Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 463
Three big elders very tranquil walked, meaning that they as if have not begun. I am not ripe with you.” Saying of Yin Nie coldly, does not give the opposite party face. Normal solemn Earth Grade Expert greeted to a person on own initiative, how even if the opposite party disliked again must respond, but Yin Nie unexpectedly said directly was not ripe. Three elders know the Yin Nie disposition, has not said anything. Goal that Yin Nie, we come is very clear, this boy has killed my grandson, this matter you said how to process.” Blue Lin grandfather goes forward to say. Either hits, either you walk.” Yin Nie said very tranquil. Yin Nie, do not think your unmatched in the world, if our Mount Hua sect same place gets rid, you said that we can kill this boy.” Blue Lin adoptive father goes forward saying that he does not satisfy the Yin Nie manner. You can try!” The reply of Yin Nie stems from their anticipation, they think Yin Nie will admit defeat, but Yin Nie unexpectedly said such words. Snort! Yin Nie, we heard that you were very strong, but if our Mount Hua sect same place gets rid, even if you can escape, you think that this boy can also be able to escape? Even if he can escape, his family member and friend?” Master of blue forest said Yin Nie vital point. A Yin Nie brow wrinkle, has not spoken. Your this group of old fogies, half leg entered the coffin, unexpectedly also dares to threaten me with my family member, I told you me to run your Earth Grade Expert not necessarily to overtake, so long as you dare to move my family member, I ensure some day I will have killed you, moreover I your ancestral graves have dug, all threw in the latrine pit.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly that these person of unexpectedly dare to threaten him. Share that boy, here some you spoke?” Master of blue forest turns the head to look angrily at Xia Tian, immediately a formidable pressure direct pressure to Xia Tian. Xia Tian felt that own body has depressed a mountain suddenly. Strength disparity between Profound Grade and Yellow Grade is actually not big, so long as the quantity comes up also to defeat, and has the formidable Martial Arts person even to jump the ranks the challenge.

However Profound Grade and Earth Grade are different. Earth Grade Expert must kill a Yellow Grade person, can only run over with an imposing manner, but Earth Grade Expert must kill Profound Grade Expert, only needs Inner Strength manifestation, can definitely kill. Why this is Earth Grade Expert has the so high status on Jianghu. Hateful, plays this set with me.” The tooth of Xia Tian makes an effort to nip, diligently is insisting. Yin Nie has not gotten rid, he thinks that this must face by Xia Tian, if he helps Xia Tian in this aspect, that is harming Xia Tian, Xia Tian will have the inertia. Later meets true Expert only to kneel in the front of opposite party. The Master flash imposing manner in blue forest full, he must press Xia Tian to kneel on the ground. Bang! Xia Tian felt that pressed doubled instantaneously in oneself imposing manner, his knee started curvingly. Kneeling day kneels kneeling parents.” The arrogance of Xia Tian within the body gets up immediately, in his eye presents the blood thread, he has completed has come to understand, even if not possibly dies to kneel down to the opposite party that dies. Snort, I thought how long you can also insist.” The Master right foot of blue forest makes an effort steps in the ground. Bang! Xia Tian felt that mountain the strength was also as if big.

Lying trough Damn!” Xia Tian shouts wildly one, afterward his both eyes become blood red, within the body formidable Blood Qi erupted, in a flash, the body of Xia Tian stood. What?” That three elders simultaneously one startled! Yin Nie also puzzled looks to Xia Tian, he felt that Xia Tian within the body suddenly presented a terrifying strength, this strength very manic, Xia Tian seemed to be basic on the control not. Bang! A Yin Nie palm patted in the Xia Tian skill, the Xia Tian within the body manic strength vanished slowly, his eye also restored the normal color. Xia Tian, carries on the back is cold sweat, he knows that definitely was this hidden essence and blood display had affected a moment ago, he used this hidden essence and blood each time time, the whole person will become Berserk will get up, the simple point said that refused to acknowledge family, uses the back to realize the fierce ache. However he cannot control this hidden essence and blood, that thing sometimes spirit sometimes does not work, he to fighting Count Vampire time has used one time, the second time is to fighting that over a hundred Ninja time has used one time. A moment ago when he that mountain same strength suppressed, the hidden essence and blood in within the body directly erupts. Was good helps him stop because of Yin Nie. Although erupted that flash, but he felt that his muscle is all sore, but before not having, so is twice serious. Good terrifying strength.” Master of blue forest deeps frown, he knows that this boy cannot remain absolutely, otherwise, certainly will become a big future trouble. This boy cannot remain.” Blue Lin grandfather innermost feelings secretly thought. Three months later must kill him.” Blue Lin adoptive father innermost feelings secretly thought.

Old fogy, how you do not come.” Xia Tian provocation looks to Master of blue forest. Snort! Boys, your wild anything, if not Yin Nie, my move can kill you.” Saying that Master of blue forest disdains. You know I will not stand in silly that makes you attack, therefore you will say that boasted I also to be able, did you believe your hitting back not to stand in that my one move can kill you.” Xia Tian is not boasting, so long as his [gold/metal] blade jabs into the heart of opposite party, that certainly is Insta-kill. Extremely arrogant!” Blue forest saying of Master very coldly. Old fogies, you hit do not hit, walk do not walk, you come to boast specially B?” Xia Tian most does not fear is others talks with him on Kungfu. Brat, did you believe me to kill you.” Master angry saying of blue forest. Do not lower oneself to the same level with him.” Blue Lin adoptive father goes forward to say. Yin Nie, we come are inform your, this my grandson died, but cannot die in vain, three months later is the time that outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens.” Blue Lin grandfather looks that Yin Nie continues saying: We give you three months, three months later you lead him to go to outside Heavenly Connection the hole, we when the time comes calculate this general ledger, if you do not go, he and his family member, cannot live.” The grandfather in blue forest said that direct turn around leaves, he does not want to continue to stop over here, looks that the personal enemy actually could not kill in own front, this feeling was too bad. Bye.” Blue Lin adoptive father and Master also direct turn around leaves. Xia Tian believes that these people are are not cracking a joke absolutely, if three months later do not go, they really will also begin to their family member, but Xia Tian is afraid itself to leave the Jiang Hai City later these people to come to lure the enemy out of his stronghod. You are thinking that they can be lure the enemy out of his stronghod right?” Yin Nie as if saw through the Xia Tian thoughts to be ordinary.