Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 440

Watched the people of competition to be shocked outside, that bullet was a live round, moreover that person of marksmanship was very good, sneak attacked successfully, although the Xia Tian crucial time has shunted, however the speed of bullet was not slow. Has punctured his shoulder. Live round, what's all this about? Eight city Operations Office department heads leave ranks to me specially.” Senior Official angry shouting of Ministry of Defence. On eight city specially Operations Office department head foreheads is the sweat. You if today does not give an explanation, I personally detain you to go to the court martial.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence said loudly. Senior Official, this does not close my matter, you think that I did not know with that person, say nothing had any enmity, moreover was I wants to make them bring the live round to go, going of their impossible belt, the entrance had the inspection.” Eight city Operations Office department heads said specially, hears the inspection time, all people changed Ye the vision, because this inspection is he does. Ye Wan saw clearly Ye time understood: Senior Official, when the region match Ye had clashes of opinion with Xia Tian.” Ye, does your Ye dare to do against with the country really?” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence hears Ye after the words, asking of coldly. After Ye hears Ministry of Defence Senior Official words, knows that the situation is not good, the country has wanted to move their Ye, is the Ye foundation is very deep, therefore the national good excuse, now his unexpectedly stupid to giving the country gave a pretext, even if this excuse is not enough to move to Ye, later takes also absolutely to be an important matter. I do not know, possibly is the inspection time neglected.” Ye denied directly. According to exercise law, once during exercise presents the live ammunition, the person of that inspection must receive the same crime, if finds out is the person of inspection turns on the water intentionally, that commits one crime on top of another.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence said. You look up.” Ye believes that these people are absolutely loyal in him. Good, we have sent for catching him, when the time comes we will use the extorting evidence liquid medicines.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence looks to Ye, but Ye on the face does not have slight startled, he probably had affirmed person who his will not betray him to be the same.

Will not betray the person has deceased person, thinks of here Ministry of Defence deeping frown of Senior Official. Xia Tian that at this time fought also hoodwinked, some unexpectedly people used the live round, but he responded immediately that continuation stood courts death here, therefore he has hidden directly, in the right hand presented a military dagger. The opposite party is a sniper, is aiming at his here. Outside these people stare at Xia Tian here to look. The body of Xia Tian toward left in a flash, is slightly fast afterward to the right flushes away. Bang! A that sniper (spear|gun) hit in the left side, but Xia Tian ran. 1. 2. After two seconds, Xia Tian hides once more, on ball and the aiming speed sniper is 2. 5 seconds, therefore he when 2 seconds hide. Paternal grandmother, 200 meters.” Xia Tian has calculated him with the distance of that sniper, if he wants to kill the opposite party, that present distance has sufficed near, but he wants the living witness, outside person affirmation quarrelled to overturn the heavens, now most needs is the witness, he must rush to side that person, discovers his mouth suicide the toxicant, is lulling his tooth, is cut off his four limbs, like this he was impossible to commit suicide. Has to say Xia Tian about shakes step to be superb, that sniper unceasingly to open fire, but a (spear|gun) has not projected on Xia Tian. Puff!

The Xia Tian throwing knife shoots directly on that person of arm, then own body rushed directly, fought with the fists on his mouth, Xia Tian has thought more direct means that have destroyed his tooth, the toxicant naturally fell, moreover can avoid him biting the tongue to commit suicide. Afterward Xia Tian was taking that all selects the hand muscle and foot muscle of this sniper the military dagger. Behavior that sees the Xia Tian violence, outside all people are clap the hands to applaud, moreover Xia Tian Movement Technique also made them be possible be called the miracle, in that tense time, went astray one step dead, was Xia Tian actually perfect shaking the bullet. Leads to me that person, with the extorting evidence liquid medicines, I do not believe him not to incur.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence looks that Ye said. This time Ye back has flowed out the cold sweat. Eight city some people use live round, all people eliminate completely, eight city all people must tear down their badge completely, stands is freezing, otherwise the treason seizes.” Prompt sound of broadcast came out, heard this prompt sound everybody to hoodwink. The live round, some unexpectedly people use live round. These people in eight cities also hoodwinked, they have not thought that in their team some unexpectedly people used the live round. That several people who meanwhile the leaf old-fashioned person goes, quietly has buried the live round, they discovered the situation changes was awful, therefore the live round was unable to continue to use. The anterior lobe of coming in old had said that only then a person has the to open fire opportunity, if that person were defeated, must commit suicide, other people cannot get rid again, otherwise definitely will give oneself away. Eight city Operations Office department heads also can only confess that specially had bad luck.

Who lets the to open fire person is his person, this person is very honest in eight cities, the words are also usually few, the relations with everybody is good, therefore he will allow this person to attend the competition. But now this person team pit, moreover he must be implicated, although this person is not he sends, but he is the department head of this person, therefore punished him unable to escape. The Xia Tian present situation is not good, he is in the wound adds the wound now, moreover that person of bullet is an armor piercer, has punctured his shoulder directly. At this time in the sports field, did not have the sound of elimination, everybody hides in same place, presents the live round, now begins obviously is not wonderful, everybody is waiting for processing of outside these senior officials. After two hours. Seven city Operations Office Hu Biao, six city Operations Office Liu Quan, tears up own badge specially specially, stands in same place, otherwise you will be killed directly, all people waited for same place that after these two bring, the competition can continue, the chief instigator of this live round has found out, this person had been sent to the court martial now.’ A series of broadcast sounds transmit, all people in same place have not moved. But that two people also know that the matter has exposed, otherwise is impossible to select their name, since has exposed, the necessity that has not insisted, Ye was sent to the court martial, they could not escape. Xia Tian has been taking a stroll in the, he is treating same place is not having the meaning, at this moment his body was shocked, afterward on the face presented the pleasantly surprised expression: Ha Ha, the drop was really as good as the family.”