Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 449

Center a (spear|gun) vital point. Dragon Group eliminates one person, the surplus eight people, some people obtain a badge.’ The big cow has a dream does not have to think own unexpectedly hit, this (spear|gun) was he hits, the big cow and seven groups of Leader ran, shouted excitedly: Has succeeded, we succeeded.” Outside these watched the person of competition to be all shocked, a moment ago that all were really too quick. That female must be attacked immediately time, a Xia Tian foot has kicked that Dragon Group person, then that sniper instantaneous to open fire, hits that Dragon Group Expert that flew directly. All these flawlessness of coordination. Four people of groups have taken Dragon Group Expert with ease. This is how possible!” Department head whole face inconceivable saying of Sichuan specially Operations Office. interesting.” Yun Shi Operations Office department head shows a faint smile specially, this was on his these days face the only change. Has won, won.” These look at person excited serious of competition, resembles that four people of groups is their members is ordinary. Ye Wan clear nod of slightly, she has not thought that is wins in this manner. Great.” Senior Official of that two military region shouts. Also is really very fierce, finally that (spear|gun) god.” The Dragon Group senior official also has to acknowledge that finally that (spear|gun) absolutely was a god. Should sentence in advance, otherwise is impossible to hit.” Another Dragon Group senior official answered. Splendid, such splendid competition I first time see.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence said that what he said was Xia Tian and the others the joint strikes, the victory and defeat in that flash. At this moment, on the screen presented Yun Shi specially Operations Office team, that team that vanished a moment ago appeared.

Now the people are clear, originally Yun Shi such safe, after they have taken a badge, directly hides, when they hear some people to attain the badge came out. This is the safest team, although their teams do not have what fervor. However their safety with the indication of champion. Your several, were really too sly.” That by Dragon Group Expert helpless shaking the head of Xia Tian they kill. Ha, were you are subdued by our aggression.” Xia Tian laughs was saying. Especially you, you look like a sly fox, my first time meets your such matches, today I lose will not be undeserved, hopes to have the opportunity we to say goodbye next time.” That Dragon Group Expert looks that Xia Tian and the others said. After Xia Tian and the others had attained the badge, left. I with some of he also big disparities?” Lin Bingbing opens the mouth to ask. Any disparity, he had not defeated by you.” Xia Tian said. Has not joked with you, you think that I do not know a moment ago you got rid secretly.” Lin Bingbing already discovered Xia Tian these petty actions, although the speed of silver needle is fast, but she saw. Actually, among you radically is not the disparity issue, he has the operational experience compared with you in him, his Realm is high, moreover his meeting some Martial Arts styles.” Xia Tian answered. How can I achieve that strength?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. This matter, the physique of everyone is anxiously different, the cultivation thing is also different, so long as you practice Mechanism Technique, kills him not to have the issue, but Mechanism Technique gets rid to want the human life, fighting used not quite more convenient.” Xia Tian thought that Lin Bingbing her mother's that Mechanism Technique was very fierce. The most minimum Xia Tian present strength felt that rank Mechanism Technique is very fierce. Em.” Lin Bingbing nodded.

Teacher, we do a ticket again.” The big cow has not relaxed from the excited vigor, he a (spear|gun) hit a moment ago that Dragon Group Expert, making him now be full of confidence. That walks, does a ticket to go again, kills that Sichuan Operations Office while convenient specially together, they come with Ye Min together, definitely is not the good thing.” The theory of Xia Tian is the friend of unprincipled person, is the unprincipled person. Naturally, the premise is the person who he is reprehensible. Eight city Operations Office eliminate one person specially, surplus 0 people.” The sound of broadcast conveys once more. Currently still the person in competition region has Dragon Group eight, Yun Shi specially Operations Office ten, Sichuan specially Operations Office seven with Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office four. Hey, has the person, I caught you.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Teacher, your this really?” Seven groups of Leader awkward looks at Xia Tian to ask, others present is the advances of cautious and solemn, but Xia Tian unexpectedly shouted in that. Has anything not to be good, when such looked found goes.” Xia Tian has not planned to continue to play the game of peekaboo: Big cow, hits only the wild rabbit to go.” Teacher, but also eats, I eat is about to spit.” Seven groups of Leader depressed saying. This eats to roast the rabbit, eats ripe.” Xia Tian said. Ignition words, we will be discovered quickly.” Seven groups of Leader surprised saying. Which that many idle talk, a bit faster go.” Xia Tian discontented saying. The big cow and seven groups of Leader hears the Xia Tian words , can only. Before long, seven groups of Leader looked for one pile of firebrands: Teacher, the fuel had, but we do not have the fire.”

The big cow also ran, in his hand has carried a wild rabbit. You arrange some traps, you go to hit one to go again.” The Xia Tian order said that at the same time his right hand wields, that pile of firebrands caught fire. This Lin Bingbing their three to control. Xia Tian such one waved a moment ago, this pile of firebrand unexpectedly, have been looking like the extraordinary physical functions will be the same. At this time watched these people of competition to wonder. „Is their this must do? unexpectedly lit a fire, do not roast the rabbit.” They were insane, ignited everybody not to know their positions.” It seems like they were really insane, how even if does not want to eat again fresh is also straight.” These people are very discontented saying, they have regarded themselves now is Xia Tian their one group, therefore also started to express own opinion, Xia Tian that but they said could not hear. Snort, courts death, ignition the people of words these Dragon Group will pass, other people will also prepare to sneak attack.” Sichuan Operations Office department head cold snort said specially that he is to wish one could Xia Tian now they are eliminated immediately, because in their hands had a Dragon Group badge, if they obtain the second badge, his team was not good to pursue. Watches the competitions of these four people, can always bring some different fervor to us.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence is smiling saying. Bang! At this moment, the sound that the Xia Tian anti-tank grenade explodes together conveys.