Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 445
Dragon Group person unexpectedly was eliminated. Heard this news Xia Tian and the others in same place, some unexpectedly people have eliminated the Dragon Group person, this was also too terrifying, the person who this time came was not the Dragon Group ordinary member, but was in Dragon Group true Expert. But such Expert was eliminated. Thus it can be seen, eliminates his person or the team how fierce. I have not misunderstood, some unexpectedly people have eliminated the Dragon Group person.” Big cow surprised saying. I have believed that so long as lived the time long to win, but some unexpectedly people have eliminated the Dragon Group person now.” Seven groups of Leader shocking saying. On my road bumped into Dragon Group these people, the strength was very strong, I have not spelled with them hardly, it seems like that this competition imagined us is more difficult.” Xia Tian has not thought that some unexpectedly people can eliminate the Dragon Group person. We now what to do?” Lin Bingbing doubts looks to Xia Tian. If you are the Dragon Group person, you are the symbols of perfection, suddenly will some people eliminate you to be what kind of?” Xia Tian asked. Vitality!” Three people also said. Right, was the vitality, the Dragon Group person must start to sweep greatly, we must find a place to hide first.” Xia Tian does not want to face one flock of gotten angry tigers, according to the science statistics, the person in the vitality with the angry situation , the strength will promote to 120% to 150. Outside these watched the person of competition completely to be also shocked. How they see with one's own eyes that Dragon Group member to be eliminated. Is hand that Yun Shi Operations Office person moves specially, their ten people have gathered, that Dragon Group person entered their trap a moment ago, although his strength is very strong, but finally these early the prepare trap seizing, that Dragon Group arrived by the net subnet finally time, ten people pressed together on his body, has torn away his badge.

unexpectedly eliminated.” The Sichuan Operations Office department head deeps frown specially, he has not thought that some people can eliminate the Dragon Group person, also had him who must win to grasp a moment ago, now also a little worries. „The strength of this team of people are not bad.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence said. Five by the outwire personnel who Dragon Group eliminates, another five are also the top skilled people.” A Dragon Group senior official said. It seems like this year Yun Shi rushes the champion of final is going, such formidable lineup, took first was not strange.” Another Dragon Group senior official nodded. The people saw Yun Shi specially Operations Office power and prestige. Although Yun Shi specially Operations Office is also one of the four seed teams, but they come time is very low-key, Yun Shi specially Operations Office department head is also very low-key, a few words did not say, such static watches the competition. Moreover on his face did not have any expression, even if were his person attains the first Dragon Group badge he not to have the slight excitement. As if all these should be be the same, during all in his grasp. At this time everybody was clear, people who had the skill truly was very low-key, looked like Yun Shi specially Operations Office department head. Xia Tian and the others have not run several steps to hear the broadcast. Six city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus they.’ Xia Tian and the others only ran for a half hour, heard the four sounds broadcast, they know that the Dragon Group person this has gotten angry, this time anger was nobody can keep off, they were angry Xia Tian to start frightened, this group of people completely were not the person. Can live which of present is not the elite in elite, but their unexpectedly can also so quick eliminates these many people, this was simply terrorist.

Such big island, making Xia Tian find the person to use energy, moreover along with the reduction of population, the remaining people more and more was not good to look. But Dragon Group unexpectedly can also in such short time eliminate four people again. Feels how is it?” Xia Tian looked that asked to their three. Was too exciting, I felt that my present whole body has been full of the strength, my microcosm started to erupt.” Big cow excited saying, saw that the Dragon Group person such works oneself to death, he also felt one one's blood bubbles up to the brim. Really hopes to kill Dragon Group that is we.” Seven groups of Leader are also warm-blooded rushes. The image of Dragon Group this perfection was broken finally. You?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Lin Bingbing. You should also understand me compared with me.” Lin Bingbing said that her thoughts Xia Tian understood very much. Good, since everybody agreed that we hide tonight for day, tomorrow grasps Dragon Group Expert.” Xia Tian has made this decision, he today will certainly not go, today goes is the fool, these Dragon Group people now with hitting chicken blood, their absolutely cannot ask to on now cheaply. After their excited strengths crossed, is Xia Tian thinks the best opportunity. Today their mission hides first, then conserves strength. „Does teacher, which we hide to goes?” Big cow puzzled asking. Looks for a cave.” Xia Tian said.

But they have hot feeling instrument, the cave is useless regarding them, and has blocked own escape route regarding us.” Seven groups of Leader puzzled asking. Relax, your mission rests today to me, other gave me to be good.” Xia Tian did not fear that the Dragon Group person walks, moreover the Dragon Group hot feeling instrument is not invincible, can only investigate neighbor, he does not believe that his drop carries. Moreover came, at the worst fights one. Quick they had found a cave, Xia Tian they moved nearby branch and weed, has blocked cave entrance, making the person unable to see here is a cave entrance. What Xia Tian this move uses is being loaf of person at heart, the hot feeling instrument in Dragon Group person hand never must have the electricity, therefore they are impossible to open, only then they felt that the suspicious place will open. Xia Tian makes people unable to see this cave entrance dying of suffocation is the cave, the Dragon Group person has 90% probabilities unable to turn on the hot feeling instrument. The time little past, after having eaten the thing, they have rested, that night is the Dragon Group flashpoint hotspot. To late at night four points. The broadcast stops, this middle population were almost eliminated cleanly. However what made all people surprised was, Yun Shi was elimination did not have, this simply was may be called the miracle. But other team not eliminated teams, only remaining 12 individuals, now remaining population most on three teams. Got up, we must begin.” Xia Tian awakened the people, the Dragon Group person crosses the excited strength now, therefore Xia Tian they must start to erupt, at this time should be the Dragon Group person weariest time.