Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 447

Does not vanish, was speed was too quick, she was Expert.” The Dragon Group senior official answered. Hears the words of Dragon Group that senior official, everybody was more surprised, originally Jiang Hai City remaining four people of squad unexpectedly so are fierce. As if is confirming the words of that Dragon Group senior official to be the same, the sound of broadcast conveys together. Seven city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus 0 people.’ The screen cut that person of position, Lin Bingbing has stood in that person of side at this time, on the forehead of that person all was the sweat, walked after Lin Bingbing, the body of that person was weak. Hateful, strength unexpectedly of this squad is so strong.” The Sichuan Operations Office department head has criticized one specially, he has not thought team strength unexpectedly that Jiang Hai City this rushes newly is so strong. The remaining four people have various strong points respectively. He thinks a moment ago Yun Shi was very formidabe, was now were also many Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office four people of groups. His hindrance was also big. On the place long face of Yun Shi Operations Office still does not have any expression specially, even if the Jiang Hai City Operations Office four people of group so high-sounding talk, on his face do not have the look that any worries about specially. Ye Wan looked at expression changes on two face clearly, she did not worry that now the Sichuan Operations Office person has any big movement specially, was worried on the contrary Yun Shi Operations Office person will have any method specially, because they were too quiet, moreover good that too hides. Until now miniature detecting instrument has not discovered their positions. Four people, have various characteristics respectively, was really too interesting.” What although eliminated is my person, but I also really am relaxed, watches the competition of Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office very easily really thrilling.” Perhaps their four really have the opportunity to surpass the remaining that two teams.” Outside these watch the person of competition majority are the people who the department heads in several other places and they bring, Senior Official of part of military regions, but they have not worn the military uniform, therefore does not know their military ranks. Now they most like looking is Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office the screen.

„The police spend the elder sister, you get rid to be really quick enough.” Saying of Xia Tian admiration. You have displayed, I naturally must show one's skill.” Lin Bingbing shows a faint smile, mischievous saying, she is a cold beautiful woman, such mischievous appearance that is very rare, looked at Xia Tian to be drunk. The appearance that Lin Bingbing sees Xia Tian that pig elder brother, has patted the racket on his face directly. Em?” Time that Xia Tian sobers, vision took a fast look around a person, saw this person time, the excitement of his whole face: Ha Ha Ha Ha, the brothers, bought and sold, standing by.” Hears the Xia Tian words, four people have all separated, Xia Tian also directly hid. Hid not to move, the enemy in five o'clock directions, he was walking to here, was very discrete, our booby mines were arranged by him.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. Relax, the teacher, I had not been idling a moment ago.” Seven groups of Leader responses said. Big cow, one will seize the opportunity on to open fire, as far as possible other exposed.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Good.” The big cow said accordingly. „The police spend the elder sister, I on, you sneak attack first.” Xia Tian looked at Lin Bingbing to say. Receives.” Lin Bingbing nodded to say. All people are ready completely. If the atmosphere, outside watches these person of atmosphere of competition they more tense than Xia Tian at this time. They also saw that Dragon Group person. Finally can with Dragon Group Expert to fighting, the real anticipation, actually these four people have been able to take Dragon Group Expert?” I look cannot, Dragon Group Expert cannot take with some small methods, this is needs the true strength to be good.”

This may not say certainly, I compare to favor their four.” The person who these watch the fun had forgotten own status, they now are only the viewers, looks while was discussing the situation in scene. Snort, oneself court death.” Sichuan Operations Office department head cold snort said specially. Yun Shi Operations Office department head gained ground specially slightly, obviously he a little has also been interested in this fight, the people first time noticed that his expression had the change. Certain line.” Ye Wan clear light saying. Your several, said that this who can win.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence looked that asked to that four people. Four people of groups!” His side Senior Official of that two military region also said that they are the leadership of military region, in their eyes these four people are the best soldiers, the best soldier is impossible to lose, therefore they choose to support four people of groups. Dragon Group.” That two Dragon Group senior official chose to support own person, because they understood the ability of person on one's own side, so long as were not any snare, that was impossible to lose. Good, whom we have a look at to win.” All people will all focus in the large screen. On that is just about to have a good play. Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office four people of group VS Dragon Group Expert. Everybody was waiting for how they want to take a look at Xia Tian this outcome also to sneak attack, because the Xia Tian beforehand combat almost sneak attacks, moreover making ready especially success that sneak attacks. tai!” When all people anticipate, Xia Tian jumped directly came out to shout loudly: This mountain is I opens, this tree is I plants, if wants this road, to leave behind the safe passage money.” Ben Kui! Outside these looked that the person of competition all collapsed. The Xia Tian sound is very loud, therefore they can hear.

They also think Xia Tian must sneak attack, but Xia Tian unexpectedly stood to take by force. Xia Tian this did not shout importantly, frightened that Dragon Group person to jump. That Dragon Group person to retreat two steps, but he immediately in a tuck dive tree. Bang! The position that he stood a moment ago has made a sound a bomb, is the booby mine, the booby mine that seven groups of Leader buried a moment ago, this booby mine had almost succeeded a moment ago, but the Dragon Group Expert skill was really good. Therefore this booby mine has not succeeded. Running is very quick.” The Xia Tian goal is to frighten him. Is very cloudy.” Dragon Group that person shows a faint smile. On you.” Xia Tian referred to the head of Dragon Group Expert saying. That Dragon Group Expert just about to said this deceitful trick to I am useless the time, he really felt that a standing net fell, jumps hurriedly forward. Goes back.” A Xia Tian tuck dive jumps, a foot trampled directly on the body of that Dragon Group Expert, he in the midair, the body did not have the means to move a moment ago, happen to this foot. His body was kicked the distant place directly, head that standing net also fell. Whiz! The blood color break-up gets up together, Lin Bingbing got rid.