Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 465

The Xia Tian attention was captured by the longleg of longleg department head beauty completely. Anomaly, rascal, shameless, mean, lower reaches.” Longleg department head beauty saw Xia Tian keeps stares at her leg to look, scolded directly. Director, can you change several words to scold?” Xia Tian was speechless, she such scolded a moment ago, she not idle monotonous. Smelly abnormal, smelly rascal, smelly shameless, smelly mean, smelly lower reaches.” Longleg department head beauty scolded again. Em, this technique content was higher.” Xia Tian nodded. Has longleg department head beauty to accompany, Xia Tian naturally is also willing with her, moreover does not need to ask for leave, is really justifiable skipping classes. Was right, what cell phone do you want to buy?” Longleg department head beauty opens the mouth to ask. Anti- pounds, the signal is good, can meet to telephone.” Xia Tian said. What you said is Nokia brick, suspended production.” Longleg department head beauty strange looks at Xia Tian to ask: You so were big, does not send round of SMS, what with or believes with QQ?” Does not have the time, the telephone I am disinclined to meet.” Xia Tian really so, his where has the time to look at micro letter anything, most telephones he little meets. Odd person, what cell phone do you want to buy?” Longleg department head beauty inquired. Now what cell phone is most popular?” Although Xia Tian said that anything that wants anti- to pound, but cannot drag the time the hind leg. 5 S.” Longleg department head beauty light saying. Good, that buys it.” Xia Tian nodded, previous Zhao Long for is 5 S that he buys, what a pity was lost by him. Local tyrant, 5 S said that buys buys, you will not be a second generation of rich.” Longleg department head beauty ponders looks to Xia Tian, since she treats in a class of manner to look that she does not like the second generation of rich.

I am very poor, place that I live in now or Pingfang.” Xia Tian complained. Why you do not live in the school dormitory.” Longleg department head beauty asked. stamina is good, willful.” Xia Tian said that entered a front apple experience shop directly. Longleg department head beauty followed directly, has saying that longleg beauty has the makings, she just entered in the apple experience shop, attracted the attention of many person, everybody even directly neglected Xia Tian. Xia Tian just went in saw that 5 S, he has used for several days, therefore came to recognize this model of cell phone. Xia Tian looks at nobody to respond him, direct take the cell phone to walk toward the counter. Thief!” Suddenly has the People sound to shout. Where is thief at?” The Xia Tian just heart full house, looks once more directly to the surroundings, but his anything had not seen that finally discovered everybody's vision looked to him. Is he, he is the thief, the security, holds him.” A sales clerk shouts loudly. I?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to that sales clerk. You had not acknowledged that cell phone now in your hand.” That sales clerk points at the cell phone in Xia Tian hand to say. You have the problem, I take it am being make a payment.” Xia Tian depressed saying. You also dare to deny, if not I calls you, you run off with, you added that you are make a payment, which place you have a look on you to put 5000 dollars.” Saying that sales clerk disdains, what Xia Tian puts on is sportswear, if holds wallet anything, can look. The Xia Tian pocket is but average, looked that is anything does not have the belt, moreover in his hand links a package not to have, looked that has not had money.

Volume!” Xia Tian by his such saying, but also thought, oneself forgot to have money probably , the card forgot to bring, because his wallet lost, therefore any thing did not have the belt, he went out does not go by car, this matter forgetting. What kind, was said by me.” That sales clerk sees the Xia Tian god, knows that Xia Tian anything has not brought. Longleg department head beauty has stood, has not gone forward, but is a face smiling face looks at Xia Tian, that several securities moved toward Xia Tian, what to do she must have a look at Xia Tian should. Sir, hands over the cell phone.” The security is polite. Good!” The Xia Tian cell phone did not have , the telephone seeks help at the worst, in the pocket the one cent did not have, does not have including the card, he must really the cell phone. The surrounding these people all vigilantly visit him, resembles him is the thief is really same, has even covered own pocket from the Xia Tian recent several people, some even actual intent go round Xia Tian. shit, I am not a thief.” Xia Tian depressed saying. You added that is not thief, I told you, did not report to the police to catch you takes care of you.” That sales clerk continues to shout. Xia Tian this time felt one were really a hundred mouths cannot explain it away. I am not a thief, you look at my this watch, 1 million, do I possibly steal your cell phone?” Xia Tian remembered Zeng Ruo to give his watch. You think everybody believes what you said is real? You have a look at such that you put on, which can be joined to your watch, your watch is either fake, either is steals, everybody has been careful, avoid west a Huidong was stolen by him has not known.” Saying that sales clerk ridiculed. Xia Tian this was really speechless. He moved toward longleg department head beauty directly: Cell phone borrows me.” Xia Tian a little was really angry, this person does not listen to him to explain that he must be the thief already walked, moreover does not use uprightly and frank is taking the cell phone the collection place.

beauty, he is a thief, you cannot borrow him.” That sales clerk is reluctant to part not bountiful saying. Longleg department head beauty has given Xia Tian the cell phone directly. Xia Tian has dialed the Grandfather Huo telephone number, Brother Xiaoma and on Xu has the wound, Zeng Ruo has been very recently busy, therefore he decided that and Grandfather Huo telephones. Fire is old, I an apple experience shop outside Jianghai University, you come one.” What happened, my this in the past.” They are unfair to me are the thieves, steals their cell phone.” Xia Tian said that has given back to longleg department head beauty the cell phone directly. Have not made, my this rich, first fills up to you, if you do not want to buy us to trade one.” Longleg department head beauty said. Whoops, but must call person, how, to call to work in partnership comes together, we also reported to the police.” That sales clerk said the later direct dial the warning telephone. Good!” After Xia Tian hears the words of longleg department head beauty, nodded. Does, wants to walk, the security blocks him, waits for the police to come.” That sales clerk opens the mouth to shout directly. Xia Tian had prepared to walk a moment ago, longleg department head beauty spoke, he naturally must listen, is this group of person unexpectedly is aggressive, blocked Xia Tian directly.