Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 453

The anti-tank grenade is flying. The anti-tank grenade that everywhere dances in the air, sees these anti-tank grenades time, the chin of Xia Tian quickly fell to the ground, their unexpectedly threw over a hundred anti-tank grenades all of a sudden. Runs.” Xia Tian shouts one, they all start. Dragon Group person also direct turn around starts. Cracks a joke, Martial Arts also fears the kitchen knife again high, say nothing was the anti-tank grenade, moreover was over a hundred anti-tank grenades, although this type of anti-tank grenade was acts in a play special-purpose, the might was not big, but might of over a hundred explosions may not be small. Do not worry, slowly runs, making the anti-tank grenade fly again a meeting.” Chief teacher light saying of Yun Shi specially Operations Office. At this time watched these people of competition simultaneously to shout one outside, the lying trough! They can notice that over a hundred anti-tank grenades their there fly to Xia Tian, at this time Yun Shi Operations Office person is away from Xia Tian they less than 20 meters specially, such near distance, even if women throws. Now they understand why finally Yun Shi specially Operations Office department head was the confident appearance. „After my person goes, changed into the anti-tank grenade all weapons, everyone brings 40 anti-tank grenades to go, although now only remaining six people, however their body also 240 anti-tank grenades, in addition their strengths, even if the Dragon Group person cannot shoulder.” Department head light saying of Yun Shi specially Operations Office. His person related specially has thrown the thunder fast the skill, their person can simultaneously throw eight anti-tank grenades. Bang! Bang! Bang! A series of explosive sounds transmit. Jiang Hai City Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus they.’ The broadcast sound transmits together, Xia Tian turns head to look, is the big cow, the big cow saw a moment ago when that everywhere anti-tank grenade runs away, but afterward he considered as finished in the heart intermediate total, runs radically these anti-tank grenades, therefore he opened fire to that group of people directly.

However his (spear|gun) has not hit. Hey, you such played are too immoral.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. You felt relieved that the remaining these anti-tank grenades are all remaining for Dragon Group.” Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher said the specially. Yeah, the fool, the Dragon Group person has circled to you behind went, if you do not throw, they came.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to these people. My Fuck! your unexpectedly also helps them notify.” After Yun Shi specially Operations Office person, has broadcast a sound. Throws!” Yun Shi Operations Office person , to continue to throw specially immediately. The anti-tank grenade of blotting out the sky has thrown, this time they have not retained, which although they have not seen the person, but they heard the words that Dragon Group person spoke a moment ago, therefore their this times will not let up such good opportunity. Bang! Bang! Yun Shi specially Operations Office person altogether has thrown all anti-tank grenades. They think that they this time won, these many anti-tank grenades, that six Dragon Group person should be annihilated. But they waited for quite a while, has not heard the broadcast the sound. Yeah, you also were really as stupid as the family, his words you also believed.” That helped the Dragon Group person walk from the position, they had not left there. What? A moment ago you not in that side?” Teacher puzzled asking of Yun Shi specially Operations Office. Bai Xia I have spent the radio that five dollars buy, such was exploded.” Xia Tian face suffering from injustice saying. This is that helps Yun Shi Operations Office person know specially that he had been played, the Dragon Group person has not dived from the start, they were just saw a moment ago anti-tank grenade time ran backward, had not left there.

Outside these watched the people of competition to smile the tears. They look in Xia Tian is taking the radio of that abandonment, yes what's the matter. A moment ago they also in strange, why Yun Shi Operations Office person threw the anti-tank grenade to nobody's place specially, moreover more threw is more excited, now they understood, originally these people's in that abandonment radios by Xia Tian hand playing. The place long face of Yun Shi Operations Office was specially green, this is his expression changes biggest one time. A moment ago he was a confident appearance, but now his complexion becomes pale. I must kill you.” Yun Shi Operations Office that six people were angry specially, they fire into Xia Tian directly, their unexpectedly was played. From the competition now, team that they are commended, because they are very mystical, but a moment ago their unexpectedly by Xia Tian playing, how this lets them to endure, now they already, no matter anything position. Person who yeah, had become confused angrily.” Xia Tian sighed saying that at the same time six silver needles also project. Puff! Yun Shi Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus five people.’ Is poured a moment ago by that person who the Xia Tian silver needle hit a target, the Lin Bingbing direct past has also torn down that person of badge. Hateful.” Saw Lin Bingbing to tear down that person of badge, they have fired into Lin Bingbing directly. Bang! Xia Tian appears in the Lin Bingbing side instantaneously, a foot will be away from his recent that person to kick: Man should get rid to the man, but is not sneak attacks the woman.” Lin Bingbing thinks a moment ago one must be hit, but Xia Tian suddenly appeared has saved her once again.

Hateful, today we must repair you well.” Chief teacher angry saying of Yun Shi specially Operations Office. You, if a bit faster does not snatch the badge, you lost.” The Xia Tian reminder said. We already, no matter victory and loss, but do not want well attended the final.” Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher was angry the specially, his manner is very clear, they must hit remnant Xia Tian, this was Xia Tian they have won, he is unable to attend the final. Yeah.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, both hands have prepared fight: „The police spend the elder sister, you stand in my, saw that can sneak attack, you punch to me.” Em.” Lin Bingbing nodded, she knows that these people are Expert, the words that she meddles now, can only add to the chaos, Xia Tian will also divert attention because of her. On!” Yun Shi Operations Office that five people all have fired specially into Xia Tian. These five people uniformly all by the person who Dragon Group eliminates, each is Expert in Expert, their five same places get rid, the momentum is specially vast. Paternal grandmother, it seems like today cannot hide, that hits.” Xia Tian gave a loud shout directly to clash. Five people simultaneously hit to Xia Tian, but Xia Tian was under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step dodges, double referred to the fast point to the two, at this moment Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher suddenly accelerated the specially, fought with the fists in the back of Xia Tian. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth.