Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 456

Yun Shi Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus four people.’ Yun Shi Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus three people.’ Yun Shi Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus two people.’ Yun Shi Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus person.’ Yun Shi Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus 0 people.’ Hears this series of broadcast sound, was Lin Bingbing began a moment ago, has all torn up they several badges, if she did not rip, she was afraid Xia Tian to be endless. Jiang Hai City Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus person.’ „The police spend the elder sister, you rip me to do, I have not fired off with them.” Xia Tian puzzled saying. Did not need to hit again, we have won.” Lin Bingbing has torn afterward down own badge. Jiang Hai City Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus 0 people.’ Competition ended, the champion of this competition is Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office, altogether obtained three badges.’ The broadcast has broadcast a series of sounds. Hears the broadcast sound, Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office these people specially excited, they have won, their unexpectedly has won, they surfaced in this district match. The final is waving to them. The glory arrived on the body of Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office.

Ye Wan clear this time has mixed feelings, her team never going in oversized area match, say nothing was the final. But Xia Tian helped her achieve. She must look after and discipline well Xia Tian, but she has not thought that her unexpectedly continuously and helps by the Xia Tian attendance, these scabs from Xia Tian she could see that actually Xia Tian has saluted many dangers. Did not say absolutely at Hong Kong that war. At this moment she felt that was very happy, simultaneously she also felt oneself under- Xia Tian their fathers and sons were too many. What from here is different, Jiang Hai City had an important matter. Forest Qingxue had an accident. Receives Xu of telephone first to telephone to Brother Xiaoma, then he is bringing Zhao Long personally, Fan Jin and Little Fei rescues forest Qingxue together. Meanwhile in Jianghai University woods. He he, has not thought that Xia Tian older female cousin unexpectedly long is so attractive.” The person of speech is the blue forest, the blue forest of Mount Hua sect, after he returns to the Mount Hua sects, in the list their several little brothers, directly left Hidden Sect, he pledged that must be Wen Ya revenges. Remembers appearance that Wen Ya cried at that time, he cannot control his mood, he is the sincerity likes on Wen Ya, he has also regarded Wen Ya is his woman, therefore he must revenge for Wen Ya. His time has brought Sanming Profound Grade Expert and ten Yellow Grade late stage Expert. Before Tong said that Xia Tian had the helper, therefore he naturally cannot come, but in his opinion, the world outside Hidden Sect, besides Dragon Group, was impossible to have any Profound Grade Expert. He guessed that at that time was two Profound Grade Expert besieges certainly Wen Ya, because the Wen Ya ability can only attack a person, therefore he has brought three Profound Grade Expert, was counted him, was four.

He not only need win, but must crush the opposite party in the imposing manner. He knows from Wen Ya there that Xia Tian has older female cousin to call forest Qingxue, in the person who Jianghai University goes to school. Therefore he in not being able to find the Xia Tian situation, arrived at Jianghai University directly. At this time their these 14 people directly encircled forest Qingxue and Bing Xin in the middle: You should be the Xia Tian family members, I give you now an opportunity, telephones to Xia Tian, making him come, otherwise you are so attractive, I cannot guarantee that my person will make anything to you.” Xia Tian now not in Jiang Hai City.” Bing Xin frowns to say. That may sorry, my this always did not understand that anything is called to show tender affection, if you did not call Xia Tian to come, I will let my person your clothes moving, then made them taste your flavors, finally blew the flower your faces.” Blue forest wicked saying of Mount Hua sect, thinks that Wen Ya wound, he wished one could to peel Xia Tian exactly, at this time saw the Xia Tian family member, how he possibly let off. You, if dares to move us, Xia Tian will not let off your.” Bing Xin has also a little been afraid, words that the blue forest spoke, is matter that each woman most is afraid. The opposite these people look all are Expert. Although after Bing Xin variation , the speed and strength must have very big promotion, but she does not think one are capable of resisting these many Expert. Snort, I am looking for him now, if he has the skill, makes him come, if he does not have that skill, you no one can be inescapable today.” Expert of blue forest to Yellow Grade late stage waved, that person directly walks toward Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin. Many thanks the Boss, I have not seen such attractive beauty.” That person of complexion looks at Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin, he thinks that the Boss lets him on first, that gives the opportunity that he has profited first. Thinks that such two beauty a while will groan under their body, he specially crisp. In Hidden Sect has the custom, they usually almost anything could not do in Hidden Sect, only if looked for a girlfriend in Hidden Sect, if looked outside, that may violate the big taboo of Hidden Sect. The Hidden Sect first custom, cannot outside the person with Hidden Sect divulge here situation, in the same place.

Moreover usually they little have the opportunity to go out of Hidden Sect. If not come out with the blue forest together, they want Hidden Sect to need to spend the innumerable thoughts, moreover most can only in the outside stay half-day time. However is different from the blue forest, the status in blue forest is different, even if the people who defends the entrance must to him the face . Moreover the blue forest this time stole the elder token, these Hidden Sect nursing personnel naturally will not block them. The elder token is in various large amount gates the elder can have the token that had this thing to come and go out Hidden Sect freely. He several years had not descended the mountain, but wants to look for a girlfriend by his strength in Hidden Sect, that simply is impossible, the woman majority in Hidden Sect look at the strength and background. How now has such good opportunity he possibly to miss. Do not come.” Bing Xin vigilant looks to that Yellow Grade Expert. You called, the present is the black day, nearby person did not have, once some people came, we will kill that person, when the time comes that person died because of you.” That person said that grasps directly to the arm of Ye Qingxue, he is threatening Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin. Bang! In that person of hand must hold the arm of Ye Qingxue immediately, his body has flown upside down directly.