Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 458

Does not want!” Bing Xin and Ye Qingxue also shout. Meanwhile Bing Xin flushes away to Zhao Long there directly. Does not permit to meddle!” Profound Grade Expert appeared in the Bing Xin front instantaneously, a foot kicked, direct hit Bing Xin. That Profound Grade Expert leaves foot speed to be quick, this foot Bing Xin is unable to fend, saw that this foot must kick on the body of Bing Xin, at this moment, a ray of light curtain shines in the Bing Xin front. Bang! A foot of that Profound Grade Expert kicked directly above the light screen, Bing Xin not by any wound. Well!” That Profound Grade Expert doubts looked at Bing Xin one. Do not come.” Zhao Long shouted one loudly. Zhao Long exhausted a moment ago full, has broken the bridge of the nose of match directly, but he was hit by them similarly in the head, saw that Bing Xin saved him, he opened the mouth to say directly: Do not come, our lives are the Boss give, even if died, is we owes the Boss, if you have any matter, we will die will think was unfair to the Boss.” Idle talk are really many.” That by the person of Zhao Long interruption bridge of the nose, was walked a moment ago, the direct foot kicked in the forehead of Zhao Long. Zhao Long has not moved aside, but makes an effort to crawl directly forward, pressed directly above the calf of opposite party. Ah! hurts, loosens quickly.” That People sound shouts. The two also directly start in trampling that on the face of Zhao Long keeps, how regardless of they trample, Zhao Long does not relent. Snort!” Attacked a that Profound Grade Expert foot of Bing Xin to kick a moment ago on the body of Zhao Long, has kicked out him directly more than ten meters. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from a moment ago that bridge of the nose broken Yellow Grade late stage Expert mouth. Zhao Long unexpectedly this has nipped his meat stiffly, bleeding that at this time his there keeps.

Sees such situation, the brow tight wrinkle of blue forest, actually he really cannot think through is any strength makes that person make into this still to insist. Zhao Long has stood slowly. At this time his hands and feet trembles, from top to bottom is the blood, the appearance is really scary: Cannot from here in the past.” He has still kept off to the present in Bing Xin and the others the front. Bing Xin has wanted to begin, but she knows that own present gets rid is any busy cannot add on, she radically is not that Profound Grade Expert match, she knows that certainly was the snow and ice necklace helped a moment ago her resist. Other aspect Fan Jin and Little Fei situation is not good, Fan Jin exhausted oneself all strengths to kick a bone of person directly, but his leg also broke one, but he still stood there. The Little Fei situation is slightly good, he had killed a moment ago almost a person, but was rescued finally by another two people, but that person lost the battle efficiency. Remaining that two person also Little Fei blades. On Little Fei also five knife wounds, the blood keeps is flowing. Everyone can look, their three reached the limit. That several people were all shocked, they have not seen such person, half life did not have, but is insisting there. Your several are gawking doing, I said that wants their three dead.” The blue forest gives a loud shout. After these people hear the words of blue forest, simultaneously attacked to approach Fan Jin their three. Was dying?” This is they three common ideas. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! At this moment, a series of sounds convey, they three vision simultaneously lock on a body of person.

Brother Xiaoma. Little Ma, you came finally.” Sees Brother Xiaoma to come, Xu the complexion has relaxed several points, he had been ready that dies a moment ago, he knows after Fan Jin their three drop down, next is he, but he still stands in Bing Xin they two front. Brother Xiaoma turned head to look at Little Fei their three to nod, his anything words had not said that but he has fully approved these three people at this time. They three strengths of spirit make Brother Xiaoma very admire. Came one not to fear death.” Blue forest angry saying. You must look for Xia Tian, I am the Xia Tian elder brother.” Brother Xiaoma light saying. Yo, this sentiment is good, your several give me on together, have not killed him, I must his skin one layer upon layer peels, then gives that Xia Tian to work as the gift.” Blue Lin Dehua said that several Yellow Grade Expert get rid together. Now altogether four Yellow Grade Expert lose the battle efficiency. First is of Lin Bingbing interruption bone, second gnawed off the leg high quality meat by Zhao Long that third was kicked the pin bone by Fan Jin that fourth was punctured that but actually by Little Fei. Remaining six Yellow Grade late stage Expert have simultaneously fired into Brother Xiaoma. Although Brother Xiaoma got rid to kick to draw back several people a moment ago, but blue Lin Ke does not think that own person six could not have hit him. Body technique deep meaning! The body of Brother Xiaoma was transferring instantaneously same place, afterward these people felt themselves in front to present over a hundred legs to attack together. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Six people simultaneously were kicked. Their bodies maliciously falls down, could not stand.

Profound Grade Expert!” The vision of blue forest stubbornly is staring at Brother Xiaoma, he has not thought that Brother Xiaoma unexpectedly is Profound Grade Expert, moreover Leg Technique that he used a moment ago is very exquisite, he also praised to the heavens. „To cope with my younger brother on these rotten goods?” Brother Xiaoma doubts looked that asked to blue Lin. Snort, acts recklessly, their several are the Yellow Grade strengths, but our four are Profound Grade, their three are the Profound Grade intermediate stages, but I am Profound Grade late stage, how you can hit again, but can also be victorious our four?” Saying that the blue forest disdains, he acknowledged that front person strength is truly good, but their four people, he do not think their four people will hit this person. That tries.” A Brother Xiaoma foot directly to being away from his recent that person kicks, that person transports the both arms to resist hurriedly, but he felt at this moment suddenly had over a hundred feet to kick on own arm was the same. Bang! That person of body was kicked directly. Good fierce leg merit.” The blue forest stares slightly, he has not seen such fierce leg merit, immediately in his look revealed the greedy look: Hey, so long as you hand over your leg merit rare book, I can forgive your life.” He he, in your brain thinks what is? Behind me these brothers do not fear death, you think that I will fear death?” Brother Xiaoma sneered to say. Good, since you do not treasure this opportunity, I am impolite, four likely sword.” Blue Lin said that in their four individual hands simultaneously presented four long swords. Saw that the time all people of long sword stare. Now this society, sword, only then has appeared in the television. On they four swords braves cold light, at the same time, swords in their four hand shoot directly to Brother Xiaoma.