Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 460

Xia Tian in getting down the earliest possible time of airplane bumps into the person who waits for at the airport, is Xu Laopai goes, Xu always in hearing to have an accident to send for the airport and in the Xia Tian family waits, if Xia Tian came back to want first to inform this matter. Xia Tian just went down the airplane, heard this matter, his car(riage) does not have on, starts to dash directly. Ye Wan clear and the others are drives to follow on the heels, however the Xia Tian speed was really too quick, quick cast off them. „Are you Xia Tian?” The blue forest has sized up Xia Tian, really had not discovered that Xia Tian has any extraordinary place. However Xia Tian that truly had frightened a moment ago his one, but his careful ponder understood, if Xia Tian is Earth Grade Expert, that killed own that three subordinate many a moment ago directly, does not need to resist. Therefore he guessed that Xia Tian just has used special Martial Arts. He currently more and more has the interest to this group of people, just started is the Brother Xiaoma leg merit, now Martial Arts that comes such one to throw a bluff on, if he can obtain the hand these two Martial Arts, his strength definitely once more will be increased. Xia Tian is disinclined to respond him, the direct squatting lower part of the body, is Brother Xiaoma and other rule by people wounds, Brother Xiaoma needs to convalesce for several days to be better than the flesh wound, but the blood had been stopped by Xia Tian. Fan Jin they three wounds majority are the internal injuries. Their blood had been stopped by Xia Tian, the leg of Fan Jin was also joined by Xia Tian: Your three play any life, if I late come, even if were feeds in the hospital you unable to live.” My life is the master gives.” Little Fei light saying, his power of expression is not strong, meaning Xia Tian that but he wanted to say understood. Sorry, the Boss, I am useless.” Fan Jin lowered the head. Zhao Long could not say including the words, his full mouth tooth was all kicked to break to pieces. Yeah, you are my good brothers.” Xia Tian simply has treated their wounds, has preserved their life finally. Afterward he arrived at Xu side: Your such big age, their three breaknecked, you also came.” Without your words, I already died, now lives was so long, I was very happy.” Saying of Xu face smiling face. Do not say that you definitely meet the long life.” Xia Tian stopped the blood of Xu wound.

The Xia Tian vision has placed on the Bing Xin necklace: Who attacked you a moment ago?” I hit, how is it?” By blue forest that Profound Grade Expert said. What you hit right?” The body of Xia Tian appears in that Profound Grade Expert front instantaneously. Flickers the body technique! Afterward his left hand works on the neck of that Profound Grade Expert directly, the right hand fights with the fists on his face. Puff! In the mouth and nose of that Profound Grade Expert, the blood directs current. What?” Sees the Xia Tian movement, the complexion of blue forest changes. Looks at anything to look that today you will certainly die, but I make you live now a meeting.” After Xia Tian stared his one eyes, they held Brother Xiaoma one side. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to despise me.” Blue forest angry looks at Xia Tian. That is stood by Profound Grade Expert that Xia Tian overthrew, bleeding that although in the face and nose kept, but he knows now is not healing from a wound time. Four sword, extinguished him to me likely!” The blue forest shouts one, afterward four person groups had four likely sword again. Xia Tian, be careful, this sword is very fierce.” The Brother Xiaoma hurried reminder said. He understood this sword fierce location a moment ago. The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously. He who opens the X-Ray Vision eye has seen through this sword directly.

Presented a golden throwing knife with his right hand together directly directly. ! The throwing knife departs from his hand directly. Four likely sword! Four people see the throwing knife to come, hurriedly changes, instantaneous entire sword just likes dreadful Sword Light seems to be ordinary, the momentum is very vast. Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka! The four sounds collide, four long swords were cut open from the middle by the [gold/metal] blade directly, at the same time, Xia Tian arrives at they four front instantaneously. Puff! The Xia Tian [gold/metal] blade cut one of them 's arm directly. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from that person of mouth! Other three people of hurried retreat. Snort! To run away?” The throwing knife in Xia Tian right hand throws directly, the speed of throwing knife like the lightning, pricked in that person of body quickly directly. Stop!” The blue forest has stopped the form directly, shouts loudly. Four Profound Grade Expert have made Xia Tian abandon two, four sword were likely impossible to reorganize, he knows that today they lost, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was so fierce, four likely sword could not trig him. „To say anything, hurry up, my patience has the limit.” Xia Tian has not worried to begin.

But not far away, Ye Wan was clear they to arrive. Mother, how did you come?” Ye Qingxue saw her mother to come, puzzled asking, she does not know that her mother was specially the Operations Office department head. Is Xia Tian tells me, you in this.” Ye Wan answered clearly hurriedly. Young Aunt, you are bringing older female cousin and Bing Xin now have the police to spend the elder sister to walk first, I do not hope that you see a matter of meeting.” Xia Tian moved has killed the heart, he knows before one, possibly was really too benevolent, therefore these talented people again and again looked for his trouble. Especially this time, he was unable to want then what happened. Do not act unreasonably, the backgrounds of these people are not small.” The Ye Wan clear hurried reminder said that that several people used four likely sword times a moment ago they arrived, she understands that can use a sword person certainly is the Hidden Sect person. Young Aunt, having their three to walk.” Xia Tian calm looks that Ye Wan said clearly, on his face does not have any expression. Ye Wan first time sees such Xia Tian clearly, she can guess correctly that one what happened, that is she most does not want to see that but she also understands that she cannot block Xia Tian. Our several walk first.” Ye Wan looked said clearly to their three. After four females walked, special Operations Office that several people have helped up Brother Xiaoma their several. Is Jiang Tianshu makes you come?” Xia Tian looked that asked to blue Lin, he knows that these people certainly were the Hidden Sect people, otherwise was impossible to be so fierce, moreover understood sword. Jiang Tianshu? Could invite me depending on him?” Saying that the blue forest disdains, Jiang Tianshu and he absolutely does not have what friendship. That is who sends you to come? Periphery you did not need to look, since I prepared to kill you, that naturally cannot to the opportunity that you escaped.” Xia Tian has seen through the thoughts of blue forest. You cannot kill me, I am the Hidden Sect person.” The blue forest saw that Xia Tian moved really has killed the heart, identified one's role when first coming on stage hurriedly. Hidden Sect how?” Saying of Xia Tian coldly.