Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 450
Enemy raids!” The big cow held his Sniper Rifle directly to clash. Enemy your younger sister, this boy eliminated oneself.” Xia Tian looks that seven groups of Leader do not know said any was good. Jiang Hai City Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus three people.’ In the broadcast has broadcast this sound. Teacher, I am not intentionally.” Seven groups of Leader is about to have cried, he is making emerging that the booby mine makes, finally have forgotten itself the booby mine that behind makes, a foot stepped in the booby mine. Come! Come! Come!” Xia Tian beckons to seven groups of Leader. I do not pass.” Seven groups of Leader see the Xia Tian appearance satanically, said that anything does not pass. All right, you come, I ensure does not kill you.” Xia Tian soon had been irritated. His unexpectedly eliminated oneself. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Outside these watched person intestines of competition to smile to hurt. This rare and beautiful flowers four people of group unexpectedly have brought the new miracle to them, oneself arrange the booby mine, finally oneself eliminating. Quite disgraced.” The Ye Wan clear face was red. Truly quite loses face, our two disguise not to know that first he was good.” The Ye Wan clear secretary also thought that was really too awkward. What is the art? Watches the competition of Jiang Hai City is an art, because the charm of art is to let the person is unexpected. The four people of groups of Jiang Hai City special action team can make them unexpected each time, is not right, now turned into the threesome, the fourth person succeeded eliminated oneself. This time Xia Tian soon had been irritated. „After you exit, all adds on the exercise quantity to me, with 1. 5 times of quantities.” Xia Tian angry looks that seven groups of Leader shout.

Yes, senior official.” Seven groups of Leader shout. We eat the rabbit, making him look.” Xia Tian beckons to the big cow, this chapter of rabbit did not need to grasp, a rabbit has sufficed their three eating. Xia Tian continues to start his roasting rabbit profession, but seven groups of Leader stand there is motionless, one will be Xia Tian will be called him to eat in the past, he does not dare to eat, he knows that he this time lost face. But outside live transmission. After the rabbit roasted, seven groups of Leader also carried off. Teacher, now what to do if we are sneak attacked?” Big cow puzzled asking. Eats the rabbit.” Xia Tian has ripped a thigh to the big cow and a Lin Bingbing person, then continues saying: Person who can live the present also not eliminate, you think that several are the fools?” Our Leader, but he had been eliminated.” Big cow serious saying. „, Also is right, he is one, besides him, you thinks that these people are silly?” Xia Tian asked again. Naturally is not silly, otherwise early was eliminated.” The big cow said. This was right, all smart people will remember a few words, the praying mantis catch the cicada canary, therefore they want to work as the canary, but is not the praying mantis, will be some Expert will be fiercer than the canary.” Xia Tian answered. I understood, is these Dragon Group people.” Big cow excited saying. Also good, is more intelligent than your Leader, these people will definitely not begin first, but is hides, but they have actually forgotten Dragon Group, Dragon Group first will certainly kill them, then looks for us.” Saying of Xia Tian appreciation. Today is fourth day, are you prepare to fight a decisive battle?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. Em, I always restless recently, I always felt that Jiang Hai City must leave the important matter, therefore earlier end the fight to wonderfully.” Xia Tian is always flustered over the two days, therefore he guessed that Jiang Hai City should to have some important matters. Good, we spelled.” Lin Bingbing said.

Puts together anything to spell, meets you to stand in that tree that I kick one, you solve one, no matter to open fire, rips the badge to be good.” Xia Tian light saying. Several people such happily decided. Outside these watch the person of competition, saw that their several are so leisurely and carefree, does not know that should say any was good. This competition watches the fun their these ended anxiously. Finally others litigants are eating barbecue in that. You look quickly, is the Sichuan specially Operations Office person.” Suddenly some people shout, all people looked to the top right-hand corner screen, at this time Sichuan Operations Office these people have been able to see Xia Tian specially they several forms. However they have not continued to go forward, but treated is same place. They are the ambush there. Originally the Sichuan people want to work as the bait with their three, then comes to benefit as the third party in a dispute.” This is a good scheme, should succeed.” It seems like three people of groups this time were miserable.” Surroundings these people think that three people of group times were to affirm, because they are the birds in basket. Going to war must use the brain, one group of idiots.” Saying that the Sichuan Operations Office department head disdains specially. He thinks that his team now is a lead, because this competition entered turned red-hot, meets the Dragon Group person to attack Xia Tian they, his person can kill the Dragon Group person, then attains the badge, gains the victory. All these outline in his mind that happy. He as if can hear sound now the sound.

Yun Shi Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus nine people.’ Yun Shi Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus eight people.’ Yun Shi Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus seven people.’ At this moment, a series of broadcast sounds transmit, Yun Shi person unexpectedly let slip, they when sneak attack Dragon Group Expert, suddenly another Dragon Group Expert rushes, they killed to break Yun Shi the encirclement ring directly. All people all look to the left bottom that screen. At this time Yun Shi Operations Office person is very distressed, they are dashing about wildly, running, radically no matter surrounding environment how. A moment ago perfection team, now by two Dragon Group Expert washing out. Yun Shi Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus six people.’ Also broadcasts the sound to transmit together , the person was eliminated, but all escaped in the remaining six people well has captured the range, that person simply did not run away finally, won the time for the following person, therefore that six people can escape. Yun Shi finally eliminates, I also thought their invincibly.” The big cow opens the mouth to say. No, Yun Shi the person is truly fierce, can such quickly kill Yun Shi specially Operations Office four people, definitely is not a person does, but their remaining six person unexpectedly can also escape safely, this is in itself the symbol of strength.” Xia Tian answered. Does not know when our can live it up.” The big cow feeling was somewhat bored. Arrived, the good play must start immediately.” Xia Tian suddenly mysterious smiles, his vision looked to the left front.