Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 457

Saw that Yellow Grade Expert flies upside down, the blue forest stares slightly, he noticed a moment ago his person unexpectedly was hit to fly, moreover unexpectedly was hit to fly by a woman, he sees with one's own eyes Bing Xin to get rid instantaneously, hits to fly his famous artisan under. Do not come.” Bing Xin kept off in Ye Qingxue front. Has not looked, but also has real skill.” The blue forest shows a faint smile. The blue forest sees Bing Xin meets the military the time, on the face unexpectedly presented the excited expression, he most likes is the rose that this type of belt punctures, if honest can be solved by him, that did not have the meaning. He thinks here cannot bump into Xia Tian, will become very bored, but has not thought that this female unexpectedly will meet Martial Arts. Moreover a fist hit to fly his subordinate. But his subordinate Yellow Grade late stage Expert, but one has not suffered including the opposite party. Thus it can be seen this female is not simple. Hateful!” That Yellow Grade late stage Expert felt that own chest is very painful, he has not thought that a strength of female so will be big, he thinks that he had not guarded a moment ago, will therefore be hit by Bing Xin. „Is your boy, good?” Blue forest discontented asking, no matter what they are Hidden Sect Expert, unexpectedly are sneak attacked by a female successfully, this said the words that lost face. In the eye of blue forest, besides the Hidden Sect person, other any person does not have the component in his eyes. Naturally, besides China four big Expert. Other people have the Profound Grade strength, he does not pay attention, because other people are many, moreover he has Mount Hua sect backer, so long as he said Mount Hua sect these three character that nobody to dare to move him. Therefore in his Hidden Sect at heart is the invincible image. Even if only his little brother, the Yellow Grade late stage person, in his eyes also be fiercer than outside person. He has heard in Hidden Sect, outside Profound Grade Expert are few, these people are the overlord in each city, looks like Jiang Hai City Fan Zhuifeng is the same.

However what Profound Grade the person in Hidden Sect are many are. Got used to seeing Expert him, naturally did not pay attention to outside person. In his opinion front the female also merely can select Kungfu, impossible under to compare with his Yellow Grade late stage person radically, because he does not believe that a Jiang Hai City casual person has with the strength of Yellow Grade late stage resistance. Boss, you felt relieved that she just sneak attacked me a moment ago.” That Yellow Grade late stage person strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Good, making her have a look at our Hidden Sect strength, but starts not to be heavy, kills was unamusing.” Blue forest light saying. That Yellow Grade late stage person, shook own hands and feet, afterward walks toward Bing Xin directly, when he arrives in front of Bing Xin, fights with the fists directly. Bing Xin also simultaneously fights with the fists. Ka! Their fists hit in one, at the same time, a sound of skeleton break conveyed. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from that Yellow Grade late stage population. The Bing Xin biggest skill is the strength and speed, if she goes to and others directly fights, her many also Yellow Grade late stage strength, but if she uses the strength to go with the person to fight, even if the Profound Grade person she did not fear. That person came up right with her a fist, therefore the bone of that person was broken directly. What?” Blue forest whole face inconceivable looks at Bing Xin, he has not thought that woman unexpectedly has such big strength. „Did fool, where you use in the skill of Hidden Sect study? unexpectedly goes to and opposite party competes the brute force.” That person of side person discontented saying of Yellow Grade late stage, his eyes looked, this woman absolutely was not Profound Grade Expert, her strength was too just big.

Snort!” Blue Lin coldly snort, he felt that he lost very big face, solemn Hidden Sect Expert unexpectedly has lost to a female. Boss, changes on me.” That Yellow Grade late stage person who spoke a moment ago requested a combat assignment. Good, this time I did not hope to have any mistake again.” Saying of blue forest coldly. That Yellow Grade late stage person walks toward Bing Xin directly, he silly to will not meet the tough head-on with toughness with Bing Xin. Stop.” At this moment one line of deceased people appear in not far away, Xu brought Fan Jin their three to come. He he, unexpectedly came several comedian clowns.” The blue forest disdains looked at their four one eyes. Xu!” Ye Qingxue saw that Xu they came, as if saw the straw to grasp is ordinary. Miss Ye, you were frightened.” Saying of Xu apology. Fan Jin, Zhao Long and Little Fei kept off in Ye Qingxue their front. Their three know that Xia Tian and Ye Qingxue their relations, naturally cannot these to injure their two, Xia Tian have the obligation regarding their three, moreover their three are also pledged that must pledge to fight to the death to give loyalty to the Xia Tian person. Xia Tian has helped their many too, now Xia Tian in Jiang Hai City, their three is not to go all out also to protect the Xia Tian family member. Came three waste, I do not like wasting the time, in your several same places, has killed their three.” The patience of blue forest total loss, Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin are he planned that is used to shame well, as for these three people, he does not plan to keep the living witness. As the blue forest's order sends out, that nine Yellow Grade late stage Expert has all stood. His time altogether brought is Yellow Grade late stage Expert, was injured by Lin Bingbing a moment ago, remaining nine their three flushed away to Fan Jin directly. Fan Jin their three understand that these people all are Expert.

Therefore they do not dare to have slight retention. To three. Come!” Zhao Long directly flushed, if before is he, possibly round anti- not, but after the direction of Xia Tian, present he already today we are no longer as we have been. He has an idea, his family's life is Xia Tian rescues, therefore he must overthrow front these three people. Also really has the challenging, but my this both legs are the Boss give, today was to hit to abandon, I also wanted on.” Fan Jin looked at front three people, the direct foot kicks. Death!” In the hand of Little Fei presented a Qing Yun (Clear Sky) dagger, direct thorn to front three people. Your several fight a battle to force a quick decision.” The blue forest direct said loudly. After that nine people hear the blue forest's order, all was uses fully, Realm next three to hit one similarly, fist unceasing hitting of direct these people in Fan Jin on their three. Dies.” Less than a half minute, Zhao Long had been hit more than 20 fists, he like is went crazy at this time, in his eye only then front the enemy, he completely disregarded as for the attack of two. Puff!! Ah! A pitiful yell sends out from that person of mouth, but the Zhao Long whole person directly was also knocked down, a blood spouts from his mouth.