Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 444

Saw that six people simultaneously plunge Xia Tian, outside Ye Min has shown the smiling face, she does not believe absolutely Xia Tian this time can also be able to escape. Other person also faces worry looked to Xia Tian, six Expert also got rid, has blocked his escape route completely, was simultaneously hit by these six people, that did not die is also the severe wound, moreover they know that these six people will not keep the hand absolutely, after the first attack hit, the second wave of attack also will certainly come. But at this moment, all people scolded one mean!” Ye Wan clearly also has smiled, Xia Tian, his unexpectedly has not carried that two Shenzhen specially Operations Office person, when shield, a moment ago he, although kicked to injure that two people, but he has not torn away that two people of badge, therefore he such does now is not violates a regulation. That six people want to receive hand, was already without enough time, the attacks of their six people hit on the body of these two. Super series must kill the technique. Dying without a heir foot series foot. Xia Tian while their god time, has given them a foot. Might that although such kicks small several points, but Xia Tian determined that these people should lie down on the bed 35 months. Fires off stops work for the day.” Xia Tian has patted clapping. How dramatic fight. Such result all people are unable to accept, if this is an imposing war, they can also accept reluctantly, but this is sneak attacks completely . Moreover the person of that opposite party works as the shield. Although seems some rascals, but fights truly time, such person can live . Moreover the angle that he sneak attacks is blind spot, if he attacks directly, all people can evade, but his such blind spot attack and weakness attack are actually any person cannot evade.” Sits in that Dragon Group Expert light saying. Right, this is the person who uses the brain fight, some people are just the average people, but they go to win Yellow Grade Expert, they use is not the strength, but is the brain, understood that with person who the brain fights, that absolutely is Expert.” Another Dragon Group Expert nodded to say. Simultaneously obtains two Dragon Group senior officials' acknowledgments, the Xia Tian status without doubt is when production costs rise , prices rise too.

Hateful, hateful, hateful.” In Ye sensitive Inner Strength is shouting wildly, she does not understand why failed, she thinks that this group of people will certainly win, but unexpectedly was also finally defeated. She knows that own present was to look for the Qinghai specially Operations Office department head and Shenzhen Operations Office department head goes to the theory to be also useless specially. Perhaps the opposite party must instead bite her one, after all because of her, the talented people of these two teams was eliminated completely, moreover wounds is so miserable, therefore she also can only eat this being unable to speak out about one's grievances, the money of spending did not come back. Moreover she also by Shenzhen specially Operations Office department head resting. All these also can only be unable to speak out about one's grievances at that time. She can only implore Sichuan especially Operations Office now do not have the condition again, otherwise she really compensated sends greatly. When she looks to the Sichuan specially Operations Office department head, the Sichuan Operations Office department head has not paid attention to her specially, but is the corners of the mouth shows a faint smile. When she has turned the head to watch competition, her neck hemp, whole person did not have the consciousness, the Sichuan Operations Office department head has supported her specially gently, then said to behind person anything, on that person of face appeared excitedly, afterward walked Ye Minfu. Everybody is watching the competition, therefore nobody sees here situation, only then Ye Wan saw that clearly Ye Min was held, but Ye Min walked in her opinion was better, therefore she has not paid attention. The Sichuan Operations Office department head already expected Ye Min to relate other two matters specially, therefore he will promise Ye Min, in the process of fight, he intentionally was actually avoided the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person by own person. Such did can make another two begin, he reaped profits, if another two let slip, his person will not begin, in his eyes Xia Tian turned into his board game piece, removed the barrier for him the board game piece. His goal is the champion of district match. As for Ye Min in his eyes is just one ****, he has given to his subordinate, his subordinate will lead Ye Min to go to one fully is the place of wo cuo man, then gets the needle to her, let her joyful dying. Ye Min also merely is his board game piece.

As for that person who Ye takes away sensitively he is cleanness of processing, they are travel by water, after waiting for that person to handle matters, naturally some people also will kill the person of that management. Does not keep any evidence. Today he is a winner. You come, has the anti-tank grenade to open their pilot biscuits, remember, do not rip the badge, leaves others them, I believe that here also has certainly to dislike their people.” Xia Tian and seven groups of Leader shouts to the big cow. Grain ration that these people save laboriously turned into the Xia Tian spoils of war. Bang! After Xia Tian throws a ground anti-tank grenade, had their several to leave. The goal in hand is to attract others, everybody hears the anti-tank grenade not to discover the deceased person, naturally can think that here some people are fighting, the praying mantis catches the cicada canary, which person does not want to work as the canary, especially now the supplies did not have time. After 20 minutes. Shenzhen Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus seven people.’ Shenzhen Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus six people.’ Shenzhen Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus five people.’ …… Shenzhen Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus 0 people.’

The sound of broadcast told Xia Tian, some people went to their there, but he does not know Shenzhen specially Operations Office that several people already hit does not know his mother. These people come here time planned mixes to snack to allay hunger gives, but comes to discover that this group of people are the poor devils, the body anything thing does not have, in addition they usually little have not looked at Shenzhen specially Operations Office countenance. Therefore they come up to hit, have a grudge to revenge, have the resentful complaint. Xia Tian has given Lin Bingbing that several pilot biscuits. You gave me, what did everybody eat?” Lin Bingbing doubts looks to Xia Tian. You is a woman, we one will eat, does not facilitate you to eat.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. The big cow and seven groups of Leader also nodded, they understand that meaning of Xia Tian, bloody, here lights a fire to be equal to reporting others own position, therefore they can only eat to live. Catches any animal, eats anything, but without exception, all lives. Dragon Group eliminates one person, the surplus nine people, some people obtain a badge.’ At this moment broadcasts to disseminate news except for a stirring news, that invincible Dragon Group Expert unexpectedly has eliminated a person.