Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 443

Who was said that his fist was hard.” The form jumped from behind together, the body fell on the airborne tuck dive on the ground. Sees this form time, Lin Bingbing on they three faces has revealed the happy expression, is Xia Tian, Xia Tian came, saw that Xia Tian came they three hearts to put down, if they, when encountered any danger, so long as they saw this form, no longer was afraid. Because this form is in their hearts the most formidable back. This time Xia Tian back to their several, vision stubbornly is staring at the opposite these people: Whose a moment ago was act high and mighty, come, proceeded one step.” Snort!” Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher cold snort, forwarded specially one step, he thinks that Xia Tian this is provoking, if he does not forward, has feared the opposite party. Em, installs real looks like, truly grew ***.” Xia Tian nodded to say. At this time outside these watched on face of competition to present the complex look, Ye Wan was mild her secretary to relax, saw Xia Tian the time, they know that the member did not have dangerously. This is a trust. But Xia Tian also has the strength that makes them trust sufficiently. Ye Min and Shenzhen specially Operations Office department head complexion changes, Ye Min has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly caught up, this was the unscheduled matter, Xia Tian comes absolutely, that fight may probably become has troubled, she went to Shenzhen specially Operations Office department head the vision. Shenzhen Operations Office department head to her nod of silently, the meaning does not have the issue specially, his person can, his mood be possible to be poor, after he knows in the screen, that person who passes is not absolutely affable, has obtained a top grade meritorious chapter of person, how possibly is the affable lord. The loss of this time his team will be very big, even if were solves Xia Tian their several, his team should not with the skill that several other teams strove for hegemony, then they are unable to win the champion of this competition. Thinks that here he a little regretted, regretted that should not be enticed by Ye Min. However now said that anything did not have, even if he wants to cancel an order also without enough time, because inside person cannot hear, he also can only implore to lose now falls to lowly. Other people all are one look at the good play the appearance.

The present scene is most attractive, the arrival of Xia Tian, making this battle makes them anticipate. You dare to scold me!” The Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher looks specially angrily to Xia Tian. I have not scolded you, what I use is only the adjective, right, is the adjective.” Xia Tian serious saying. Curses at people does not have the dirty words, this was cursing at people highest Realm, Xia Tian already had practiced to reach a high degree of proficiency this Kungfu. I have killed you.” The Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher looks at Xia Tian to say specially wickedly that he was angry, his mouth is not fierce, therefore he also said Xia Tian. Good, since must start, our two both are the chief teachers, should give the friendship handshake, some outside also people look that starts directly is not quite good.” Xia Tian proposed. The Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher nodded specially, he thinks Xia Tian said is reasonable, which although he has not seen the monitoring, but outside can certainly see here situation, but he does not think that Xia Tian wants to shake hand with him. He guessed that Xia Tian wants certainly to compete the power of gripping with him, this he naturally did not fear that he to his power of gripping is very self-confident. Therefore he also very in a friendly way extended the right hand, grasps with Xia Tian. Outside person noticed that this smiles, this is typical, when **** must set up the memorial arch. All people understand that Shenzhen especially Operations Office person must bully the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person, now also shakes hand, that really not any persuasive power. They should to compete power of gripping.” Should be, in any case not possibly for friendship.” Not possibly for Ma Sya.”

Outside watches the person of competition to discuss. At this time the hand and Shenzhen Operations Office of Xia Tian the hand of chief teacher grasped specially in one. Really is this.” The Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher feels the strength from Xia Tian specially, saying that disdains. At this moment he does not feel suddenly right, Xia Tian strength unexpectedly, such makes an effort suddenly, his entire body flew to the Xia Tian position. Dying without a heir foot! Bang! Xia Tian has used his alone gate Unique Skill, this Unique Skill was the Xia Tian best B hideaway skill, never outside demonstration, but today, he held nothing back to demonstrate, his foot kicked directly in the pants crotch of Shenzhen specially Operations Office chief teacher. Strength Xia Tian of this foot has estimated that even if the iron pipe must kick curved. Such formidable strength kicks in the lifeblood of Shenzhen specially Operations Office chief teacher, the consequence can be imagined. „!” The incisive sound sends out from the mouth of Shenzhen Department Head Operations Office together specially. Outside these looked that the person of competition was scared, this foot they are very difficult to imagine, but they noticed that in now Shenzhen Operations Office department head both legs Gansu knelt on the ground specially, the eye has fought the callus, the mouth turned into O. Teacher!” Shenzhen Operations Office person ran specially hurriedly to him. Yeah, you.” Lin Bingbing helpless shaking the head. The big cow and seven groups of Leader have raised up the thumb to Xia Tian, expression that a face admires.

„Do you want him? Gives you.” Xia Tian saw that a person runs to him, he has thrown the Shenzhen Operations Office chief teacher directly specially, that person extends both hands to meet hurriedly. Super must kill the technique. Dying without a heir foot. Xia Tian sent out his super hideaway invincible big skill once more, the dying without a heir foot has kicked directly on that person of pants crotch. Another Master Asia appeared. Perhaps people might ask, since were super invincibly must kill the skill, how can also use these many times, the explanation of Xia Tian was very simple, this investigates the skill, strongest skill, method of use, only then one, that was looked that who was not feeling well can use. Outside looked that these men of competition have simultaneously clamped their both legs, their backs have flowed out the cold sweat. This under foot, that may not be is cracking a joke, they can feel that two person anxious pains of obviously. Shenzhen Operations Office department head was specially silly, he knows that starting today in his place will be many two Master Asia. Yeah, I think that you are very hard, now is not hard.” A Xia Tian person of foot stepped in their fists, he has not broken the legs of these two people, because these two people are half disabled person. Dies!” The remaining six people also get rid, they looked, this person was not simple, moreover sneak attacked to be too fierce, therefore they must get rid together, killed Xia Tian directly.