Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 448

The Lin Bingbing speed is fast, her direct attack to that Dragon Group Expert, a fist rumbles from one side. This fist, Lin Bingbing has not kept the hand, actually she must have a look at itself and disparity between Dragon Group Expert big, therefore she has not retained. That Dragon Group member, body was being buckled by the big net, is unable to fend. He could see that on Lin Bingbing this fist is containing very big strength, but his only good luck draws out the both arms to resist. Bang! His body was hit to fly directly, but that Dragon Group personnel's response is very quick, in the retreat instance, he puts out the knife, cut open the big net directly, escaped from that big net. My little darling, strength big girl.” That Dragon Group Expert felt that own arm tingles with numbness, this that fought with the fists by a moment ago Lin Bingbing the consequence. Feeds, you behind have.” Xia Tian referred to that Dragon Group Expert saying. That Dragon Group Expert this time turns directly, has evaded behind that string. Why do you want to remind me?” That Dragon Group Expert puzzled asking, he first time bumps into such strange match, comes up to expose itself, then told the opposite party own mechanism. This is interesting, my police spend the elder sister to try your skill.” Xia Tian looked that said to that person. You?” That Dragon Group Expert looked that asked to Xia Tian. I just am a doctor, the matter that kills does not suit me.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Good, our two one-to-one.” That Dragon Group Expert looked that said to Lin Bingbing. Lin Bingbing from the start rubbish with him, said that begins to begin, a fist direct bang to that Dragon Group Expert, the Expert body of that Dragon Group has dodged the attack of Lin Bingbing, he discovered that Lin Bingbing besides strength big, does not have what fierce place. Therefore he copes with Lin Bingbing is handy. The people who outside these watch the fun a little do not understand that single Tiao, why four people of groups can choose single Tiao?

Was too strange, bumps into Dragon Group such Expert, their unexpectedly chooses single Tiao, this brings death to have anything to distinguish.” „The strength of that female is good, but she does not hit that Dragon Group Expert.” A little is truly strange, but this is also normal, their this four people of groups itself are one team of monsters, holds a strange event to be also normal.” These people all do not understand that Xia Tian they are doing anything, four teams one a little hopes obviously, but their unexpectedly has chosen single Tiao, with Dragon Group person single Tiao, this was simply insane. Snort, with Dragon Group person single Tiao, courts death to be the same.” Sichuan Operations Office department head cold snort said specially. On the place long face of that Yun Shi Operations Office does not have any change specially, but earnest watches the competition. Competition was really more and more interesting, this four people of groups, can always give us some accidents.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence also more looks is more interested, the competition that only then this stemming from person anticipates looks like interesting. Lin Bingbing altogether launched four attacks, he is relaxed evading. Useless, you do not hit I, regardless of your strength many mostly useless.” That Dragon Group Expert reminder said. Right?” Lin Bingbing flushes away to that Dragon Group Expert once more. Yeah!” That Dragon Group Expert helpless shaking the head, thinks that Lin Bingbing does not listen to advice, the body dodges to shunt the attack of Lin Bingbing once more, is at this moment Lin Bingbing speed suddenly suddenly to increase. Bang! Lin Bingbing has gone well, fought with the fists on the body of opposite party, this move of Xia Tian taught her, first made the opposite party adapt to own speed, then suddenly accelerated. After striking goes well, Lin Bingbing started her violent storm attack. My Fuck! was negligent.” That Dragon Group Expert wiped off the bloodstain of mouth, fast dodges the attack of Lin Bingbing. He now appears very passive, because that had made Lin Bingbing occupy a moment ago offensive.

Outside these looked that the person of competition was more surprised, they have not thought this female not only has with the Dragon Group Expert single Tiao strength, but also occupied completely the winning side. However does not last forever, that Dragon Group Expert reversed the situation. Finished!” A that Dragon Group Expert palm racket to the scruff of Lin Bingbing. ! At this moment, the silver color break-up, that Dragon Group Expert has taken back the palm together, Lin Bingbing rapidly has turned head, fights with the fists to that Dragon Group Expert. What thing?” That Dragon Group Expert has shunted the attack later doubts of Lin Bingbing looked to Xia Tian. Visits me to do, I just am a doctor, my anything does not know.” Xia Tian very innocent saying. That Dragon Group Expert turns the head to continue to look to Lin Bingbing, afterward cuts into the fight once more. After five moves, he saw a Lin Bingbing neutral, when he just about to begins. ! Also is together the silver color break-up, that Dragon Group Expert has missed the best opportunity, this affirmation is Xia Tian does certainly, because the silver light shoots from Xia Tian that position. Thank the Athena goddess, you heard certainly the hope of my innermost feelings.” Xia Tian serious start prayer. shit, you were too simply shameless.” Expert helpless saying of that Dragon Group, he has not seen Xia Tian to be so shameless, helped to be seen through unexpectedly by oneself to add that in secret the Athena goddess did. How he did not say that the water winter does, is that represents moon to eliminate your water winter. Bang! At this moment Lin Bingbing sneak attacked once more successfully.

„, The police spent the elder sister to be good.” Xia Tian excited shouting. That Dragon Clan Expert has rubbed own chest, he now is clear, originally this is police is colored to the female of war with oneself, but that keep it up certainly is likes this police being colored, therefore in secret is helping. However no matter who helps, this time must act seriously, he delayed too for a long time. Now he has also calculated the attack of Xia Tian silver needle in inside. Xia Tian saw that Dragon Group Expert was earnest, therefore he has gesticulated a hand signal to the big cow, after the meaning was I got rid, your ten o'clock direction direct to open fire. That Dragon Group Expert this time lashes out directly to Lin Bingbing. Three moves directly killed to Lin Bingbing. Xia Tian emits the silver needle hurriedly, but this that Dragon Group Expert early has the protection, his left hand takes out the dagger, blocked the attack of Xia Tian directly, the fist of right hand has hit directly to the Lin Bingbing abdomen, these, if in hitting, that Lin Bingbing directly lost the battle efficiency. Dares to hit my police to spend elder sister, dies.” The Xia Tian under foot ray dodges. Bang! His foot kicked directly on the body of that Dragon Group Expert, has kicked him directly. Bang! Meanwhile big cow to open fire, is ten o'clock directions.