Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 446

Until now, Yun Shi had not been eliminated, Sichuan surplus seven people, Jiang Hai City surplus four people, several other city altogether surplus five people. in addition is 26 people. But Dragon Group has only eliminated one person, surplus nine people. Can live absolutely was the elite in elite. The following fight is most classical. Yun Shi the person probably was into thin air was the same, the miniature detecting instrument could not find their traces. Xia Tian felt that the time was also up, has awakened their three, prepares to tidy up together, this their goal is not running away, but grasps, their goals are the Dragon Group members. This time they must catch the Dragon Group member. Since some people have attained a badge, then they must attain two Dragon Group badges to be good, otherwise is unable to win Yun Shi specially Operations Office person. Their this goals are the district first. It is not the game of peekaboo. The big cow and seven groups of Leader this whole life has not experienced such interesting fight, they now simply one's blood bubbles up to the brim. But Lin Bingbing has thought positive to Dragon Group person, actually she wants to look at the Dragon Group person is any strength, after all Dragon Group is also her goal, she must enter in Dragon Group, revenges for mother. Xia Tian is actually indifferent, he does not like the book in any case. Therefore this four people of squads started instead to hunt down. In these four people, Xia Tian is the core, the Lin Bingbing speed is quick, the strength is big, can be used to sneak attack, seven groups of Leader excel at the trap, but marksmanship of big cow is admires including Xia Tian. Such squad no matter how looks is a versatile team.

At this time outside these watch the person of competition. Looked quickly that the Jiang Hai City person moved, they have hidden for day, today finally also has in a big way acts, this time looked like also has the good play to look.” I like looking at this boy, that I who we locate gave up.” Looked that his competition seems like reading the textbook simply, moreover is the brand-new textbook.” These watch the person of competition also specially excitedly, arrives at the competition of Xia Tian they to be energetic. „The Dragon Group person has grasped for day a night, now was also tired, at this time gets rid the best opportunity.” Senior official light saying of Dragon Group. His control to battlefield was really too strong, he also held on to this point, therefore has hidden for day, today prepares to get rid.” Another Dragon Group senior official is also an admiration of face. Evades its point, cuts his waist Liang.” Senior Official satisfied nod of Ministry of Defence. They saw on the body of Xia Tian thing that these usually everybody said that therefore they admire Xia Tian, can all use these things during the true fight. Yun Shi specially Operations Office department head is still that appearance, on the face the extraordinary tranquility. At this time most worries was the Sichuan specially Operations Office department head, looks that Yun Shi Operations Office has taken the first badge specially, his heart looked like caught fire to be the same, his goal won the championship. Even if second does not have any significance for him, because of specially the competition of Operations Office, only then first, does not have second, the first advancement, second and Shierdu goes home. Therefore he does not hope to lose competition. He has played some scheme has eliminated with great difficulty Qinghai specially Operations Office and Shenzhen Operations Office specially, but his unexpectedly has underestimated Yun Shi specially Operations Office ability. Xia Tian, this you give full play.” Ye Wan clear excited looks at large screen, she knows that Xia Tian has been maintaining the strength, since now he has attacked on own initiative, that naturally has prepared full. Has the person, big cow, seven o'clock directions, one kilometer, static, can hit?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the big cow.

The big cow had not answered, but has carried the (spear|gun) directly, the tongue extends forward. Bang! Five city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus 0 people.’ The broadcast has broadcast the big cow directly a moment ago the result of that (spear|gun). Attractive!” Xia Tian said. The marksmanship of big cow also really has. Teacher, your power of observation called fiercely, such you could see, was really too fierce.” The big cow carried the (spear|gun) a moment ago time has not discovered the target, if not Xia Tian tells his concrete position, he was unable to discover that person. Outside watched these people of competition to be about to be shocked. The Jiang Hai City Operations Office person also really makes them broaden the outlook specially, their here cannot hear the Xia Tian sound, they can only notice that the big cow lifts the (spear|gun) directly, has not seen including the goal on to open fire. Five city specially Operations Office chief teachers who then a (spear|gun) has hit hide. This (spear|gun) was really too mysterious. Before they think that Jiang Hai City Operations Office had the highlight on Xia Tian specially, this absolutely did not have anything, a person was impossible to turn around the situation, but they have not thought that this has been carrying the Sniper Rifle very low-key person, marksmanship unexpectedly was so good. Jiang Hai City should Operations Office be specially first time attended the district match?” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence asked. Em, the first time.” His military region Senior Official nodded. First time presents these many highlights, is really extraordinary.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence nodded. Good attractive marksmanship.” Five city Operations Office department heads said specially that what although eliminated is his person, but he is the sincerity thought attractiveness that this (spear|gun) truly hits.

In they sigh with emotion, broadcast loud. Seven city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus person.’ Also is the hand that the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person moves specially, but this that person wants to sneak attack, Xia Tian they, but has not thought that stepped on seven groups of Leader arrangement booby mine. „!” Seven groups of Leader have delivered finally a that person of anti-tank grenade. Attractive.” Xia Tian has not seen that person, because of that person after behind, moreover good that very hides, but that person plays not to think that unexpectedly his unexpectedly will step on the booby mine. Outside this returns looked that person of competition was more surprised. The Xia Tian core competencies they confirmed that in addition the (spear|gun) of big cow, came arrangement booby mine Expert a moment ago now. This team also real monstruous talent, in four people had three people are the topest talented person.” I anticipated that now that female outcome will have anything to display.” You looked quickly that side did not come the person.” Watches these people of competition to discuss, four person three super figure, but also misses Lin Bingbing, everybody anticipates looked to the middle that large screen. But all of them stare. Person? How did that woman disappear?” Senior Official surprised asking of Ministry of Defence, he also saw a moment ago, but that woman as if baseless disappeared was the same.