Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 454

Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher unexpectedly holds back one trick specially. Sees Xia Tian to spit blood, Lin Bingbing understood, the Xia Tian wound definitely did not have, otherwise he cannot such easily make into this, she wants to come up now the help, but she knows, if oneself the present come up, that Xia Tian definitely will divert attention. At this time watches Ye Wan of competition to deep frown outside clearly. Although that fist strength of Yun Shi specially Operations Office chief teacher was not a moment ago small, but Xia Tian should not such easily be hit, moreover that fist Xia Tian should have the means to download the strength is right. Her deeping frown, she a little looks really does not understand. unexpectedly does not download the strength.” Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher also slightly stares the specially, true Expert will unload the strength, was Xia Tian a moment ago unexpectedly hard anti- this, this made him have doubts, when he looked up he understood: Ha Ha Ha Ha, I understood, originally you also feared that the wound to her, I injures to you looks.” Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher has fired into Lin Bingbing the specially directly, his speed is fast, arrived at the Lin Bingbing front instantaneously. Lin Bingbing is hurried the fist, but speed does not have the opposite party to be fast. The chief teacher body of Yun Shi Operations Office in a flash, fights with the fists specially directly to the Lin Bingbing life gate. Flickers the body technique! The body of Xia Tian appears in the Lin Bingbing front instantaneously, the right hand concentrates to refer, direct on the fist of Yun Shi specially Operations Office chief teacher. Bang! Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher, the body has flown upside down the specially directly, his fist has not wielded to be selected fully by Xia Tian, this feeling is bad. Do not compel me to kill you.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looked that said to Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher the specially, his body sent out murderous aura.

Right, is murderous aura! Sees this murderous aura time, that five people stare, they know that this does not frighten the person to use absolutely, but real murderous aura. The person who only then has killed people truly will have murderous aura, looked that on Xia Tian the murderous aura appearance knows, he kills certainly has not killed people. Yo yo, good extraordinary, such young to have murderous aura.” Dragon Group member light saying of the one side sees a play. Five hit one, cannot take, but also sneak attacks a woman, no wonder they will be kicked Dragon Group.” Saying that another Dragon Group member disdains. The Dragon Group person looks down upon these five Yun Shi specially Operations Office people really very much. Hey, needs to help.” The Dragon Group person has decided that this time they will not make Yun Shi make ready especially Operations Office to win the championship absolutely, by their moral behavior, won the championship has also discredited to the country. Does not need.” Xia Tian light saying. Boy, you do not need to install ruthlessly with us, who has not killed several people.” Saying that that Yun Shi Operations Office chief teacher disdains specially. Do not hit, our two tear up the badge, your wound recurred.” A Lin Bingbing face anxious looks at Xia Tian, at this time that wound of Xia Tian chest recurs once more, the wound that the fire dragon dagger leaves behind he imagines must be more difficult than to heal, this continual fight has made his body a little unable to endure, now to these five Expert, the wound naturally cannot endure. I am all right, how I possibly recognize instigated.” Xia Tian thinks that tears up the badge is recognizes instigated, although the present situation looks like he, even if tore up the badge they should also to be wins, but he will not go to himself to rip his badge. It seems like he injures heavy, his chest there blood has soaked the clothes.” These Dragon Group members have discovered the wound of Xia Tian chest. Lin Bingbing sees appearance helpless shaking the head of Xia Tian: I know that I cannot urge you, but you make me help you wrap up the wound first, otherwise you have not waited to fire off on the excessive loss of blood die.”

Good.” Xia Tian nodded. This opposite that five people have not worried to begin, although they must repair Xia Tian maliciously, but such was always poked the backbone saying that but also is not really good, if they now on, all people will scold them to take advantage of somebody. Xia Tian has taken off own coat, afterward has ripped open that military short sleeve directly. Rips open that flash of military short sleeve in Xia Tian, all people were all shocked, no matter opposite person, outside watches the person of competition. Especially Ye Wan is clear, she closely is biting her lip, she complies with Xia Tianlong to look after good Xia Tian, but Xia Tian body unexpectedly turned into this now. Xia Tian body altogether 33 child bullet holes, knife wound 18, including three blades have cut open the entire back, three blades have almost been cut off his shoulder, four blades are away from his heart to have several centimeters. Sees such scabs, his opposite Dragon Group member and Yun Shi Operations Office person hoodwinked specially thoroughly. They can look, Xia Tian is not definitely old, but his scabs told all people, his reputation did not blow. Quite fierce, like this he can live, this is really the miracle.” Person surprised saying of Dragon Group. That five Yun Shi Operations Office person all deeps frown specially. Outside these watched the person of competition to be shocked completely. shit, on him how that many scabs, moreover these scabs soon human life.” I first time see have these many scabs people.”

His age seems not big, actually he has experienced any matter.” These watch the person of competition all are very puzzled, how they will unable to imagine Xia Tian this age person so many scabs. If before , you said that he has obtained the top grade merit, I have the question, now I the question did not have.” Senior official light saying of Dragon Group. His wound majority is the new wound, especially the wound in chest and shoulder place, absolutely not over five days, but his unexpectedly is wounded to attend the competition, moreover can obtain such result, was really too extraordinary.” Another Dragon Group senior official said. This boy, really makes person broaden the outlook.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence surprised looks on Xia Tian these wounds. What Lin Bingbing patience is Xia Tian is dressing the wound, sees Xia Tian wound each time, she cannot bear want to cry. Cannot cry, the tears of woman are more precious than the gold, anybody cannot make you cry.” Xia Tian patted the back of Lin Bingbing to say gently. Boy, you tear away the badge now, I can let off your one time.” Yun Shi Operations Office teacher felt specially Xia Tian is a man, but he must eliminate Xia Tian. How possible? I am just about well plays one.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, the right hand congealing air/Qi double refers. Finger of Consonance Second Layer.