Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 459

The four swords in that four individual hand simultaneously shoot at Brother Xiaoma. Body technique deep meaning! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Brother Xiaoma kicked over a hundred legs instantaneously, the goal was these sword blades, he will certainly not resist the sword to be sharp with the human body, therefore his goal was the sword blades of these swords. Four likely sword. At this moment, in that four individual hand long sword rapid change. Four long swords as if turned eight, protects the sword blade stubbornly. „It is not good!” The body of Brother Xiaoma in the airborne tuck dive, fell on the ground directly, retreat that the body kept. Bang! The position that he stood a moment ago as if suffered intense bombing to be the same, the tree near there had been cut completely upside-down. formidable. Four sword that opposite party these four people use can only describe with formidable likely. Ha Ha Ha Ha, isn't your leg merit very fierce? Runs anything, four likely sword are our Mount Hua sect fiercest sword, our four people use this sword, is invincible below Earth Grade.” The blue forest laughs was saying. This is his card in a hand of this bring, he therefore called these three people for safety's sake, to compose four likely sword with him. He believes that so long as has these four likely sword, regardless of Xia Tian looked for the how fierce helper, possibly is not his match. As for Earth Grade Expert Yin Nie. He has thought that the method of coping, when the time comes he directly sent out his given name, and said that he knew three Earth Grade Expert, he believes Yin Nie again fiercely does not dare him to be what kind. Little Ma!” Xu anxious looks to Brother Xiaoma. Your several take away them first, I constrain their several.” Brother Xiaoma shouts hurriedly, he knows that he could not win four likely sword of opposite party absolutely.

Xu understands that meaning of Brother Xiaoma, their three go forward to help up the injured Fan Jin three people directly. „To walk? You cannot leave.” Blue forest four people of four likely sword direct attacks to Xu and the others. Gave up any idea.” Brother Xiaoma rushed directly. Body technique deep meaning! Ba Shan! A Brother Xiaoma foot kicks, immediately front presented the innumerable foot shades, these foot shade quantities are many, seems thinks that a hill was the same, the hill pounds directly to that four people. Four likely sword! Sword in four people of hand transform once more, Sword Light four shoot, cuts directly to that hill. Sees only the hill by these Sword Light little nibbling, finally cuts directly completely. Hateful!” Brother Xiaoma has criticized one, the attacks of these people were really too sharp, he does not dare to spell hardly, otherwise his leg will be twisted instantaneously broken. Bang! Sword Light shot directly in Xu and the others the front. I had said you cannot leave.” Blue forest four people arrived at Xu and the others directly the front. Puff! A blue forest sword pierced Xu directly shoulder. Xu!” Brother Xiaoma directly flushed, a foot kicked on the body of blue forest, body retreat of blue forest several steps, sword from Xu on the shoulder has pulled out. I was angry now, today your impossible to be living from here departure.” The blue forest was angry, who he is, these people who the Hidden Sect person, he leads are also the Hidden Sect people. Moreover they are Expert of Mount Hua sect.

But these many person unexpectedly had been overthrown ten, if this passes on, his face may probably lose completely. Suffers a loss outside that in Hidden Sect all people in the person who most are looking down upon. Your several careful, do not go all out now is not good.” Brother Xiaoma has taken off own coat, afterward flushes away to the opposite four people directly. Body technique deep meaning! Mount Tai! The body of Brother Xiaoma in the airborne tuck dive, instantaneous over a hundred foot shades appears, these foot shades as if formed a Mount Tai to be the same, has pressed from above directly. Snort, useless.” Blue Lin coldly snort. Four likely sword. The innumerable Sword Light direct thorns to the Brother Xiaoma foot shade, Brother Xiaoma this time have not received the foot, but kicks directly. Bang! A foot kicked directly on one of them 's body. Xu sees these scars on Brother Xiaoma leg, does not know that said any was good, he knows that today they must be annihilated, cannot leave, he somewhat regretted now, he regrets did not follow Xia Tian. But was his yesterday's unexpectedly arranges the Xia Family armed forces to travel. If not he arranges the Xia Family armed forces to travel, has that group of women , the present scene is possibly different. On the right leg of Brother Xiaoma has more than ten sword marks. That he spelled a moment ago hardly, put together opposite party Sword Light by the flesh and blood hardly. ! That person coughed a blood, obviously also received some internal injuries, but the issue was not big.

Hands over the leg merit, I give you a happiness.” The blue forest has not forgotten to want the Brother Xiaoma leg merit the matter, moreover that also made him want to obtain this leg merit a moment ago. Brother Xiaoma broke their four likely sword with leg unexpectedly a moment ago, this sufficiently proves this leg merit the fierce place. My Ma Yongzhen has not feared dying, moreover I know that my younger brother will certainly revenge for me.” Ability that Brother Xiaoma had not continued to fight. Snort, let alone your younger brother not in this, even if in this, can be what kind, we same will cope with him with four sword likely . Moreover the goal of my this time coming was to kill him.” Blue Lin coldly snort said that since he arrived here, in these population has been saying that Xia Tian. Probably that Xia Tian can turn around the situation to be the same, but he does not believe that four sword are likely impossible to defeat. Boss, solves them, that two young girls disappear to us the disappearing fire, today unexpectedly by this goods kicking wound, brothers' mood is really not good.” Was kicked that person of wound to say by Ma Yongzhen a moment ago. Good, these two young girls gave to you.” After blue forest since liking Wen Ya, he lost the interest to other woman, although Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin seem are more attractive than Wen Ya, but he is likes Wen Ya: Kills!” In Qinglinkou puts out kills the character, swords in other three people of hands simultaneously moved, their goals are Brother Xiaoma. They believe that so long as kills Brother Xiaoma first, then the remaining that several people were preying that treated butchers. Sorry, Xia Tian, I cannot protect your family member and friend.” Brother Xiaoma has closed the eye. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! A giant finger empty shade appears in the Brother Xiaoma front, has blocked the attack of that three sword directly. Any person!” The blue forest sees finger empty shade time, innermost feelings one startled, this is not just Inner Strength manifestation, has Earth Grade Expert here. My Xia Tian person you also dares to move, today you must die.” The form appeared in the Brother Xiaoma front together. Sees this form time, Brother Xiaoma sat on the ground directly, he finally dares to relax now, several other people also relaxed, they understand that Xia Tian came, regardless of that the how formidable matches did not need to fear.