Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 452

The Xia Tian to open fire position, is the opposite party safe house, but he has not aimed at their people, because he knows, even if aimed has not hit, reason that he to open fire to let them knows that Xia Tian truly discovered them. Really, after two gunshots, the Dragon Group person and Yun Shi Operations Office people came out specially. Dragon Group also remaining six Expert. Yun Shi Operations Office also remains six Expert specially, moreover Yun Shi this inside has five person who eliminates from Dragon Group, although is eliminates, they have treated in Dragon Group after all. The strength naturally cannot belittle. But because Xia Tian their four people of groups seven groups of Leader have eliminated oneself, therefore only remaining three people. Superficially goes, the strengths of Xia Tian their this team are worst, because they have three people, moreover does not have one to have the relations with Dragon Group, but the fact is Xia Tian they are to have the Dragon Group badge now are most. Their three have three Dragon Group badges, the Dragon Group badge, once obtains, even if they are eliminated, will not fall. In other words Yun Shi Operations Office wanted to win the words of competition specially, that must kill two Dragon Group Expert again, moreover in Xia Tian their eliminated situations. The atmosphere congealment of scene. The war, is ready to be set off. This is one will always fight a decisive battle. Yun Shi Operations Office goal wins the championship specially, they are such have also been doing, that accident that if did not have a moment ago, perhaps they also really have the opportunity. Dragon Group lost four people, this regarding them is the shame, therefore they do not allow to have any person of casualties absolutely again. As for them very leisurely and carefree.

Moreover they also obtained three Dragon Group badges. Outside watches these people of competition is also very tense, looked these many days, they have waited till the decisive battle finally. Now in competition region only remaining these people. Three strongest armies bumped into. Too anticipated, wants a bit faster to have a look at the appearances of their three team battles.” I guess that three people of groups also will certainly bring to us surprisedly.” Right, their performance are each time unexpected.” Outside these watch the person of competition excitedly already was serious, what their call is highest is the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office three people of groups, because they three competitions are most splendid. Your several guess that who the champion is?” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence looked that said to the four referees of own side. Three people of groups should win, resists six Dragon Group Expert directly, their these two teams could not attain any badge again.” That Dragon Group senior official said. Right, now three people of groups have three badges, Yun Shi specially Operations Office, only then a badge, therefore three people of groups should win.” Another Dragon Group senior official said. Our two also think that three people of groups will win, but Yun Shi Operations Office is not specially simple, besides that fault, they have not occupied the inferiority probably.” Senior Official of that two military region said. Yun Shi specially Operations Office department head and does Jiang Hai City Operations Office department head, how you see specially?” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence asked loudly. I do not think that my person will lose.” Department head calm saying of Yun Shi specially Operations Office, he at this time is a confident appearance, although is occupying the inferiority, but everybody has not seen any anxiety from his face.

„? Now the team does not have what superiority probably.” Senior Official doubts of Ministry of Defence looked that said to Yun Shi Operations Office department head specially. Only misses two badges, is not difficult.” Yun Shi Operations Office department head has not explained anything specially. You?” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence looked that asked to Ye Wan clearly. I never see have any matter Xia Tian unable to accomplish.” The Ye Wan clear words are simpler, since Xia Tian has joined specially Operations Office, she had not discovered that any matter Xia Tian cannot solve, Hong Kong that fights Xia Tian to be able neutralize, say nothing of this small competition. It seems like you are very self-confident, how we have a look at the result.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence shows a faint smile, he most likes watching such competition, both sides think one won. In this time competition region. Our altogether three teams, you said how to hit?” Xia Tian looked that said to that two sides. You are the game.” The Dragon Group person opens the mouth to say. Snort, I like looking that you fight first.” Saying that Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher does not cover up the specially. You do not have the meaning, who are we? Expert, the Expert showdown can come up to fight in groups, loses the minute, if this passed on, said that Dragon Group Expert went to fight in groups with the person, did you say of pleasant to hear? That side, you said that if some people said that Yun Shi Operations Office Expert does fight in groups with others specially of pleasant to hear?” Xia Tian vision 11 has swept the people of their two sides. Snort, your method of goading somebody into action is useless to us.” Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher cold snort said specially. „Are you how is it?” Xia Tian looked that asked to him. Your badge quantities were many, therefore I will not give you absolutely again any opportunity.” Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher has indicated the manner the specially, they were impossible to make Xia Tian they such simply win the competition. We do not like troubling, therefore first solved your three people to say again.” The Dragon Group person also took a stand.

The goals of their two sides are Xia Tian their this three people of groups. Hey, feeds! Your this bullies the person.” Xia Tian looked that shouts to them. Bullies you, again?” Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher said the specially. Come, you must fight, I then fight.” The Xia Tian anger has also come up, he does not get rid these people also to think that he is the sickness cat, unexpectedly forms a partnership to bully their three. The big cow and Lin Bingbing all prepared the fight. On you have the wound, we will not occupy you to be cheap, one-to-one.” Dragon Group Expert sees the bandage of Xia Tian shoulder place, before knowing definitely is, that by the person who the live round hit. Does not need to feel sorry for me, scabs are not being used make others pity.” Xia Tian entrained the bandage directly. Has the strength of spirit.” The Dragon Group person called said. Since your Dragon Group does not want to begin, that begins by our six.” Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher did not care to make Dragon Group work as the elderly fisherman the specially, they as if had the determination that must win to be common. Feels strangely.” Xia Tian suddenly one unlucky premonitions. Chief teacher corners of the mouth of that Yun Shi specially Operations Office slightly one slanting, opens the mouth to say directly: Begins.” After he said begins, Xia Tian thoroughly is shocked.