian fought with the fists on that person of scruff, then started his leaving one's body behind with one's soul becoming an immortal big law, all broke that person of bone. Outside looked that competition the department head of Qinghai Operations Office soon has cried specially. Qinghai Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus they.’ Xia Tian once more smashing that their badges rip, has been raising up the middle finger to the screen. Then attacks once more, that night, the Qinghai Operations Office department head has cried specially, all people saw, he has cried, his person killed one by one miserable, he really regrets the reefing paddles now sensitively that 20 million. Perhaps his person did not have one year unable to stand, moreover one year later what also perhaps, in other words Qinghai specially Operations Office all of a sudden turned into three teams from a two team, might turn into four teams. Sees the Qinghai specially Operations Office department head, everybody sympathizes looked to him. Qinghai Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus person.”

Qinghai Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus 0 people.” Has eliminated, all has eliminated, a Xia Tian person the team that four big won the championship hopefully, Qinghai specially Operations Office all people eliminates. Xia Tian also finally can rest one to think calmly and steadily. That night, Xia Tian is restoring using Heaven Absolute Wake, Heaven Absolute Wake is such mysterious thing, next morning, he will feel one are refreshing. These person of chapter of tents have not rested, sleepy narrows a meeting, then continues to watch the competition, but everybody saw Xia Tian in screen awakes, they also came the spirit, they very anticipated that now Xia Tian can take to them any new surprised. However several like several to worry that for example Ye Min the face soon drew to the ground, the Qinghai Operations Office department head has cried specially for night, next morning will pack the baggage to lead his wounded person to leave. He did not have the face to treat. Xia Tian has been observing the surrounding situation , to continue to search for the goal, this time goal is the Sichuan specially Operations Office person, these people gang up with Ye Min, naturally cannot any good person, therefore the Xia Tian plan eliminates them first. Bang! A gunshot broke tranquilly, all people all surprisedly look to the shoulder of Xia Tian, because his there bled.