Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 462

The unified answer that three elders get finally is this, Xia Tian must result in dies. The blue forest is their Junior, these three people, one is the blue Lin sibling's grandfather, one is the blue Lin adoptive father, last is Master of blue forest. Their three usually thought is in Hidden Sect peerless Expert, could be said as Expert in Expert in China, but some unexpectedly people dare to kill their people, this was not only is hitting their faces, was hitting the face of Mount Hua sect. The leader of Mount Hua sect sits there, static looks that in three big elder's all smashed room things. They know, if this time matter is not solved, the reputation of Mount Hua sect did not have, they three reputations did not have, in Hidden Sect best is the face, if others heard that your grandson was killed you not to dare to manage, that person may lose in a big way. Three elders, kill him not to have anything, but the origin of this boy is not simple, this was I just let the material that the person checked.” The leader of Mount Hua sect has given that three elders the material. What? His unexpectedly is the Xia Tianlong son.” Master surprised saying of blue forest. Is the Xia Tianlong son is also how is it?” Blue Lin grandfather also discovered here, but he does not think that this had anything. Right, Xia Tianlong died in the hand of Wei Guang, whom can a deceased person fool?” Blue Lin adoptive father said. Behind also has.” The leader of Mount Hua sect prompts to say. Three people have opened the second page. Right, a deceased person not anything, but Yin Nie may also live, Yin Nie had said that has Earth Grade Expert to step into the Jiang Hai City murder, he will get rid, before everybody does not understand that this saying is any meaning, until some time ago, me received a news, Tong killed one person who called Xia Tian, but after coming back, discarded a finger.” The leader of Mount Hua sect answered. Your meaning is, Yin Nie has been protecting the Xia Tianlong son.” The Master brow wrinkle of blue forest.

Yin Nie with Xia Tianlong should be enemy is right, I heard that they have fought at least several hundred wars.” Blue Lin grandfather is similarly puzzled. Actually this also has the possibility, can in together mutually to fighting several hundred the people, perhaps already became the friend.” Blue Lin adoptive father answered. The leader of Mount Hua sect nodded to continue saying: How did three elders plan now?” Must revenge, my grandson cannot die in vain.” The blue Lin grandfather manner is very clear, morning that his such grandson, the son dies, now the grandson also died, how he can not be angry. Revenging must report, what idea but should the leader have?” Master of blue forest looked that asked to leader. Good, here has two ideas, but these two ideas can also turn into an idea.” Leader light saying. Do not keep guessing, I died the grandson, does not have the mood to guess with you.” Grandfather discontented saying of blue Lin. Good, I spoke frankly.” The leader of Mount Hua sect understands his mood, therefore does not have what disgruntledness: First, your three descended the mountain to kill that Xia Tian directly, killed to come back, Yin Nie does not certainly dare to enter in Hidden Sect to kill people, moreover our sect Men big was is not a vegetarian.” Three elders have not spoken, when he said second. Second is outside the three months later Heavenly Connection holes unites Wei Guang, copes with Yin Nie together, after Yin Nie died, that Xia Tian was an it's in the bag.” The leader of Mount Hua sect naturally will not be lost face by own sect Men, if he did not inquire about this matter, then after Mount Hua sects, had no way to see the person. „Can these two ideas that you said what meaning turn into an idea are?” Blue Lin grandfather asked. Is very simple, you descend the mountain, has bumped into Yin Nie, that asked him to bring to light, this time matter was they are in the wrong, either our Mount Hua sects all descended the mountain on the personnel, although we not necessarily killed dead Yin Nie, but that the boy who called Xia Tian could not absolutely be inescapable \; Either lets Yin Nie three months later brings Xia Tian to go to outside Heavenly Connection the hole.” The after leader of Mount Hua sect said that three elders also nod.

They have approved of the opinion of leader. Three elders simultaneously Xia Tian, this is not a minor matter, this matter has spread quickly over entire Hidden Sect. All people know that youth one generation of outstanding disciple blue forests of Mount Hua sect died, moreover dies outside Hidden Sect, this blue forest average person knows, because he is usually very rampant, everybody knows that he has the relations with the three elders of Mount Hua sect. But his unexpectedly died outside. In Jiang Hai City, Xia Tian at home healed from a wound for these days. Little Fei they several wounds depended to raise basically, Xia Xue heard to have this matter, leading the Xia Family armed forces to return to Jiang Hai City, and sent for protecting these people. Younger sister, I am all right, you visit me to look at anything all day.” Xia Tian looked at Xia Xue helpless saying. I must protect you.” Xia Xue very earnest saying. I am all right, you accompany your sisters.” Xia Tian lies on the bed lazily saying. Xia Tian, comes out!” At this moment, out of the door has broadcast a sound, after Xia Tian hears this sound, directly has jumped down the bed. Xia Tian sees Xia Xue also to with, hurried stop: What outside is my Master, he definitely has the matter to look for me, you treated in the room are being good.” „!” Xia Xue nodded.

Out Xia Tian moves toward directly, he knows that his master definitely does not come to see his: Master, how you came.” „The three big elders of Mount Hua sect must come immediately.” Yin Nie nodded. Master, actually.” Xia Tian wanted saying that then matter, he understands the person who Mount Hua sects came to revenge, he heated bamboo strips for writing material the forest time has been ready. Was needless saying that the process that you worked I do not need to know that I believed you, because you were his son.” Yin Nie comes each time is this, he will not educate the Xia Tian anything matter to do, any matter should not do. The goal that he comes only then, wipes the buttocks for Xia Tian, solves basket that Xia Tian holds. „.” Xia Tian sees the master each time time, is this, his master comes to save him, but for does not teach him. He knows that the master to him is good of the heart. After a half hour, a BMW business automobile stopped in the entrance of Xia Tian. The three big elders of Mount Hua sect, naturally cannot walk. Three big elders walked from business automobile directly, sees these three people of times, Xia Tian deeply inspired, saw the opposite party first time he knows is a powerful enemy, because on them sent out an imposing manner of destruction. Yin Nie, long time no see.” Three big elders entered in Xia Tian home directly, their speeds are not fast, but their surrounding flowers and plants fast is withering.