Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 461
The Xia Tian expression is very tranquil, as if in his eyes, Hidden Sect is a title, anything does not calculate. Xia Tian, you know meaning that Hidden Sect represents? How your unexpectedly dares to say Hidden Sect.” The blue forest felt that Xia Tian was really too extremely arrogant, his unexpectedly dared not to be serious Hidden Sect. Hidden Sect is anything exists, that surmounts all existences in the eye of blue forest. Even if the place that the China law cannot manage. In outside any Profound Grade Expert, that absolutely was a extraordinary side overlord, however in Hidden Sect, Profound Grade Expert found at everywhere. Hidden Sect surmounts all existences. In Hidden Sect the place of entrance, stele, what that stele represents is the Hidden Sect facade. Outside the stele, is \; In the stele, is the day. Many Hidden Sect people will compare with are the immortals, because they think that one and outside person is different, they surmount to exist. No person dares to offend the Hidden Sect person. Even if the Dragon Group person is not willing to provoke Hidden Sect, in history is only the collision of Dragon Group and Hidden Sect is Dragon Group chief teacher Xia Tianlong fights Hidden Sect, that is only one time, is most stirring one time. I had said I must kill you, no matter that you are any background, I will be the same will begin, today you must die here, that will get rid to my girlfriend, must leave behind an arm, other people must break a leg.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, this time he must kill people. Kills the chicken to startle the monkey. Otherwise others also really think that he quite bullies.

You cannot kill me, I am the person of Mount Hua sect, Hidden Sect altogether seven 12, the Mount Hua sects am in rank third sect Men, moreover I have the relations with three Earth Grade elders, one is my master, another is my grandfather, one is my adoptive father, if you have killed me, they will certainly not let off your.” The blue forest saw that Xia Tian must kill him, said own status hurriedly. He knows that he is not the Xia Tian match, if Xia Tian must kill him now, he cannot absolutely be inescapable, therefore he must say makes Xia Tian not dare to kill his reason. This how? These people who you said which can save you now?” Xia Tian looks at blue forest light saying. No, Xia Tian, I am the Hidden Sect person, simultaneously I am also the person of Mount Hua sect, if I died, will be a Hidden Sect important matter, when the time comes entire Mount Hua sect, no, entire Hidden Sect will handle your.” Blue Lin Jimang said that his first sees Xia Tian such person, unexpectedly is not afraid Hidden Sect. So long as is they dares to offend my family member, even if the Hidden Sect person I also same kills, they dare to come me to dare to kill, coming me to kill one, coming two me to kill one pair.” Xia Tian has not made Brother Xiaoma they walk, to let them sees own manner, after him, what enemy is going to face. If they regretted now that leaves directly, Xia Tian will not be blocking. Xia Tian arrived at blue forest the [gold/metal] blade in front hand to flash through instantaneously. Puff! The blue forest felt that own neck one cool, afterward his body this but actually, he has wanted to say anything, but to dying has not said. Ka! Ka! Ka! Meanwhile, Xia Tian all broke the legs of these people. Remember, my name was called Xia Tian, if they wanted to revenge, looked for me, once they looked for my family member, I conquered by killing your Mount Hua sect.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks that several people said. Although their legs are very painful, but does not have any person to dare to make the sound, they are afraid bring to the attention of Xia Tian, although they are the Hidden Sect people, but they believe absolutely Xia Tian dares to kill them.

Cracking a joke. Xia Tian Lian Qinglin dare to kill, how can also not dare to kill them. In Hidden Sect. Jiang Shao, that Wen Ya and Tong the scheme may be really high.” Yu He shows a faint smile, shakes the feather fan in oneself hand gently. You think that he can succeed?” Jiang Tianshu asked. Blue forest does not have the fellow of brain, if he is kills the Xia Tian family member, that may the success actually, if he such directly kills Xia Tian, is impossible to succeed, but I have prepared the subsequent party.” Yu He light saying. Does not know how really your brain is long, others' plan you can insert a foot.” Saying that Jiang Tianshu admires. I send for intercepting them at the airport, the people who goes to must die.” Yu He said own plan. They go can the person but who four Profound Grade Expert and ten Yellow Grade Expert, you send kill them?” Jiang Tianshu puzzled asking, wants simultaneously to kill these many people, definitely will make very big noise. Jiang Shao, you underestimated Xia Tian, the blue forest this time went to Xia Tian older female cousin Ye Qingxue, you think that he could also live is coming back? Even if he can live coming back, their person will possibly send without the wound? Killed them only to need several gunners to be OK.” Yu He light saying. After two day, the Hidden Sect Mount Hua sect has transmitted an important matter. The blue forest of Mount Hua sect had been killed, cannot come back together with 13 Expert one that and he goes to together, died in Jiang Hai City completely. This news is the heavy case bomb seems to be same.

Although the Hidden Sect deceased person is not strange, however the Hidden Sect person dies outside was strange, moreover dies is 14 people, in which blue forest is the outstanding person of Mount Hua sect, his back also three Earth Grade Expert support. Jiang Shao, you guess that now in the Mount Hua sects will be what kind of?” Yu He very interested asking. Chaotic, randomly is very very chaotic, although that blue forest is an extremely arrogant waste, but he behind that several people also are really not the lamps of province oil.” Jiang Tianshu shows a faint smile, he does not like blue forest such person, the blue forest manner is very extremely arrogant, never pays attention to anybody. I guess that three big elders have prepared to descend the mountain to kill Xia Tian together.” Yu He light saying. But Yin Nie is not good to cope, if not Yin Nie, I already found the person to kill Xia Tian.” Jiang Tianshu has wanted to kill Xia Tian, but he knows that own present definitely could not achieve, he looks for Tong to get rid, but Earth Grade Expert gets rid, Yin Nie has also gotten rid, he makes Yu He go, Yu He also ran away, therefore he did not have other means. Now they have two possibilities, first directly has the person to descend the mountain, but this situation definitely will bump into Yin Nie, a possibility is outside three months later Heavenly Connection the hole opens the time, they look for the Wei Guang help.” Yu He answered. Mount Hua sect Nei. Bang! Bang! Bang! At present all things have been pounded a pulp by three big elders. Xia Tian, must result in dies.”