Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 441

The Xia Tian vision has placed on a grass, five exquisite grass, treat the efficacious medicine of bullet wound, this type of herbal medicine is very difficult to meet, some people looked everywhere famed scenery unable to find, some people walked can bump into. Xia Tian is the person who that walks can bump into. His unexpectedly has bumped into five exquisite grass here. How this can make him not happy, how can make him not excited. Xia Tian cautious and solemn arrived at side of that grass, then has dug the grass gently, chews with the mouth, has put above the wound directly, afterward he takes out the gauze that carries along simply has wrapped. The herbal medicine just spread out, Xia Tian felt that own wound place is itchy, he knows that this is in the sign of cicatrization, this herbal medicine adds on his cicatrization ability again, Xia Tian guessed that in less than two days, his wound will scar. This is the advantage of five exquisite grass, moreover then he does not need to worry that can pull this wound, because the wound almost cannot feel the pain now. Outside Ye had escorted away by the Dragon Group person, he knows that he this time ended, but he is dies not to involve Ye, otherwise Ye will also face the total destruction. The country already wants to move Ye, this point they know, if has given the national excuse, Ye ended. The time little past, still nobody moved. They in notice of waiting broadcast. Personnel had been taken away, everybody can continue to compete.’ Although Xia Tian is that person of suffering a loss, but here nobody manages him injured radically, moreover how to manage, was impossible to give one injection to cure, therefore encountered this situation, has not located to reason things out. Hearing the competition can start. A series of elimination sounds convey. Originally Dragon Group these Expert early stared at the game, but has not begun, after hearing the competition can continue, they continue to begin. This began to have ten people eliminated directly.

Today one all day, Xia Tian has not moved, he is healing from a wound, outside person has not cancelled his large screen. Next day eliminates is still very intense. Population fast sharp decline. Until now, the team that a person has not eliminated has one, is Yun Shi specially Operations Office person. The Jiang Hai City Operations Office person had six people eliminated specially. Now remaining has Xia Tian, Lin Bingbing, seven groups of Leader and big cows. Shenzhen specially Operations Office remaining eight people, The Sichuan Operations Office remaining seven people, Dragon Group person any person had not been eliminated specially. Other that several places pitiful, some only remaining people. The competition had just been held for two days, presented the so big casualties, moreover at this time also appeared the great strength of these popular teams, four popular teams besides by Qinghai specially Operations Office that Xia Tian eliminated, other three team casualty figures were least. Third day started, everybody guessed that today is possibly bloodier than couple of days ago, because today was the grain ration remaining last days, passed today, they must endure the hardships of fieldwork. Xia Tian reorganized own equipment, prepared to embark, here was really too big, wanted to find Lin Bingbing their three to be possible not to be really simple. Saw Xia Tian to move, outside these looked that the person of competition also came the interest. Quick, Xia Tian has discovered a person. Is ten city last people. Xia Tian moving under water secretly in the past, an anti-tank grenade threw the under foot of that person directly, the chief teacher in that ten city still sleeps in that a result anti-tank grenade arrives at his front, blasts out directly.

Ten city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus 0 people.’ Ha Ha!” Outside these looked that the people of competition have smiled, that scene too had dramatized a moment ago, they personally saw that anti-tank grenade are Xia Tian face to face rumble past going, but the chief teachers in exploded that ten city were sleeping, finally was eliminated, his dirty walked from the smog. Just solved Xia Tian discovery of this person not to be good, his anti-tank grenade has brought in the surrounding two Dragon Group members. Outside watched the person of competition also to see the situation of that two Dragon Group members. The war is ready to be set off. Most had quality of being worth looking at Xia Tian, unexpectedly has encountered two Dragon Group members. Finally had the good play to look, two Dragon Group members, had a look this time also to have any method.” Outside looks at person light saying of competition. He discovered that two Dragon Group person, good high vigilance.” This time Xia Tian discovered after that two Dragon Group person, does not return, starts directly, that speed, looks like the cheetah in jungle is the same, but everybody discovered making a mistake that immediately they guessed. Because of the Xia Tian unexpectedly study Mount Tai, has stomped on the tree. Reason that Xia Tian on the reason of tree is because the Xia Tian road was too difficult to walk, below will frequently have the peculiar circumstance, moreover branch of Xia Tian his clothes delimited was very miserable, if walks ordinary below, but walks under in escaping is unwise. That two Dragon Group person is also in hot pursuit, moreover they have discovered the Xia Tian intention, therefore they on also set up. The chase war formally started. However outside watches the person of competition to discover immediately Xia Tian unexpectedly does not run. „Was he too tired to move any further?” Has the possibility, after all on him also has the bullet wound.”

Yeah, looked like must finish probably.” These person of helpless saying that outside watches the fun, they have not looked to suffice the competition of Xia Tian. At this moment. Bang! A series of explosive sounds transmit. All people looked surprisedly to Xia Tian that continue run, originally he a moment ago and had the strength, but in tempting that two Dragon Group person, his unexpectedly has made the booby mine on the tree, although that two Dragon Group person had not been eliminated, but they pursued thoroughly lose Xia Tian. If a moment ago were not they responds quickly, but also really by the Xia Tian booby mine eliminating. Fierce, jungle warfare Expert.” Senior Official loud saying of Ministry of Defence, this competition, Xia Tian it can be said that made him broaden the outlook, can most common jungle warfare the handiness of application of tactics. This simply was too fierce, the simplest booby mine has almost eliminated Dragon Group Expert, this was really too inconceivable. Jiang Hai City Operations Office other three people converged specially, but they three conditions are not good, because their had been surrounded, is Shenzhen specially Operations Office person, eight people surrounded them completely. You, are not carefully good tear up the badge, these people to not eliminate us absolutely are so simple, otherwise they already to open fire.” The Lin Bingbing reminder said that her vision 11 have swept front people. The war is ready to be set off.