Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 466

The brow of longleg department head beauty is also a wrinkle, she felt that these people were somewhat excessive, Xia Tian is anything has not done, forgot to have money, their unexpectedly was also unforgiving. That cell phone have we bought the line?” Longleg department head beauty opens the mouth to say. beauty, you definitely by this swindler flickering, he you told certainly that he is having 1 million tables, fitting out is a second generation of rich, you were deceived, person who which point image belt 1 million tables you have a look at his, you quickly leave him, meeting police will add the thief to grasp this swindler.” That sales clerk has as if seen through all, he noticed a moment ago Xia Tian and longleg beauty walks in the same place on envy. He thinks that Xia Tian is a swindler and thief, cannot be joined to this longleg big beauty. Therefore he must to do the longleg big beauty surface reveal Xia Tian, making longleg big beauty see his just side, thus has the favorable impression to him. He thinks that here is very excited, he has not seen such has been angry qualitative beauty, now can display in front of makings beauty, this makes him have to have the feeling. Good, I in this grade of police.” Saying that Xia Tian unemotionally, he does not have to think own unexpectedly will also be treated unjustly. Yeah!” Longleg department head beauty knows that Xia Tian definitely was really angry. Who conversion is makes the person treat unjustly, mood definitely. Otherwise considers as finished.” Nearby sales clerk urged. What is calculates? Cannot calculate that you fear anything, my brother-in-law is here manager, who dares me to be what kind.” That person opened the mouth to speak of his brother-in-law, he seemed intentionally is showing off general. He said intentionally his brother-in-law is here manager , because spoke of his brother-in-law, he felt that had the face. Moreover he also intentionally said that to longleg department head beauty said that he thinks that the life the bubble little girl method is, releases completely own merit, then uses the charm of oneself man to attract the opposite party. This time longleg department head beauty felt that this sales clerk was really too disgusting.

Is small-minded, bullies, shows off the relative, wait / etc., all that she dislikes on this man perfect showed. He summarizes is two characters disgusting, six characters TM was too disgusting.’ I do not walk, your brother-in-law is so fierce, accidentally what to do I walk you to call them to break my leg.” Saying that Xia Tian disguises to be afraid, he installs looks like very much. Ha Ha Ha Ha, knows well, our securities are not work, if you want, perhaps they really will break your leg.” That sales clerk laughs was saying that he had not looked completely Xia Tian disguises. He was infatuated with during his performance completely. Longleg beauty department head Fang Yan soon was unable to continue watching, but she noticed that Xia Tian that helpless smiling face also can only wait dry. Probably after 15 minutes. One line of 56 people entered this apple experience shop, is the person age of head seems is not small, behind followed several to wear the person of black western-style clothes, for the first time the eye looked also really very much looked like the H society. Fire is old, you were late to meet my leg to be broken by others.” Xia Tian goes forward to say. Do not frighten me, my heart is not good.” The fire old does not believe that some people can the leg interruption of Xia Tian, Xia Tian the lord who Jiang Tianshu does not fear. You have a look at these securities to keep off in the entrance, does not ask me to leave, moreover he added that if I dare to exit, breaks my leg.” Xia Tian referred to inside sales clerk saying. Fire old vision looks directly to that sales clerk, that sales clerk felt immediately own whole body one cold, fire always what figure? Now although does is the right business, but his beforehand status in that pendulum, his look can frighten others half dead. You. Do you want to do?” That sales clerk sees the fire old that ice-cold look, frightened body retreat cannot help but two steps . Moreover the that several bodyguards of fire old side were also too scary.

Snort, asking your managers to come out.” Fire Lao cold snort said. He said a moment ago their managers are his brother-in-law, but was good.” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration. Nearby longleg department head beauty looked, this scene makes her feel that looked like the H society brothers comes to be the same, then Xia Tian has complained to this H society brothers. Ok, asking you Boss to come.” Fire old light saying. „Who you are, our Boss was you said that saw can see!” That sales clerk said. Calls me, who looks up this Boss is, called to me.” The fire was always saying to behind person. His behind that person telephones to start to inquire directly, after one minute , the telephone returned, the fire always nodded. What person acts unruly here, lives is impatient, does not know that this is the fist elder brother is covering?” Wore the person of western-style clothes from the building, saw his time, on that sales clerk face has revealed the happy expression. Brother-in-law, is they, they have stolen the thing, then also asked the person to cause trouble.” That sales clerk as if found the backer to be the same, energy also fully. Snort, any person, dares to act unruly here, this shop is the fist elder brother opens.” That manager going downstairs spirit soaring saying. Has seen, is the fist elder brother, who although does not know is, but sounds the fierce appearance.” Xia Tian looks to catch fire old serious saying. Saw the Xia Tian appearance, longleg beauty department head Fang Yan has soon perspired, he did not know others, came up saying that others very fierce appearance, the ability of this performance did not work as actor Bai Xia. The fire old had also defeated by Xia Tian, looks that Xia Tian appearance that taunted there, he also was really speechless.

What kind, was afraid, who I told your fist elder brother to raise a mouth in Jiang Hai City not to know that stamped stamps the feet Jiang Hai City to be able shaky existence.” That manager is infatuated with compared with his wife's younger brother. He has not heard the satire in Xia Tian words completely. He thought these people daunting by the fist elder brother's reputation. Quite fierce, really quite fierce.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. At this moment, outside has broadcast the sound of police vehicle, 56 police walked from the police vehicle directly. Boy, the police came, this you died.” That sales clerk excited saying. Police who who reported.” Money Captain happen to eats meal in the, therefore he led directly. Police gentleman, is he, he is a swindler adds the thief, you quickly catch him, they are one group.” That sales clerk has referred to Xia Tian and fire is old they. Money Captain turns the head to look that discovered Xia Tian faint smile visits him, he knows that definitely was this sales clerk finds fault: You said that he is a swindler? Yes thief is right?” Right, police gentleman, is he.” That sales clerk shouts loudly. Your head made the donkey kicking, received the team.” Money Captain scolded directly.