Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 442

Lin Bingbing has been suppressing own strength, has not used completely, moreover she according to the Xia Tian words, noticed that the person runs away, therefore until now, she has not participated in anything fighting. Afterward he had met the big cow and seven groups of Leader, three people accompanied the colleague together, but she has not thought that they already stared, moreover was a team, eight people stared. Symbol Lin Bingbing from these person of clothes can see, is Shenzhen specially Operations Office team. At this time before she remembered has come, Xia Tian reminds their, these people definitely had the strangeness, they some lot of opportunities began a moment ago, but they have not begun, at this time actually blatantly stood in Lin Bingbing and the others the surroundings, this to not eliminate them obviously. „Does the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person, otherwise I give you an opportunity to be what kind of specially?” Specially the Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher ponders looks to Lin Bingbing and the others. Actually do you want to resort to what method?” Lin Bingbing vigilant looks that the surrounding these people asked. Method is the weak one plays with, now looks like, we are Expert, but you are the weak ones, this world is this, the law of the jungle, whose fist listens greatly whose, the present is our fists is big, how therefore we do want to play how play?” Saying that the Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher disdains specially. Now they have eight people, moreover each is Expert, the opposite party has three people. They have the full assurance. Now looks like a game is the same, their department heads give their mission are run into the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person to hit specially remnantly. Outside these watch person expressions of competition to be complex. Ye Wan clear has not thought that Ye sensitive unexpectedly invited specially including Shenzhen Operations Office people, in addition, by the Qinghai Operations Office person who Xia Tian eliminated, Ye sensitive unexpectedly is invited in four big seed teams three specially. Too fearful. Ye Wan is really not clearly able to imagine Ye Min to retaliate her and Xia Tian has spent many painstaking care.

Corruption that these three people became famous, but Ye sensitive unexpectedly can also handle these three people, this does not spend. Ye Min a face ridicule looks at Ye Wan to be clear, her expression was saying probably that you waited to look at the good play, looked that your person was been how tyrannical by my subordinate, Ye Min waited till this opportunity finally. This is also one that she most wants to see. She has spent the money and that many thoughts for at this moment. If she does not leave this air/Qi, she dies with injustice unredressed, therefore she does not hesitate to spend that many painstaking care and money copes with Ye Wan clear Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office. Shenzhen Operations Office department head shows a faint smile specially, looks at the good play the appearance. Senior Official of Ministry of Defence has grasped fist, no matter what everyone can look, this competition Jiang Hai City Operations Office person is everywhere aims at specially, just started is the Qinghai specially Operations Office person, afterward also some people used the live round, now Shenzhen specially Operations Office person also starts to begin to the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person specially. Special Operations Office should be the army of country, serves the people, but unexpectedly turned into the tools in these person of hands now, how this lets him not to be angry, he has decided that after going back, must this matter report that gives above. This time matter cannot such consider as finished absolutely. Special Operations Office must result in changes greatly, Ye must result. If continues the person of to ignore Ye to be so noisy, then Operations Office will turn into a China biggest malignant tumor specially, the ability and news that because they master were really too many. If information revelations on their hand, that is the national massive loss. Ye Min the vision looked that was clear to Ye Wan, the corners of the mouth rise slightly, the meaning was the good play must start immediately, this time looked how your person ran away, she to the present still remembers how Xia Tian injured her person, if were not because her person has all been injured, she will not attain that first quota from the bottom.

Then regarding her simply is the huge shame. Therefore she so will hate Ye Wan mild Xia Tian, her plan is these three people are broken the bone, then sees the Ye Wan clear pain the expression, finally remaining that Xia Tian are unable to do it alone, impossible to resist these many people by a person of strength radically. So long as these people get rid together, Xia Tian will taste finally is also broken the taste of bone. She must make Xia Tian regret. Moreover she must let Xia Tian and Ye Wan knows clearly is she does, like this she can true venting spleen. Your fists are very truly big.” Saying of seven groups of Leader coldly: But our fists are are not a vegetarian.” Ha Ha Ha Ha, whose fists that tries our to be hard.” Chief teacher excited saying of Shenzhen specially Operations Office, in his eyes these three people are the dishes, in the meat the vegetable. He can play with casually. Comes, at the worst we tear up the badge.” Seven groups of Leader said loudly. Really is the performance of lacking prospects, spiritless, your Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office on this skill? Really makes the person look down upon.” Specially the Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher despises looks that three people said. In his expression has filled disdaining. Is the courage and uprightness sons, although knows that this is the method of goading somebody into action, but big cow and seven groups of Leader angry looks to him: How you want to play, we accompany are being.” I must play naturally is most amusing, a pair two, anyone of you have won who can walk.” Chief teacher light saying of Shenzhen specially Operations Office.

This is unfair.” The big cow shouts. Fair? The fair criterion is Expert decides, but you are just the weak ones, not having the qualifications to discuss fairly, moreover our eight people, average minute of words , your person will deal with three people, I such did am suffice to take care of you.” The Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher oppresses others by the potential specially, he is disinclined with the opposite party compared with any Jianghu custom, one-to-one. That was too senseless. He most is interested bullies the person. He most likes is now this feeling, the feeling of Expert, occupies a commanding position, he can be in control of others' destiny. You think really did one eat to decide us? You thought that your fists are very big? At the worst our internecine strife.” Lin Bingbing angry looked that said to the Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher specially. I had said a moment ago, whose fist is big, whose listens, now is our fists is obviously big, if you are not convinced, we one were simply good on the internecine strife.” Saying that the Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher disdains specially. Outside watches these people of competition, although not being able to hear inside sound, but they can actually see inside situation. At this moment they saw on the main screen, person who that they most pay attention, his speed more and more but quickly the positions of his direction these people.